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classical analysis and ODEs functional analysis representation theory spectral theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Alessandro Monguzzi*, Valentina Casarino, Bianca M. Gariboldi, Stefano Meda
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Past talks
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WedApr 1916:00Dmitriy BilykMinimizers of discrete measures and energy integrals.
WedMar 2217:00Nir LevTiling by translates of a function
WedMar 0817:00Diogo Oliveira e SilvaExponentials rarely maximize Fourier extension inequalities for cones
WedFeb 0817:00Francesca BartolucciWhat's new in wavelet phase retrieval?
WedJan 2517:00David BeltranEndpoint sparse domination for oscillatory Fourier multipliers
WedJan 1117:00Rajula SrivastavaThe Korányi Spherical Maximal Function on Heisenberg groups
WedNov 1617:00Giancarlo TravagliniIrregularities of distribution
WedOct 1916:00Eugenia MalinnikovaSome inequalities for Laplace eigenfunctions and their gradients
WedOct 0516:00Izabella ŁabaFavard length estimates via cyclotomic divisibility
WedJun 2916:00Sinai RobinsThe covariogram and extensions of the Bombieri-Siegel formula
WedJun 1516:00Marco VitturiA restricted 2-plane transform related to Fourier Restriction in codimension 2
WedMay 1816:00Roberto BramatiResonances of invariant differential operators
WedApr 2016:00Sandra SalianiSpectral graph transforms: wavelets, frames, and open problems
WedApr 1316:00Carmelo PuliattiGradients of single layer potentials for elliptic operators with coefficients of Dini mean oscillation-type
WedMar 2317:00Detlef MüllerOn Fourier restriction to hyperbolic 2-surfaces: robustness of the polynomial compared to the bilinear approach
WedMar 0917:00Marina IliopoulouSome remarks on the Mizohata-Takeuchi conjecture
WedFeb 2317:00Fernando SoriaIntegro-differential operators and nonlocal diffusion
WedFeb 0917:00Jonathan HickmanKakeya maximal estimates via real algebraic geometry
WedJan 2617:00Malabika PramanikOn projections and circles
WedJan 1217:00Jean-Philippe AnkerDispersive PDE on noncompact symmetric spaces
WedDec 1517:00Oliver Dragičević$L^p$ asymptotics for powers of the complex Riesz transform
WedDec 0117:00Anthony CarberyDuality for joints and multijoints - what is it, what are they, and why do we care?
WedNov 1017:00Stefan SteinerbergerThe Smoothest Average and New Uncertainty Principles for the Fourier Transform
WedNov 0317:00Jonathan BennettThe nonlinear Brascamp-Lieb inequality and applications
WedOct 2016:00Karlheinz GröchenigVariable bandwidth and sampling theorems
WedOct 0616:00Alex IosevichFinite point configurations and the Vapnik-Chervonenkis dimension
WedJun 3016:00Filippo De MariViews on the Radon Transform
WedJun 1616:30Gianmarco BrocchiSparse T1 theorems
WedMay 1916:00Marco FraccaroliDuality for outer $L^p$ spaces
WedApr 2116:00Ivan S. TrapassoDispersion, spreading and sparsity of Gabor wave packets
WedMar 3116:00Loredana LanzaniThe commutator of the Cauchy-Szegő projection for domains in $C^n$ with minimal smoothness
WedMar 2417:00Gian Maria Dall'AraL^p mapping problems for Bergman projections
WedMar 1717:00Maria VallarinoAnalysis on trees with nondoubling flows
WedFeb 2417:00Fulvio RicciMulti-parameter structures
WedFeb 1017:00Giona VeronelliSobolev spaces on manifolds with lower bounded curvature
WedJan 1317:00Alessio MartiniSpectral multipliers for sub-Laplacians: recent developments and open problems
WedDec 0917:00Gennady UraltsevSome results in Banach space-valued time frequency analysis
WedDec 0217:40José Luis RomeroSampling, density, and equidistribution
WedNov 1117:00Ujué EtayoA Bombieri-type inequality for Weierstrass sigma functions
WedOct 2817:00Stefano DecioNodal sets of Steklov eigenfunctions
WedOct 2116:00Giuseppe NegroSharp estimates for the wave equation via the Penrose transform
WedOct 1416:00Tommaso BrunoFactorization properties of smooth functions and vectors
WedSep 3016:00Javier DuoandikoetxeaWeighted Morrey spaces
WedSep 1616:00Nicola ArcozziThe Hardy space from an engineer's perspective
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