UBC Number theory seminar

number theory

University of British Columbia

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Wednesday 22:00-23:00, Thursday 19:00-20:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Anwesh Ray*, Debanjana Kundu
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The seminar meets once a week online. The regular time is from 3:00-4:00pm Pacific time. Registration is required. We request speakers to arrive 10 minutes early. After the talk, there will be an interactive session with the speaker for 30 minutes.

Please register for the seminar via the link ubc.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5Yrfu2sqTkoH9AqIzq7m7896a2yg2A6BlSe and the zoom link shall be emailed to you.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
WedApr 0622:00Mishty RayGeometry of local Arthur packets for simple unramified Arthur parameters for $GL_n$
WedMar 3022:00Heejong LeeMod p local-global compatibility for $GSp_4(\mathbb{Q}_p)$ in the ordinary case
ThuMar 2417:30Siddhi PathakSpecial values of L-functions - a classical approach
WedMar 1622:00Ananth ShankarCanonical heights and the Andre-Oort conjecture
WedMar 0923:00Cedric DionIwasawa theory for supersingular abelian varieties
WedMar 0223:00Liyang YangRelative Trace Formula and Average Central L-values on $U(3) × U(2)$
WedFeb 1623:00Isabella NegriniA Shimura-Shintani correspondence for rigid analytic cocycles
WedFeb 0923:00Matilde LalinOn the Northcott property of $L$-functions over function fields
WedFeb 0223:00Kelly IshamZeta functions and asymptotics related to subrings in $\mathbb{Z}^n$
WedJan 2623:00Melissa EmorySato-Tate distributions for higher genus curves (TALK CANCELLED)
WedJan 1923:00Preston WakeEisenstein congruences and class groups of pure fields
WedJan 1223:00Heidi GoodsonSato-Tate Groups in Dimension Greater than 3
MonDec 2023:00Abbey BourdonTorsion Subgroups of CM Elliptic Curves in Degree 2p
WedDec 1523:00Julia HartmannLocal-global principles for linear algebraic groups over arithmetic function fields
WedDec 0823:00Prajeet BajpaiEffective Methods for Norm-Form Equations
WedDec 0123:00Ellen Eischenp-adic aspects of L-functions, with a view toward Spin L-functions
WedNov 2423:10Ashay BurungaleA conjecture of Rubin
WedNov 1723:00Ethan White & Chi Hoi YipThe number of directions determined by a Cartesian product in the affine Galois plane
WedNov 0322:00Natalia Garcia-FritzApproaching Hilbert's Tenth problem for rings of integers of number fields through Iwasawa theory
WedOct 2722:00Artane SiadMonogenic fields with odd class number
WedOct 2022:00Soumya SankarCounting elliptic curves with rational N-isogeny
WedOct 1322:00Anwesh RayArithmetic statistics and diophantine stability for elliptic curves
WedOct 0622:00Rylan Gajek-LeonardIwasawa Invariants of Modular Forms with $a_p=0$
WedSep 2922:10Francesc CastellaHeegner points and generalised Kato classes
WedSep 2222:10Naomi SweetingHeegner points and patched Euler systems in anticyclotomic Iwasawa theory
WedSep 1522:00Lea BeneishFields generated by points on superelliptic curves
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