St. Petersburg algebraic groups seminar

algebraic geometry group theory K-theory and homology

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 14:15-16:15 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Anastasia Stavrova*, Nikolai Vavilov, Alexei Stepanov*
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Description: Research seminar on algebraic groups and related topics

The Zoom meeting room 675-315-555 is protected to avoid spammers. Please write to the organizers, or subscribe to the Google Group to get a password. If you are a student and have no research papers yet, please mention your advisor's name.

Video recordings of past meetings are available here

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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TueMay 1714:15Alexander SivatskiApplications of conics in the theory of quadratic forms and central simple algebras
TueMar 1514:15Nikolai VavilovBounded generation of Chevalley groups, and around (joint with Inna Capdeboscq, Boris Kunyavskii, Eugene Plotkin)
TueJan 2514:15Cameron RuetherCohomological Invariants of Half-Spin Groups
MonJan 1714:15Tariq SyedSpin-orbits of unimodular rows
MonNov 2914:15Pavel GvozdevskyBounded reduction of orthogonal matrices over polynomial rings
MonNov 2214:15Meirav TopolAlgebra and geometry meet on the way - fundamental groups
MonNov 1514:15Erhard NeherSteinberg groups and Jordan pairs
MonOct 2516:15Roman FedorovOn the purity conjecture of Nisnevich for torsors under reductive group schemes
MonOct 1814:15Victor PetrovGeometry of symmetric spaces of types EIII and EVI
MonOct 1114:15Roman IsaevПолная система инвариантов многомерного Кубика Рубика
MonOct 0414:15Andrei SemenovTwisted forms of commutative monoid structures on affine spaces
MonSep 2714:15Joshua RuiterAbstract homomorphisms of some special unitary groups
MonSep 2014:15Konstantin TsvetkovUnipotent elements in microweight representations of exceptional groups
MonSep 1314:15Anastasia StavrovaNon-stable K1-functors, R-equivalence, and A1-equivalence: the case of henselian pairs
FriJul 0914:15Anastasia StavrovaNon-stable K1-functors, R-equivalence, and A1-equivalence
FriJun 1114:15Rostislav DevyatovMultiplicity-free products of Schubert divisors and an application to canonical dimension of torsors
FriMay 2814:15Alexander TrostQuantitative aspects of normal generation of ${\rm SL}_2(R)$
FriMay 2114:15Philippe GilleLocal triviality for G-torsors
FriMay 1414:15Andrei RapinchukGroups with bounded generation: old and new
FriMay 0714:15Nikolai VavilovExceptional uniform polytopes and conjugacy classes of the Weyl groups (joint with V. Migrin)
FriApr 3014:15Evgeny PlotkinLogical equivalences of Chevalley and Kac-Moody groups
FriApr 2315:00Egor VoronetskyExplicit presentation of relative Steinberg groups
FriApr 0214:15Raimund PreusserIrreducible representations of Leavitt algebras
FriMar 2614:15Andrei LavrenovMorava motives of projective quadrics
TueMar 1614:15Maneesh ThakurThe Albert problem on Cyclicity of Albert division algebras
TueFeb 2314:15Igor RapinchukAbstract homomorphisms of algebraic groups and applications
TueFeb 1614:15Waldemar HolubowskiOn normal subgroups in infinite dimensional linear groups
FriFeb 0514:00Kuntal ChakrabortyNK1 of Bak’s unitary groups over graded rings
TueJan 2614:00Andrey SmolenskyRoot systems of type E_{k,n}
TueDec 1516:30Jeroen MeulewaeterStructurable algebras and inner ideals: Moufang sets, triangles and hexagons
TueDec 0816:30Ning GuoThe Grothendieck--Serre conjecture over valuation rings
MonNov 3010:00Victor PetrovIsotropy of Tits construction
TueNov 2416:30Alex WertheimDegree One Milnor K-Invariants of Groups of Multiplicative Type
TueNov 1016:30Alexander MerkurjevClassification of special reductive groups
MonNov 0210:00Anand SawantMotivic version of Matsumoto’s theorem
MonOct 1910:00Simon RigbyBi-octonion algebras, algebraic groups, and cohomological invariants
MonOct 0510:00Vladimir SosniloComparing Nisnevich descent, Milnor excision, and the pro-cdh excision
MonSep 2810:00Raimund PreusserThe subnormal structure of classical-like groups over commutative rings
MonSep 2110:00Anastasia StavrovaIsotropic reductive groups over Laurent polynomials
MonSep 1410:00Sergey SinchukA pro-group approach to the centrality of K_2 (joint work with A. Lavrenov and E. Voronetsky)
TueJun 2310:00Katrin TentDefining R and G(R)
TueMay 1910:00Andrei Jaikin-ZapirainFree ${\mathbb{Q}}$-groups are residually torsion-free nilpotent
TueMay 1210:00Egor VoronetskyA new approach to centrality of $K_2$
TueMay 0510:00Andrei SmolenskyRoot subgroup centralizers in Kac—Moody groups
TueApr 2810:00Agatha AtkarskayaGroup-like small cancellation theory for rings (joint work with A.Kanel-Belov, E.Plotkin, E.Rips)
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