Abu Dhabi Stochastics Seminar

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mathematical physics combinatorics probability statistics theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Pierre Youssef*
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WedFeb 2814:00Balint TothTBA
WedMar 0614:00Kiran KumarTBA
WedApr 0314:00Ian CharlesworthTBA
WedApr 1714:00Gabor TardosTBA
WedApr 2414:00Theo McKenzieTBA
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FriFeb 2306:00Vincent Vargasprobabilistic construction of the two-dimensional sinh model in quantum field theory
WedFeb 2114:00James MingoInfinitesimal Freeness
MonFeb 1214:00Roberto FernandezHigh-temperature cluster expansion for quantum spin lattice systems
WedDec 1314:00Alexandros EskenazisResilience of cube slicing in $\ell_p$
WedNov 1514:00Hong Quan TranInformation percolation and cutoff for the Glauber-Exclusion process
ThuNov 0913:00Yu FengMultiple Ising interfaces and their relation to Dyson’s circular ensemble.
WedNov 0114:00Maxime IngremeauSemiclassical evolution of Lagrangian states into random waves
WedOct 1114:00Keith RossAn Introduction to Deep Reinforcement Learning
WedOct 0414:00Laura ShouEigenstates of quantized baker's map
WedSep 2714:00Hamza RuzayqatUnbiased Estimation using the Underdamped Langevin Dynamics
ThuSep 2114:00Gerard Ben ArousThe topological complexity and free energy of the Elastic Manifold
WedApr 0514:00Octavio Arizmendibmt-independence: combining notions of independence
WedMar 0814:00Wei QianConformally invariant fields out of Brownian loop soups
WedMar 0114:00Pierre NolinSelf-organized criticality and avalanches in 2D forest fires
WedFeb 2214:00Benjamin DadounMonotonicity of the logarithmic energy for random matrices
WedFeb 1514:00Mohamed SeddikTBA
WedFeb 0814:00Anton NikitenkoMeasuring shapes with random Delaunay mosaics
WedFeb 0114:00Mireille CapitaineStrong convergence of tensor products of independent GUE matrices
WedJan 1814:00Mark RudelsonApproximately Hadamard matrices and random frames
WedNov 1614:00Alexander StaufferNon-equilibrium multi-scale analysis and coexistence in competing first-passage percolation
WedNov 0914:00Mauro MarianiMetastable regimes of diffusion processes
WedNov 0214:00Simona DiaconuMethod of Moments and Edge Eigenvalues
WedOct 2614:00Reda ChhaibiFree Probability for predicting the performance neural networks
WedOct 1214:00Barbara DembinCoalescence of geodesics and the BKS midpoint problem in first-passage percolation
WedSep 2814:00Domenico MarinucciThe Geometry of Time-Dependent Spherical Random Fields
WedSep 2114:00Roland BauerschmidtLog-Sobolev inequality for near-critical Ising models
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