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dynamical systems number theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 12:30-13:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Wolfgang Steiner*
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Description: Online seminar on numeration systems and related topics

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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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TueMay 1112:30Giulio TiozzoThe bifurcation locus for numbers of bounded type
TueMay 0414:00Tushar DasHausdorff Hensley Good & Gauss
TueApr 2712:30Boris AdamczewskiExpansions of numbers in multiplicatively independent bases: Furstenberg's conjecture and finite automata
TueApr 2012:30Ayreena BakhtawarMetrical theory for the set of points associated with the generalized Jarnik-Besicovitch set
TueApr 1312:30Andrew MitchellMeasure theoretic entropy of random substitutions
TueMar 3012:30Michael Drmota(Logarithmic) Densities for Automatic Sequences along Primes and Squares
TueMar 2313:30Godofredo IommiArithmetic averages and normality in continued fractions
TueMar 1613:30Alexandra SkripchenkoDouble rotations and their ergodic properties
TueMar 0913:30Natalie Priebe FrankThe flow view and infinite interval exchange transformation of a recognizable substitution
TueMar 0215:00Vitaly BergelsonNormal sets in $(\mathbb{ℕ},+)$ and $(\mathbb{N},\times)$
TueFeb 2313:30Seulbee LeeOdd-odd continued fraction algorithm
TueFeb 1613:30Gerardo González RobertGood's Theorem for Hurwitz Continued Fractions
TueFeb 0913:30Clemens MüllnerMultiplicative automatic sequences
TueFeb 0213:30Samuel PetiteInterplay between finite topological rank minimal Cantor systems, $S$-adic subshifts and their complexity
TueJan 2613:30Carlo CarminatiPrevalence of matching for families of continued fraction algorithms: old and new results
TueJan 1913:30Tom KemptonBernoulli Convolutions and Measures on the Spectra of Algebraic Integers
TueJan 0513:30Claire Merriman$\alpha$-odd continued fractions
TueDec 1513:30Lukas SpiegelhoferThe digits of $n+t$
TueDec 0813:30Tanja Isabelle SchindlerLimit theorems on counting large continued fraction digits
TueDec 0113:30Michael BarnsleyRigid fractal tilings
TueNov 1713:30Jacques SakarovitchThe carry propagation of the successor function
TueNov 1013:30Pieter AllaartOn the smallest base in which a number has a unique expansion
TueNov 0313:30Tomáš VávraDistinct unit generated number fields and finiteness in number systems
TueOct 2713:30Mélodie AndrieuA Rauzy fractal unbounded in all directions of the plane
TueOct 2012:30Paul SurerRepresentations for complex numbers with integer digits
TueOct 1312:30Kan JiangRepresentations of real numbers on fractal sets
TueOct 0612:30Francesco VenezianoFiniteness and periodicity of continued fractions over quadratic number fields
TueSep 2912:30Marta MaggioniRandom matching for random interval maps
TueSep 2212:30Yotam SmilanskyMultiscale Substitution Tilings
TueSep 1512:30Jeffrey ShallitLazy Ostrowski Numeration and Sturmian Words
TueSep 0812:30Bing LiSome fractal problems in beta-expansions
TueSep 0112:30Bill ManceHotspot Lemmas for Noncompact Spaces
TueJul 1412:30Attila PethőOn diophantine properties of generalized number systems - finite and periodic representations
TueJul 0712:30Hajime KanekoAnalogy of Lagrange spectrum related to geometric progressions
TueJun 3012:30Niels LangeveldContinued fractions with two non integer digits
TueJun 2312:30Derong KongUnivoque bases of real numbers: local dimension, Devil's staircase and isolated points
TueJun 1612:30Carlos MatheusApproximations of the Lagrange and Markov spectra
TueJun 0912:30Simon BakerEquidistribution results for self-similar measures
TueJun 0212:30Henna KoivusaloLinear repetition in polytopal cut and project sets
TueMay 2612:30Célia CisterninoErgodic behavior of transformations associated with alternate base expansions
TueMay 1912:30Boris SolomyakOn singular substitution Z-actions
TueMay 1212:30Olivier CartonPreservation of normality by selection
TueMay 0512:30Narad RampersadOstrowski numeration and repetitions in words
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