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Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM)

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: Tahereh Aladpoosh*
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IPM is holding a biweekly zoom Algebraic Geometry seminar.

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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
WedJun 1214:00Emilia MezzettiHilbert functions, Lefschetz properties and Perazzo hypersurfaces
WedMay 2914:00Jonas StelzigLinear combinations of cohomological invariants of compact complex manifolds
WedMay 1514:00Rita PardiniExploring the boundary of the moduli space of stable surfaces: some explicit examples
WedMay 0114:00Razieh AhmadianHironaka's Question F and its Simplification
WedApr 1714:00Victoria HoskinsMotives of stacks of bundles and sheaves on curves
WedFeb 2814:45Simon Pepin LehalleurCohomology and motives of moduli spaces of Higgs bundles and motivic mirror symmetry
WedDec 1314:00Jean FaselVector bundles on threefolds
WedNov 2914:00Claudio FontanariGeneralized Abundance and Nonvanishing: remarks and open questions
WedNov 1514:00Ivan CheltsovEquivariant geometry of singular cubic threefolds
WedNov 0114:00Steven Dale CutkoskyGenerating sequences of valuations
WedOct 1814:00Bernd SturmfelsAlgebraic Varieties in Quantum Chemistry
WedOct 0415:15Elham IzadiHyperkahler manifolds and Lagrangian fibrations
WedJun 0710:00Jihun ParkSasaki-Einstein 5-manifolds and del Pezzo surfaces
WedMay 2414:00Paolo CasciniOn the Minimal Model Program for complex foliated varieties
WedMay 1014:00Lutz HillePolynomial invariants for triangulated categories with full exceptional sequences
WedApr 2614:00Carolina AraujoThe Calabi problem for Fano threefolds
WedMar 0114:00Amir HashemiOn the computation of staggered linear bases
WedFeb 1514:00Antonio LafaceOn effective cones of algebraic surfaces
TueDec 2011:00Azizeh NozadSerre polynomials and geometry of character varieties
TueNov 2913:00Yuri ProkhorovFinite groups of birational transformations
TueNov 1511:00Giorgio OttavianiThe Hessian map
TueNov 0113:00Farbod ShokriehHeights and moments of abelian varieties
TueOct 1813:00Sandra Di RoccoGeometry of algebraic data
TueJun 0712:00Hossein MovasatiHodge conjecture
TueMay 2412:00Luca ChiantiniConfigurations of points and tensor analysis
TueMay 1012:00Ciro CilibertoEnumeration in geometry
TueApr 2612:00Hamid AbbanWhat is K-stability?
TueApr 1212:00Takuya MurataA map to a toric variety and construction of a toric degeneration
TueMar 0813:00Hassan HaghighiUnexpected hypersurfaces: some examples, a few constructions
TueFeb 2213:00Ali BajravaniStable vector bundles on curves and their Brill-Noether theory
TueFeb 0810:30Amir NasrToric quiver varieties
TueJan 2513:00Esmail Arasteh RadRapoport-Zink spaces for local ℙ-shtukas
TueDec 2813:00Tahereh AladpooshPostulation of generic lines and a multiple line in $\mathbb{P}^n$
TueDec 1413:00Abbas Nasrollah NejadThe relation type of singular space of hypersurfaces
TueNov 3013:00Amin Gholampour2-dimensional stable pairs on 4-folds
TueNov 1613:00Amir JafariGrothendieck Galois theory and some of its applications in combinatorics
TueNov 0213:00Kiumars KavehVector bundles on toric varieties
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