The London geometry and topology seminar

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 12:30-13:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Paolo Cascini*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriJan 2013:30André Belotto da SilvaPartial desingularization
FriJan 1315:00Dennis SullivanThe third exterior power of a d-dimensional vector space is interesting
FriJan 1313:30Jenia TevelevSemi-orthogonal decompositions of moduli spaces.
FriDec 1613:30Dmitry KaledinHow to enhance categories, and why
FriDec 0912:00Markus UpmeierCategorifications of Atiyah-Singer index theory with applications to calibrated geometry and gauge theory
FriDec 0213:30Ben DavisonTBA
FriNov 2513:30Denis AurouxFukaya categories of Landau-Ginzburg models and functoriality in homological mirror symmetry
FriNov 1813:30Martin TaylorThe nonlinear stability of the Schwarzschild family of black holes
FriNov 1113:30Bogdan ZavyalovMod-p Poincare Duality in p-adic Analytic Geometry.
FriNov 0413:30Stephen LynchAncient solutions of geometric flows
FriOct 2812:30Baris KartalFrobenius operators in symplectic topology
FriOct 2112:30Maxim JeffsFunctorial mirror symmetry for very affine hypersurfaces
FriOct 1412:30Alexander PetrovHodge-to-de Rham (non)degeneration in positive characteristic and Steenrod operations
FriJul 0112:30Paul SchwahnStability and rigidity of normal homogeneous Einstein manifolds.
FriJun 2412:30Soheyla FeyzbakhshModuli spaces of stable objects in the Kuznetsov component of cubic threefolds
FriJun 1712:30Lenny TaelmanDeformations of Calabi–Yau varieties in mixed characteristic
FriJun 1012:30Hélène EsnaultRecent developments on rigid local systems
FriMay 2712:30Ignacio Barros ReyesThe Kodaira classification of the moduli of hyperelliptic curves
FriMay 2012:30Alexei SkorobogatovReduction of Kummer surfaces
FriMay 1312:30Qaasim ShafiLogarithmic Toric Quasimaps
FriMay 0612:30Richard ThomasRank r DT theory from rank 1.
FriApr 2912:30Jakub WitaszekQuasi-F-splittings.
FriMar 2513:30Carolina AraujoHigher Fano manifolds
FriMar 1813:30Wicher MaltenFrom braids to transverse slices in reductive groups.
FriMar 1113:30Michael McQuillanThurston Vanishing
FriMar 0413:30Adam GalHall categories and quantum group categorification
FriFeb 2513:30Claude ViterboCompletions and coisotropy in symplectic topology
FriFeb 1813:30Egor YasinskyBirational involutions of the projective plane
FriFeb 1113:30Alastair CrawPartial crepant resolutions, punctual Hilbert schemes and ADE singularities.
FriFeb 0413:30Ailsa KeatingSymplectomorphisms of some Weinstein 4-manifolds.
FriJan 2815:15András JuhászKnot theory and machine learning.
FriJan 2113:30John Nicholson4-manifolds and the homotopy type of a finite 2-complex
FriDec 1013:30Rachel WebbAbelianization and quantum lefschetz for orbifold I-functions.
FriDec 0313:30Jeff CarlsonThe topology of the Gelfand–Zeitlin fiber
FriNov 2613:30Selim GhazouaniExistence of closed geodesics for affine structures on surfaces.
FriNov 1913:30Alastair CrawTBA
FriNov 1213:30Nikon KurnosovGeometry of Bogomolov-Guan manifolds
FriNov 0513:30Fabian HaidenMotivic DT invariants of quadratic differentials.
FriOct 2912:30Ruadhaí DervanStability conditions for polarised varieties
FriOct 2212:30Lewis TopleyFinite W-algebras and the orbit method
FriOct 1512:30Mehdi YazdiThe fully marked surface theorem
FriJun 2512:30Arkadij BojkoWall-crossing for Hilbert schemes of fourfolds and Quot-schemes of surfaces
FriJun 1812:30Yanki LekiliTowards a mirror to knot Floer homology.
FriJun 1112:30Simon DonaldsonSome boundary value and mapping problems involving differential forms
FriMay 2812:30Sergej MonavariDouble nested Hilbert schemes and stable pair invariants
FriMay 1412:30Michael MageeSpectral Gaps of Random Covers of Surfaces
FriMay 0712:30Mark Andrea De CataldoSome things I know and some I don’t about moduli spaces of Higgs bundles
FriMar 1913:30Marco Mendez GuaracoMultiplicity one of generic stable Allen-Cahn minimal hypersurfaces.
FriFeb 2613:30Joseph WaldronMinimal model program for threefolds of mixed characteristic.
FriFeb 1913:30Timothy MageeConvexity in tropical spaces and compactifications of cluster varieties.
FriFeb 1217:00Nicolas AddingtonModuli spaces of sheaves on moduli spaces of sheaves
FriFeb 0513:30Veronica FantiniScattering diagrams in the extended tropical vertex
FriJan 2913:30Angela WuHow to draw the Weinstein handlebody diagram of the complement of a smoothed toric divisor
FriJan 2213:30Catharina StroppelVerlinde rings and DAHA actions
FriDec 1813:30Jeremy LaneStratified gradient-Hamiltonian vector fields and applications in symplectic geometry.
FriDec 1113:30Spencer BlochThe world’s simplest degeneration of algebraic varieties
FriDec 0413:30David FernandezNoncommutative Poisson geometry and pre-Calabi-Yau algebras
FriNov 2713:30Boris L TsyganNotes on noncommutative forms and Hochschild chains
FriNov 2013:30Anthea MonodTropical Geometry of Phylogenetic Tree Spaces.
FriNov 1313:30Steve OudotLocal characterizations of poset representations: the case of the plan
FriNov 0613:30Florian NaefThe string coproduct
FriOct 3013:30Carlos AméndolaMaximum Likelihood Estimation of Toric Fano Varieties.
FriOct 2313:30Andrew LobbThe rectangular peg problem
FriJun 1912:30Kathlén KohnProjective geometry of Wachspress coordinates.
FriJun 1212:30Vladimir LazićWhich properties of the canonical class depend only on its first Chern class?
FriMay 2912:30Antonio De RosaUniqueness of critical points of the anisotropic isoperimetric problem
FriMay 2212:30Emma BrakkeeModuli of twisted K3 surfaces
FriMay 1512:30Laura PertusiStability conditions and moduli spaces for Kuznetsov components of Gushel-Mukai varieties
FriMay 0812:30Tye LidmanConway spheres and Dehn surgery.
FriMay 0112:30Balázs SzendrőiHilbert schemes of points on singular surfaces: combinatorics, geometry, and representation theory
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