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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 17:30-18:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Riccardo Penco*
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WedMay 1816:30Anders TranbergTBA
MonMay 1617:00Mustafa AminSmall-Scale Structure in Vector Dark Matter
WedMar 2316:30Donal O'ConnellTBA
WedFeb 0217:30Mohit RanderiaTBA
WedDec 0817:30Austin JoyceGravity as a phase of matter
WedDec 0117:30Massimiliano-Maria RivaGravitational Bremsstrahlung in the Post-Minkowskian expansion
WedNov 1717:30Julio Parra MartinezGeometric soft theorems (part 2)
TueNov 1617:30Julio Parra MartinezGeometric soft theorems (part 1)
WedNov 0316:30Guanhao SunAnisotropies in icosahedral inflation
WedOct 2716:30Matt LewandowskiGravitational Causality and the Self-Stress of Photons
WedOct 2016:30Benjamin DoyonThe hydrodynamics of many-body integrable systems
WedSep 2216:30Angelo EspositoPrimordial nongaussianities from consistency relations: a proof of principle
WedApr 2815:30Riccardo RattazziThe quantum mechanics of a perfect fluid
WedApr 2116:00Azadeh MaleknejadIs Our Universe the Remnant of Chiral Anomaly in Inflation?
WedApr 1416:00Ioanna KourkoulouLorentz invariance in Framids as a potential technical analog of the CCP
WedApr 0716:00Enrico PajerA timeless History of Time
WedMar 3116:00Sergey SibiryakovBlack hole induced false vacuum decay from first principles
WedMar 1716:00Tomas BraunerHigher-form and higher-group symmetry in mixed superfluids
WedMar 1017:00Alfredo Guevara GonzalezFrom QFT amplitudes to wave scattering in Kerr
WedMar 0317:00Christopher WhiteThe classical double copy from twistor space
WedFeb 2417:00Ethan LakeBose-Luttinger liquids
WedFeb 1717:00Csaba CsakiMagnetic scattering: pairwise little group and pairwise helicity
WedFeb 1017:00Ratindranath AkhouryEntanglement, renormalization and effective field theories
WedFeb 0317:00Sean CarrollExtracting the Universe from the Wave Function
WedDec 0917:00Vicharit YingcharoenratBeyond perturbation theory in inflation
FriDec 0418:00Tanguy GrallSymmetries and unitarity of theories with spontaneously broken boosts
FriNov 1318:00Jingping LiGravitational Radiation from the Double Copy
WedNov 0417:00Tina KahniashviliCircular polarization of gravitational waves from the early-universe turbulent sources
FriOct 3017:00Andrey GromovFractons and vortices
FriOct 2317:00Pavel KovtunPushing the limits of hydrodynamics
FriOct 1617:00Eric PoissonLove tensor of a slowly rotating body
FriOct 0917:00Tim CohenSoft de Sitter Effective Theory
FriOct 0217:00Jyoti KatochProbing two-dimensional materials using focused angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
FriSep 2517:00Alexandre Le TiecTidal Love numbers of Kerr black holes
FriSep 1817:00Claudia de RhamCausality and Positivity with Gravity
FriSep 0413:30Jim HalversonNeural Networks and Quantum Field Theory
FriAug 1416:00Michael PretkoFractons: A New Type of Particle
FriAug 0716:00Nabil IqbalFrom generalized global symmetries to pulsar magnetospheres
FriJul 3116:00Carl RodriguezModeling Dense Star Clusters and the gravitational waves they create
FriJul 2416:00Graham WhiteBBN and CMB bounds on hidden sector vectors
FriJul 1715:00Michael LandryThe coset construction for non-equilibrium systems
FriJul 1016:30Luca DelacretazHeavy operators and hydrodynamic tails
FriJun 1916:30Angelo EspositoAn effective field theory for acoustic and pseudo-acoustic phonons in solids
FriJun 1216:30Gordon SemenoffEntanglement and the Infrared
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