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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 20:15-21:15 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: André Lee Dixon*
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MIT Probability Seminar

Organizers: Alexei Borodin, Promit Ghosal, Benjamin Landon, Elchanan Mossel, Philippe Rigollet, Scott Sheffield, Nike Sun, Yilin Wang

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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MonDec 1221:15Hoi NguyenOn roots of random trigonometric polynomials and related models
MonDec 0521:15Changji XuTBA
MonNov 2821:15Sayan DasTBA
MonNov 2121:15Emma BaileyTitle to be announced
MonNov 1421:15Sven WangTitle to be announced
MonNov 0721:15Dor ElboimInfinite cycles in the interchange process in five dimensions
MonOct 3120:15Robert HoughCovering systems of congruences
MonOct 2420:15Hao ShenStochastic Yang-Mills process in 2D and 3D.
MonOct 1720:15Guillaume RemyModular transformation of conformal blocks via Liouville CFT
MonOct 1020:15Indigenous Peoples' DayNo Seminar On This Day
MonOct 0320:15Alexandros EskenazisLearning low-degree functions on the discrete hypercube
MonSep 1920:15Matteo MucciconiTitle to be announced
MonSep 1220:15Guilherme SilvaUniversality for a class of statistics of Hermitian random matrices and the integro-differential Painlevé II equation.
MonMay 0919:00Phil SosoeAlmost-optimal regularity conditions in the CLT for Wigner matrices.
MonMay 0220:15Massimiliano GubinelliWhat is stochastic quantization?
MonApr 2520:15Andrew AhnLyapunov Exponents of Random Matrix Products and Brownian Motion on GL(n,C)
MonApr 2517:00Remi RhodesSegal’s axioms and conformal bootstrap in Liouville theory
MonApr 1120:15Sky CaoExponential decay of correlations in finite gauge group lattice gauge theories
MonApr 0420:15Johannes AltLocalization and Delocalization in Erdős–Rényi graphs
MonMar 2820:15Oanh NguyenSurvival time of the contact process on random graphs
MonMar 1420:15Dominik SchmidMixing times for the TASEP on the circle
MonMar 1417:00Eviatar ProcacciaStationary Hastings-Levitov model
MonMar 0721:15Mark SellkeAlgorithmic Thresholds in Mean-Field Spin Glasses
MonFeb 2821:15Hugo FalconetMetric growth dynamics in Liouville quantum gravity
MonFeb 1421:15Cole GrahamStationary measures for stochastic conservation laws
MonDec 1321:15Nishant ChangotiaTitle to be announced
MonDec 0621:15Yury PolyanskyUniqueness of BP fixed point for Ising models.
MonNov 2921:15Lingfu ZhangThe environment seen from a geodesic in last-passage percolation.
MonNov 2221:15Ellen PowellBrownian excursions, conformal loop ensembles and critical Liouville quantum gravity
MonNov 1521:15Han HuangTitle to be announced
MonNov 0821:15Alex DunlapFluctuations of solutions to the KPZ equation on a large torus
MonNov 0120:15Marcelo HilarioRandom walks on dynamic random environments with non-uniform mixing.
MonOct 2520:15Erik BatesEmpirical measures, geodesic lengths, and a variational formula in first-passage percolation.
MonOct 1820:15Matan HarelQuantitative estimates on the effect of random disorder on low-dimensional lattice models
MonOct 0420:15Nick CookLarge deviations and regularity method for sparse random hypergraphs
MonSep 2720:15Lisa SauermannOn the extension complexity of random polytopes.
MonSep 2020:15Pierre Yves Gaudreau LamarreNumber rigidity in the spectrum of random Schrödinger operators
MonSep 1320:15Jimmy HeRandom walks on finite fields with deterministic jumps
MonMay 1720:15Minjae ParkWilson loop expectations as sums over surfaces in 2D
MonMay 1020:15Morris (Jie Jun) AngIntegrability of the conformal loop ensemble
MonMay 0320:15Youngtak SohnReplica symmetry breaking for random regular NAE-SAT
MonApr 2620:15Christopher ShriverFree energy, Gibbs measures, and Glauber dynamics on trees
MonApr 1220:15Duncan DauvergneThe directed landscape.
MonApr 0520:15Masha GordinaUniform volume doubling and functional inequalities on Lie groups
MonMar 2914:00Antonio (Tuca) AuffingerTAP equations and ground states of generalized spin glass models
MonMar 2220:15Shirshendu GangulyStability and chaos in dynamical last passage percolation
MonMar 1520:15Benjamin McKennaRandom determinants and landscape complexity beyond invariance
MonMar 0121:15Tom AlbertsLoewner Dynamics for the Multiple SLE(0) Process
MonFeb 2216:15Hariharan NarayananRandom discrete concave functions on an equilateral lattice with periodic boundary conditions
MonDec 0721:15Benson AuFinite-rank perturbations of random band matrices via infinitesimal free probability
MonNov 3019:15Dan MikulincerFunctional inequalities in Gauss space
MonNov 1621:15Subhabrata SenLarge deviations for dense random graphs: beyond mean-field
MonNov 0921:15Atilla YilmazStochastic homogenization of Hamilton-Jacobi equations in one dimension
MonNov 0221:15Michael DamronCritical first-passage percolation in two dimensions
MonOct 2620:15Alexander KolesnikovBlaschke--Santalo inequality for many functions and geodesic barycenters of measures
MonOct 1920:15Jean-Christophe MourratMean-field spin glasses: beyond the replica trick?
MonOct 0520:15Jacapo BorgaScaling and local limits of Baxter permutations and bipolar orientations through coalescent-walk processes
MonSep 2820:15Remi RhodesConformal Bootstrap in Liouville theory.
MonSep 2120:15Eitan BachmatOn maximal (weight) increasing subsequences
MonSep 1420:15Russell LyonsRandom Walks on Dyadic Lattice Graphs and Their Duals
MonMay 1120:15Marianna RusskikhDimers and embeddings
MonMay 0420:15Amol AggarwalPure States in the Ferroelectric Six-Vertex Model
MonApr 2720:15Per von SoostenLocalization and delocalization for ultrametric random matrices
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