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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 19:30-20:45 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Nima Lashkari*, Shoy Ouseph*
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TueOct 2615:30Jennifer LinTBA
TueNov 0219:30James SullyTBA
TueNov 0920:30Ro JeffersonTBA
TueNov 1620:30Pratik RathTBA
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TueOct 1919:30Daniel KapecShadows and Soft Exchange in Celestial CFT
TueOct 1219:30Shinsei RyuMultipartitioning topological phases and quantum entangle
TueOct 0519:30David KolchmeyerThe Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis in JT gravity with matter
TueSep 2819:30Brian SwingleHydrodynamics and the Spectral Form Factor
TueSep 2119:30Raghu MahajanSphere and disk partition functions in Liouville and in matrix integrals
MonMar 1516:30Alexandre BelinThe OPE Randomness Hypothesis and Euclidean Wormholes
MonMar 0817:30Adam LevineProbing strings with quantum extremal surfaces
MonMar 0117:30Horacio CasiniEntropic order parameters for symmetries in QFT
MonFeb 2221:00Isaac KimEntropy scaling law and the quantum (and classical) marginal problem
WedFeb 1716:30Stefan Hollands(In)determinism Inside Black Holes
MonFeb 0817:30Thomas HartmanIslands in black holes and cosmology
MonJan 2516:30Aninda SinhaEntanglement in scattering and the S-matrix bootstrap
MonJan 1817:30Nicholas LaRacuenteMultivariate Trace Inequalities, p-Fidelity, and Universal Recovery Beyond Tracial von Neumann Algebras
FriDec 1117:30Alexander ZhiboedovConformal collider physics: an update
MonNov 3017:30Junyu LiuQuantum computation and "cyberpunkian" quantum field theory
MonNov 0917:30Sridip PalUniversality in Asymptotic bounds and their saturation in 2D CFT
MonNov 0217:30Felix HaehlComments on replica symmetry breaking in spin glasses and gravity
MonOct 2616:30Bartek CzechQuery complexity and cutoffs in AdS/CFT
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