One World Numeration seminar

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dynamical systems number theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 13:30-14:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Wolfgang Steiner*
*contact for this listing

Description: Online seminar on numeration systems and related topics

The link to the Zoom room is sent by email, please contact the organisers at

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueFeb 2313:30Seulbee LeeOdd-odd continued fraction algorithm
TueFeb 1613:30Gerardo González RobertGood's Theorem for Hurwitz Continued Fractions
TueFeb 0913:30Clemens MüllnerMultiplicative automatic sequences
TueFeb 0213:30Samuel PetiteInterplay between finite topological rank minimal Cantor systems, $S$-adic subshifts and their complexity
TueJan 2613:30Carlo CarminatiPrevalence of matching for families of continued fraction algorithms: old and new results
TueJan 1913:30Tom KemptonBernoulli Convolutions and Measures on the Spectra of Algebraic Integers
TueJan 0513:30Claire Merriman$\alpha$-odd continued fractions
TueDec 1513:30Lukas SpiegelhoferThe digits of $n+t$
TueDec 0813:30Tanja Isabelle SchindlerLimit theorems on counting large continued fraction digits
TueDec 0113:30Michael BarnsleyRigid fractal tilings
TueNov 1713:30Jacques SakarovitchThe carry propagation of the successor function
TueNov 1013:30Pieter AllaartOn the smallest base in which a number has a unique expansion
TueNov 0313:30Tomáš VávraDistinct unit generated number fields and finiteness in number systems
TueOct 2713:30Mélodie AndrieuA Rauzy fractal unbounded in all directions of the plane
TueOct 2012:30Paul SurerRepresentations for complex numbers with integer digits
TueOct 1312:30Kan JiangRepresentations of real numbers on fractal sets
TueOct 0612:30Francesco VenezianoFiniteness and periodicity of continued fractions over quadratic number fields
TueSep 2912:30Marta MaggioniRandom matching for random interval maps
TueSep 2212:30Yotam SmilanskyMultiscale Substitution Tilings
TueSep 1512:30Jeffrey ShallitLazy Ostrowski Numeration and Sturmian Words
TueSep 0812:30Bing LiSome fractal problems in beta-expansions
TueSep 0112:30Bill ManceHotspot Lemmas for Noncompact Spaces
TueJul 1412:30Attila PethőOn diophantine properties of generalized number systems - finite and periodic representations
TueJul 0712:30Hajime KanekoAnalogy of Lagrange spectrum related to geometric progressions
TueJun 3012:30Niels LangeveldContinued fractions with two non integer digits
TueJun 2312:30Derong KongUnivoque bases of real numbers: local dimension, Devil's staircase and isolated points
TueJun 1612:30Carlos MatheusApproximations of the Lagrange and Markov spectra
TueJun 0912:30Simon BakerEquidistribution results for self-similar measures
TueJun 0212:30Henna KoivusaloLinear repetition in polytopal cut and project sets
TueMay 2612:30Célia CisterninoErgodic behavior of transformations associated with alternate base expansions
TueMay 1912:30Boris SolomyakOn singular substitution Z-actions
TueMay 1212:30Olivier CartonPreservation of normality by selection
TueMay 0512:30Narad RampersadOstrowski numeration and repetitions in words
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