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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 20:30-21:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Nima Lashkari*, Shoy Ouseph*, Mudassir Moosa
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The recorded talks will be available on YouTube here: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxU3vHZccQj64m9zsQR74D5WP1z1g4t1J

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Past talks
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TueMar 0520:30Arvin Shahbazi-MoghaddamTBA
TueMar 1219:30Sridip PalTBA
TueMar 2618:30Agnese BissiTBA
TueApr 0219:30Anatoly DymarskyTBA
TueApr 2319:30Daniel GreenTBA
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TueFeb 2020:30Ning BaoAn Exponential Speedup in Contraction Maps for Holographic Entanglement Entropy
TueJan 2320:30Zhencheng WangType I von Neumann algebras from gravitational path integrals
TueMay 0919:30Samuel GoldmanExact Renormalization and its Application to Quantum States
TueMay 0219:30Dalimil MazacConformal measure spaces
TueApr 2519:30Jonah Kudler-FlamHorizons as eavesdroppers: decoherence from soft radiation
TueApr 1819:30Nicholas LaRacuenteComplexity and Purity Over Time in Quantum Dynamics
TueApr 1119:30Yidong ChenNoncommutative Poisson Random Measure and its Applications in AQFT and Quantum Chaos
TueApr 0419:30Roy AraizaAn index for inclusions of operator systems
TueNov 2920:30Nathan BenjaminScalar Modular Bootstrap and Zeros of the Riemann Zeta Function
TueNov 2220:30Erik TonniEntanglement entropies for Lifshitz fermionic fields at finite density
TueNov 1520:30Antony SperanzaComplexity = (Anything)^2
TueNov 0820:30Shoy OusephRecent developments in generalizing symmetries
TueNov 0119:30Pawel CaputaQuantum Complexity in the Krylov basis
TueOct 2519:30Samuel LeutheusserSubregion-subalgebra duality and the emergence of space and time in holography
TueOct 1819:30Julian SonnerMatrix Models for Eigenstate Thermalization with applications to holography
WedOct 0519:30Javier MaganA tale of two hungarians: tridiagonalizing random matrices
TueSep 2719:30Prashanth RamanPositivity Constraints on EFT’s and Geometric Function Theory
TueSep 2014:00Marco TomamichelQuantum Rényi divergence and beyond
TueAug 1619:30Keiichiro FuruyaAn Algebra of Observables for de Sitter Space
TueAug 0919:30Cesar AgonOn the N-partite information in Conformal Field Theory
TueJun 2819:30Gabor SarosiComments on the volume of the black hole interior in 2d gravity
TueMay 1019:30Alexander JahnHolographic toy models with matchgate tensor networks
TueApr 1919:30Chris AkersBlack holes as non-isometric codes
TueMar 2919:30Anthony MunsonQuantum (Un)complexity: A Resource for Quantum Computation
TueMar 1519:30Lampros LamprouFalling inside holographic black holes
TueMar 0820:30Nicole Yunger HalpernLinear growth of quantum circuit complexity
TueMar 0120:30Edgar ShaghoulianThe central dogma and entanglement in de Sitter space
TueFeb 1520:30Mukund RangamaniA paradigm for open quantum systems with memory from holography
TueFeb 0820:30Alex MayTowards quantum information processing in gravitating spacetimes
TueFeb 0120:30John McGreevyThree-manifolds and entanglement
TueJan 2520:30Michal P. HellerEntanglement of Purification (and Reflected Entropy) in Conformal Field Theory
TueNov 1620:30Pratik RathThe Page curve for Reflected Entropy
TueNov 0920:30Ro JeffersonThe edge of chaos: quantum field theory and deep neural networks
TueNov 0219:30James SullyInner Turmoil: Complexity, Chaos, and the Black Hole Interior
TueOct 2615:30Jennifer LinA new look at the gravitational entropy formula
TueOct 1919:30Daniel KapecShadows and Soft Exchange in Celestial CFT
TueOct 1219:30Shinsei RyuMultipartitioning topological phases and quantum entangle
TueOct 0519:30David KolchmeyerThe Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis in JT gravity with matter
TueSep 2819:30Brian SwingleHydrodynamics and the Spectral Form Factor
TueSep 2119:30Raghu MahajanSphere and disk partition functions in Liouville and in matrix integrals
MonMar 1516:30Alexandre BelinThe OPE Randomness Hypothesis and Euclidean Wormholes
MonMar 0817:30Adam LevineProbing strings with quantum extremal surfaces
MonMar 0117:30Horacio CasiniEntropic order parameters for symmetries in QFT
MonFeb 2221:00Isaac KimEntropy scaling law and the quantum (and classical) marginal problem
WedFeb 1716:30Stefan Hollands(In)determinism Inside Black Holes
MonFeb 0817:30Thomas HartmanIslands in black holes and cosmology
MonJan 2516:30Aninda SinhaEntanglement in scattering and the S-matrix bootstrap
MonJan 1817:30Nicholas LaRacuenteMultivariate Trace Inequalities, p-Fidelity, and Universal Recovery Beyond Tracial von Neumann Algebras
FriDec 1117:30Alexander ZhiboedovConformal collider physics: an update
MonNov 3017:30Junyu LiuQuantum computation and "cyberpunkian" quantum field theory
MonNov 0917:30Sridip PalUniversality in Asymptotic bounds and their saturation in 2D CFT
MonNov 0217:30Felix HaehlComments on replica symmetry breaking in spin glasses and gravity
MonOct 2616:30Bartek CzechQuery complexity and cutoffs in AdS/CFT
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