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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 15:00-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Henry Adams, Sara Kališnik
Curator: Andrew Sutherland*
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The main activity of the research network is an interactive online seminar. For Spring 2020, the talks will typically take place on Wednesday at 12:00pm Eastern time; please join our network to get email invitations to the talks. The seminars are delivered using the BlueJeans videoconferencing platform, which allows the presenter to share their desktop and participants to interact using audio and video. See the bottom of this page for instructions on how to join the meetings. If you missed our ealier talks you can watch them at our YouTube Channel

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
WedAug 1915:00Pierre BaudotCohomological characterization of information and higher order statistical structures - machine learning and statistical physic aspects
WedAug 1215:00Ellen GasparovicThe medial axis in image analysis, the homological simplification problem, and gerrymandering
WedAug 0515:00Álvaro Torras CasasThe persistence Mayer Vietoris spectral sequence
WedJul 2915:00Mateusz JudaUnsupervised features learning for sampled vector fields
WedJul 2215:00Cheng XinGeneralized persistence algorithm for decomposing multi-parameter persistence modules
WedJul 1515:00Austin LawsonPersistence curves: A canonical framework for summarizing persistence diagrams
WedJul 0815:00Johnathan BushBorsuk-Ulam theorems for maps into higher-dimensional codomains
WedJul 0115:00Andrew ThomasFunctional limit theorems for Euler characteristic processes
WedJun 2415:00Robyn Brooks and Celia HackerMultipersistent homology using discrete Morse theory
WedJun 1715:00Debabrota BasuEpsilon-net induced lazy witness complex for metric spaces
WedJun 1016:00Primoz SkrabaAlgebraically manipulating persistence modules (and a Minkowski-type bound)
WedJun 0315:00Amzi JeffsConvex sunflower theorems and neural codes
WedMay 2715:00Lewis MeadFrom large to infinite random simplicial complexes
WedMay 2016:00Bei WangTopoAct: Visually exploring the shape of activations in deep learning
WedMay 1316:00Tao HouComputing minimal persistent cycles: Polynomial and hard cases
WedMay 0616:00Barbara Giuntinvariants for tame parametrised chain complexes
WedApr 2916:00Wojciech ChachólskiTDA invariants and model categories
WedApr 2216:00Hengrui LuoLower dimensional topological information: Theory and applications
WedApr 1515:30Gugan ThoppeBehaviour in the bulk and the extremes of online minimal spanning acycles
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