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Audience: Advanced learners
Seminar series time: Every other Monday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Francesco Sica*, Veronika Kuchta*, Shi Bai, Edoardo Persichetti
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A seminar series of the FAU crypto group in the mathematics department. We welcome speakers, both online or in person, to join us and discuss their research or job-related opportunities. Beach lovers - come and believe!

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Past talks
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MonApr 0814:00Francesco SicaAcceleration of multiscalar multiplication for zkSNARKs
MonMar 2514:00Xinxin FanZero-Knowledge Proofs - An Industry Perspective
MonMar 1114:00Jason LeGrowPost-Quantum Blind Signatures from Group Actions
MonFeb 2621:30Lukas KölschA general and unifying construction for semifields and their related maximum rank distance codes
MonFeb 1215:00Merve KarabulutNumber Theoretic Transform: A Python-based Speed Enhancement
MonJan 2915:00Vincenzo Pallozzi LavoranteLocality and complexity distribution in coding theory, an approach based on Galois theory
TueDec 0515:00Dominic GoldTDA-Preprocessing Yields Quantifiable Efficiency Gains in Privacy-Preserving ML Models
TueNov 2115:00Paolo SantiniA New Formulation of the Linear Equivalence Problem and Shorter LESS Signatures
TueNov 0715:00Zhenisbek AssylbekovIntractability of Learning AES with Gradient-based Methods
TueOct 2414:00William YoumansAn algorithm for solving the principal ideal problem with subfields
TueOct 1014:00Tran NgoAnalysis for Lattice Enumeration
TueSep 2614:00Zhijun YinExploring the Power of Multivariate Public Key Cryptography (MPKC)
TueSep 1214:00Paul ZimmermannDeciphering Charles Quint (A diplomatic letter from 1547)
TueAug 2914:00Adam YergovichChallenges in Securing a Worldwide Enterprise Network Footprint - The Basics from Australia to Zimbabwe
MonApr 2415:00Keegan RyanFast Practical Lattice Reduction through Iterated Compression
MonApr 1015:00Cariel CohenSecuring Cloud Business Applications: A Practical Approach to Cybersecurity and Compliance
MonMar 2715:00David WuSuccinct Vector, Polynomial, and Functional Commitments from Lattices
MonMar 1315:00Corentin JeudyOn the Secret Distributions in Module Learning With Errors
MonFeb 2716:00Mila AnastasovaTime-Efficient Finite Field Microarchitecture Design for Curve448 and Ed448 on Cortex-M4.
MonFeb 1316:30Bill BrumleySide Channel Analysis and Lattice Attacks
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