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Computer science category theory logic

Audience: Learners
Seminar series time: Thursday 17:00-18:00
Organizers: Shaowei Lin, Tim Hosgood*
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ThuMay 3017:00Steve VickersThe Fundamental Theorem of Calculus: point-free
ThuJun 0617:00Alex SimpsonThree toposes for probability and randomness
ThuJun 1317:00Bartosz MilewskiTBA
ThuJun 2017:00Fabio GadducciTBA
ThuJun 2717:00Mason PorterTBA
ThuAug 0117:00Kathrin StarkTBA
ThuAug 0817:00Arthur J ParzygnatTBA
ThuAug 1517:00Rodrigo OchigameTBA
ThuAug 2217:00Will CrichtonTBA
ThuAug 2917:00Cyrus OmarTBA
ThuSep 0517:00Spencer BreinerTBA
ThuSep 1217:00Christine TassonTBA
ThuSep 1917:00Chris FieldsTBA
ThuSep 2617:00Seth FreyTBA
ThuOct 0317:00Amélia LiaoTBA
ThuOct 1017:00C. Thi NguyenTBA
ThuOct 1717:00Thomas PowellTBA
ThuOct 2417:00Nina OtterTBA
ThuOct 3117:00Mario RománTBA
ThuNov 0717:00Carl MillerTBA
ThuNov 1417:00Arezoo IslamiTBA
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ThuMay 2317:00Nicola GambinoMonoidal bicategories, differential linear logic, and analytic functors
ThuMay 1617:00Elena Di LavoreEffectful trace semantics via effectful streams
ThuMay 0917:00Eugenio MoggiCategories of Classes for Collection Monads
ThuMay 0217:00Filippo BonchiDiagrammatic Algebra of First Order Logic
ThuApr 2517:00Gioele ZardiniCo-Design of Complex Systems: From Autonomy to Future Mobility
ThuApr 1817:00Edward LeeCertainty or Intelligence: Pick One!
ThuApr 0417:00Po-Shen LohUniting Game Theory, Math Stars, and Actors To Build Human Intelligence in the AI Age
ThuMar 2817:00Steven ClontzSociotechnical infrastructure for mathematics research
ThuFeb 2217:00Joachim KockPolynomial functors — from elementary arithmetic to infinity-operads
ThuFeb 1517:00André JoyalFree bicompletion of categories revisited (part 1)
ThuFeb 0817:00Susan NiefieldCauchy Completeness and Adjoints in Double Categories
ThuJan 2517:00Juan Pablo VigneauxCohomological aspects of information
ThuJan 1817:00John CartmellAspects of a Mathematical Theory of Data
ThuJan 1117:00Robert ParéThe functorial difference operator
ThuDec 1417:00André JoyalHigher topos theory and Goodwillie Calculus
ThuDec 0717:00Julie BergnerModels for (∞,n)-categories with discreteness conditions
ThuNov 3017:00Minhyong KimWho Owns Mathematics: A Question of Identity
ThuNov 1617:00Maurice ChiodoNormalising ethical reasoning for mathematicians
ThuNov 0217:00Brandon Shapiro(Higher) category theory in Cat^#
ThuOct 2617:00Tom LeinsterEntropy and diversity: the axiomatic approach
ThuOct 1917:00Simona PaoliSimplicial delta versus fat delta in higher category theory
ThuOct 1217:00Dominic OrchardProgramming for the Planet
ThuSep 2817:00Jonathan SterlingSynthetic Domains in the 21st Century
ThuSep 2117:00Michael LevinEmergent Selves and Unconventional Intelligences: where philosophy and engineering meet
ThuSep 0717:00Leonardo de MouraLean 4: Empowering the Formal Mathematics Revolution and Beyond
ThuAug 3117:00Nat ShankarAbstraction Engineering with the Prototype Verification System (PVS)
ThuAug 2417:00Urs SchreiberQuantum Programming via Linear Homotopy Types
ThuJun 2917:00Nathaniel OsgoodTowards Compositional System Dynamics for Public Health
ThuJun 2217:00Jared CulbertsonApplying Categorical Thinking to Practical Domains
ThuJun 1517:00Taco CohenCategorical Causality & Systems Theory
ThuJun 0817:00Tom HirschowitzAbstraction in programming language theory: Howe's method
ThuJun 0117:00Alex MartsinkovskyHow to interpret cotorsion
ThuMay 2517:00Elaine LandryAs If Category Theory were a Foundation
ThuMay 1817:00Clark BarrettProof Certificates in Satisfiability Modulo Theories
ThuMay 1117:00Chad GiustiToward a useful category for persistent homology
ThuMay 0417:00Michael BaranyHow Categories Come to Matter: On the history and sociology of categories in modern mathematics
ThuApr 2717:00Georges GonthierFoothills and cathedrals: organising the libraries behind big proofs
ThuApr 2017:00Davide TrottaGeneralized existential completions and applications
ThuApr 1317:00Urs SchreiberEffective Quantum Certification via Linear Homotopy Types
ThuMar 3017:00Simon WillertonMetric spaces, entropic spaces and convexity
ThuMar 2317:00Christina VasilakopoulouDual algebraic structures and enrichment
ThuMar 1617:00Riehl, Bradley, Cheng, Dancstep, and LuggCategory theory outreach panel
ThuMar 0917:00David CorfieldPhilosophical perspectives on category theory
ThuMar 0217:00Justin CurryAlgebraic and Geometric Models for Space Networking
ThuFeb 1617:00Sergey GoncharovTowards a Higher-Order Mathematical Operational Semantics
ThuFeb 0917:00Prakash PanangadenNuclear ideals in monoidal *-categories
ThuFeb 0217:00Paige NorthFuzzy type theory
ThuDec 1517:00Andrei RodinUnivalent Foundations and Applied Mathematics
ThuDec 0817:00Alexandre MiquelImplicative algebras: a new foundation for realizability and forcing
ThuDec 0117:00Pawel SobocinskiElectrical circuits with string diagrams
ThuNov 1017:00Gilles DowekFrom the Universality of Mathematical Truth to the Interoperability of Proof Systems
ThuNov 0317:00Bryce ClarkeA double-categorical approach to lenses via algebraic weak factorisation systems
ThuOct 2716:00Richard ZanibbiMathematical Information Retrieval: Searching with Formulas and Text
ThuOct 2017:00Robin CockettTuring categories
ThuOct 1317:00Dan KoditschekWorking Compositions for Correct Execution of Robot Task Specifications
ThuOct 0617:00Angeliki Koutsoukou ArgyrakiThe new era of formalised mathematics and the ALEXANDRIA Project
ThuSep 2917:00Johan CommelinBreaking the one-mind-barrier in mathematics using formal verification
ThuSep 2217:00Jacques CaretteWhat I learned from formalizing Category Theory in Agda
ThuSep 1517:00Eduardo DubucOn localizations via homotopies
ThuSep 0817:00David Jaz MyersA synthetic approach to orbifolds
ThuSep 0117:00Chad ScherrerApplied Measure Theory for Composable Statistical Modeling
ThuAug 2517:00Andrea CensiCategorification of Negative Information
ThuJul 0717:00Josef UrbanCombining learning and deduction over formal math corpora
ThuJun 3017:00Noam ZeilbergerParsing as a lifting problem and the Chomsky-Schützenberger representation theorem
ThuJun 2317:00Moshe VardiEthics Washing in AI
ThuJun 1617:00Christoph BenzmuellerLogico-pluralistic exploration of foundational theories with computers
ThuJun 0917:00Nicolas BehrFundamentals of Compositional Rewriting Theory
ThuJun 0217:00Thierry CoquandSheaf Cohomology in Univalent Type Theory
ThuMay 2617:00Tai-Danae BradleyEntropy as an Operad Derivation
ThuMay 1917:00Alexandra SilvaLearning Weighted Automata over Principal Ideal Domains
ThuMay 1217:00Andrej BauerThe countable reals
ThuMay 0517:00John TerillaRethinking language
ThuApr 2817:00Martín EscardóCompact totally separated types in constructive univalent type theory
ThuApr 1417:00Leo McElroyMaking Microworlds: A Framework for Making Sense by Making Things
ThuApr 0717:00Giuseppe RosoliniWhen an elementary quotient completion is a quasitopos
ThuMar 3117:00Maaike ZwartLessons from failing distributive laws
ThuMar 2420:00Dominic VerityZen and the art of ∞-categories
ThuMar 1717:00Zoé ChristoffThe logic of social influence in networks
ThuMar 0317:00Glynn WinskelMaking concurrency functional
ThuFeb 2417:00Bob CoeckeCompositional Intelligence
ThuFeb 1717:00David DanksEthics in AI, not Ethics of AI
ThuDec 0917:00Robert HarperPhase Distinctions in Type Theory
ThuDec 0217:00Evan PattersonCategories of diagrams in data migration and computational physics
ThuNov 1817:00Paolo PerroneThe rise of quantitative category theory
ThuNov 0418:00Jeremy AvigadFormal mathematics, dependent type theory, and the Topos Institute
ThuOct 2817:00Dorette PronkDoubly Lax Colimit of Double Categories with Applications
ThuOct 2117:00Chris KapulkinCubical setting for Discrete Homotopy Theory
ThuOct 1417:00Andreas BlassA topos view of axioms of choice for finite sets
ThuOct 0715:00Anders MortbergCubical Methods in Homotopy Type Theory and Univalent Foundations
ThuSep 3015:00Pawel SobocinskiAlgebraic theories with string diagrams
ThuSep 2317:00Andrew J. BlumbergAbstract homotopy theory for topological data analysis
ThuSep 1617:00Jamie VicaryUnderstanding free infinity-categories
ThuSep 0917:00John BourkeTensor products, multimaps and internal homs
ThuSep 0217:00Florian RabeMMT: A UniFormal Approach to Knowledge Representation
ThuAug 2617:00Conor McBrideCats and Types: Best Friends?
ThuAug 1917:00Valeria de PaivaCategorical Explicit Substitutions
ThuAug 1217:00Kevin BuzzardWhat is the point of Lean's maths library?
ThuAug 0517:00Todd TrimbleFrom 2-rigs to lambda-rings
ThuJul 2922:00Marcy RobertsonTopological Inspiration for Infinity Modular Operads
ThuJul 2217:00Walter P TholenWhat is monoidal topology?
ThuJul 0817:00Geoffrey CruttwellCategorical differential structures and their role in abstract machine learning
ThuJul 0117:00Lawrence PaulsonFormalising Contemporary Mathematics in Simple Type Theory
ThuJun 2418:00Kathryn HessFrom comonads to calculus
ThuJun 1717:00Chris HeunenSheaf representation of monoidal categories
ThuJun 1017:00Eugene LermanA category of hybrid systems
ThuJun 0317:00Steve AwodeyModel Structures from Models of HoTT
ThuMay 2717:00Michael ShulmanTwo-dimensional semantics of homotopy type theory
ThuMay 2017:00Tobias FritzThe law of large numbers in categorical probability
ThuMay 1317:00Maria Emilia MaiettiQuotient completions for topos-like structures
ThuMay 0617:00Emily RiehlContractibility as uniqueness
ThuApr 2917:00Jonathan GorardFast Diagrammatic Reasoning and Compositional Approaches to Fundamental Physics
ThuApr 2217:00Shaowei LinProofs as programs: challenges and strategies for program synthesis
ThuApr 1517:00Asgar JamneshanTopos theory and measurability
ThuApr 0817:00Joachim KockNoncrossing hyperchords and free probability
ThuApr 0117:00Dan ChristensenReasoning in an ∞-topos with homotopy type theory
ThuMar 2518:00John BaezMathematics in the 21st century
ThuMar 1117:00Samson AbramskyThe logic of contextuality
ThuFeb 1817:00Gunnar E. CarlssonRelative topology, motion planning, and coverage problems
ThuFeb 1121:00Richard GarnerComodels of an algebraic theory
ThuFeb 0417:00David SpivakPoly: a category of remarkable abundance
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