One World Signal Processing Seminar Series

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distributed, parallel, and cluster computing machine learning social and information networks

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Wednesday 08:00-09:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Hoi-To Wai*
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Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
WedJun 1508:00Miguel RodriguesTBA
WedJun 0108:00Maokun LiTBA
WedMay 1808:00Robert D. NowakFunction Space Models in Deep Learning
WedMay 0409:00Yonina EldarModel Based Deep Learning: Applications to Imaging and Communications
WedApr 2008:00Xudong ChenPhysics-Assisted Deep Learning for Radar Imaging and Classification Problems
WedDec 0809:00Pier Luigi DragottiNew Sparse Sampling Methods: Time-based sampling and sampling along trajectories
WedDec 0109:00Marco di RenzoReconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Wireless Communications
TueNov 2309:00Christopher StuderLow-Resolution to the Rescue of All-Digital Massive MIMO
WedNov 1709:00Osvaldo SimeoneChannel Noise as Monte Carlo Sampling: Efficient Bayesian Distributed Learning in Wireless Systems
WedNov 1009:00Deniz GunduzBeyond Transmitting Bits: Semantic and Goal-Oriented Communications
WedNov 0309:00Angel LozanoLine-of-sight MIMO: An Old Theory Up To New Tricks
WedOct 2708:00Gitta KutyniokRadioUNets: Next Generation Radio Maps using Deep Learning
WedOct 2008:00Liesbet Van der PerreThe quest for future connected environments: the potential of RadioWeaves technology
WedOct 1308:00Thomas SchonDeep probabilistic regression
WedOct 0608:00Felix KrahmerUnlimited Sampling from Theory to Practice
WedSep 2908:00Robert SchoberIntelligent Reflecting Surfaces for Free-space Optical Communications
WedSep 2208:00Visa KoivunenWaveform design for integrated sensing and communications
ThuSep 1608:00Merouane DebbahRebuilding the Theoretical Foundations of Communications and Computing
WedSep 0814:00Fernado GamaGraph Neural Networks
FriDec 1802:00Angelia NedichTBA
FriDec 1102:00Gesualdo ScutariBringing Statistical Thinking in Distributed Optimization. Vignettes from statistical inference over Networks.
FriDec 0402:00Nikos D. SidiropoulosNonparametric Multivariate Density Estimation: A Low-Rank Characteristic Function Approach
FriNov 2002:00Vagelis PapalexakisTBA
ThuNov 1202:00Piya PalUnderstanding Trade-offs in Super-resolution Imaging with Spatiotemporal measurement
FriOct 3001:00Waheed BajwaHigh-dimensional Regression and Dictionary Learning: Some Recent Advances for Tensor Data
FriOct 2301:00Georgios B. GiannakisAdaptive Diffusions for Scalable and Robust Learning over Graphs
FriAug 2802:00Usman KhanDecentralized stochastic non-convex optimization
MonAug 2407:30David GesbertLearning to team play
MonAug 1702:00Ji LiuCommunication Efficient Distributed Learning
FriAug 0707:30Geert LeusLearning Higher-Order Interactions with Graph Volterra Models
FriJul 3102:00Wei YuMachine Learning for Massive MIMO Communications
FriJul 2407:30Emil BjornsoonA programmable wireless world with reconfigurable intelligent surfaces
FriJul 1702:00Santiago SegarraInferring Networks and Network Properties from Graph Dynamic Processes
FriJul 0302:00Rui ZhangSignal Processing and Optimization in UAV Communication and Trajectory Design
FriJun 2607:30Joakim JaldenCell Detection by Functional Inverse Diffusion and Nonnegative Group Sparsity
FriJun 1902:00Anna ScaglioneModeling and learning social influence from opinion dynamics under attack
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