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HEP - theory mathematical physics

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 08:30-09:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Hossein Yavartanoo*, Chi-Ming Chang*, Babak Haghighat, Bartek Czech
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Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuDec 1508:30Andres CollinucciFlops of any length, Gopakumar-Vafa invariants and 5d Higgs Branches
ThuDec 0802:00Barak GabaiLine Operators in Chern-Simons-Matter Theories and Bosonization in Three Dimensions
ThuOct 2702:00Clay CórdovaNon-Invertible Chiral Symmetry and Exponential Hierarchies
ThuOct 2002:00Jan ManschotTopological correlators of 4d N=2* and 5d N=1 super Yang-Mills
ThuAug 2502:00Thomas Hartman3D gravity as an average large-c CFT
ThuJul 2802:00Nathan SeibergTBA
ThuJul 0708:30Iosif BenaThe Tadpole Problem
ThuJun 3008:30M. M. Sheikh-JabbariGravity $\leftrightharpoons$ Thermodynamics
ThuJun 2301:00Cumrun VafaGeometric Obstruction to Scale Separation
ThuJun 1608:30Wei SongTBA
ThuJun 0908:30Kostas SkenderisTBA
ThuJun 0208:30Marcos MarinoResurgence and quantum topology
ThuMay 2602:00Sergei GukovInteresting invariants and TQFTs from 3d-3d correspondence
ThuMay 1902:00Eric SharpeAn introduction to decomposition
ThuMay 0502:00Zohar KomargodskiComments on Wilson Lines in Massless Gauge Theories
ThuApr 2802:00Yuji TachikawaOn the absence of global anomalies of heterotic string theories
ThuApr 2108:30Nicolai ReshetikhinSuperintegrable systems-III
ThuApr 1408:30Nicolai ReshetikhinSuperintegrable systems-II
ThuApr 0708:30Nicolai ReshetikhinSuperintegrable systems-I
ThuMar 1702:00Eoin Ó ColgáinIs Hubble constant a constant?
ThuMar 0308:30Bartlomiej CzechHolographic Cone of Average Entropies and Universality of Black Holes
ThuFeb 2408:30Jarah EvslinAn Introduction to Schrodinger Wave Functionals
TueDec 2803:00Haoyu Sun(CANCELLED)
TueDec 1403:00Min-xin HuangBootstrapping Calabi-Yau Quantum Mechanics
TueNov 2308:00Hongliang JiangCelestial OPEs: from string worldsheet to infinite Ward identities
TueNov 1603:00Satoshi YamaguchiNon-invertible topological defects in 4-dimensional $Z_2$ pure lattice gauge theory
TueNov 0903:00Xinan ZhouGluon Scattering in AdS
TueNov 0212:30Xi YinUses of String Field Theory
TueOct 2600:00Eliot HijanoFlat holography as a flat limit of AdS/CFT
TueSep 2803:00Ken KikuchiSymmetry enhancement in RCFT
WedJun 1602:00Eva SilversteinHyperbolic compactification of M theory and de Sitter quantum gravity
WedJun 0902:00Djordje RadicevicAn Introduction to the Lattice-Continuum Correspondence
WedJun 0208:00Pawel CaputaHolographic Path Integral Optimization
WedMay 2602:00Zhenbin YangWormholes and Unitarity of Black Hole Evolution Process
MonMay 2402:00Jim HalversonComplexity, Physics, and Effective Theories of Deep Learning 3
WedMay 1902:00Jim HalversonComplexity, Physics, and Effective Theories of Deep Learning 2
MonMay 1702:00Jim HalversonComplexity, Physics, and Effective Theories of Deep Learning 1
WedMay 1202:00Jim HalversonComplexity, Physics, and Effective Theories of Deep Learning 1 (canceled)
MonMay 1008:00Shouvik DattaEnsemble averaging and AdS3/CFT2
MonMay 1002:00Andrew StromingerProgress on Flat Holography
WedApr 1408:00Wolfgang LercheFluxes, Holomorphic Anomalies and Elliptic Genera in d=4
MonMar 2207:00David Simmons-DuffinSharp Boundaries for the Swampland
WedMar 1708:00Matthias GaberdielAn exact AdS/CFT duality
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