Virtual Maxwell Analysis Seminar

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analysis of PDEs classical analysis and ODEs

Heriot-Watt University / University of Edinburgh

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Heiko Gimperlein*, Jonathan Hickman*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriDec 1015:00Jan SbierskiOn the strong cosmic censorship conjecture
FriNov 2615:00Jim WrightPolynomial progressions in continuous fields
FriNov 1915:00Laure Saint-RaymondDynamical fluctuations of a hard sphere gas in the low density limit
TueNov 0917:30Vincent Borrelli2021: A Corrugation Odyssey (Public Lecture)
FriNov 0515:00Gigliola StaffilaniEnergy transfer for solutions to the nonlinear Schrodinger equation on irrational tori
FriOct 2914:00Myrto Maria GalanopoulouThe equations of polyconvex thermoelasticity
FriOct 2214:00Guido De PhilippisMultilinear Kakeya and Michael-Simon inequality for anisotropic stationary varifolds
FriOct 1514:00Simon MyersonBoundedness of spectral projectors on Riemannian manifolds
FriOct 0814:00Jean-Claude CueninHarmonic analysis tools in spectral theory
FriOct 0114:00Matias RuizMathematical aspects of nanophotonics
FriMar 2615:00Joris RoosDiscrete analogues of maximally modulated singular integrals of Stein-Wainger type
FriMar 1915:00Matthew HydeA d-dimensional Analyst's Travelling Salesman Theorem for general sets in Euclidean space
FriMar 1215:00Ilaria FragalàRigidity for measurable sets
FriMar 0515:00Jill PipherRegularity of solutions of complex coefficient elliptic systems: the p-ellipticity condition
FriFeb 2615:00Hyunju KwonHölder continuous Euler flows with local energy dissipation
FriFeb 1915:00Mihalis DafermosThe nonlinear stability of the Schwarzschild black hole without symmetry
FriFeb 1215:00Stefan KrömerGlobal invertibility via invertibility on boundary and applications to Nonlinear Elasticity
FriFeb 0515:00Eugenia MalinnikovaLandis' conjecture on the decay of solutions to Schrödinger equations on the plane
FriJan 2915:00Franz GmeinederA-quasiconvexity, function spaces and regularity
FriJan 2215:00Federico Luigi DipasqualeTopological properties of minimizers in Landau-de Gennes theory of nematic liquid crystals
FriDec 0415:00Luigi ForcellaDynamical collapse for cylindrical symmetric dipolar BEC
FriNov 2715:00Josephine EvansThe existence of a non-equilibrium steady state for the BGK equation on an interval
FriNov 2015:00Javier Gómez-SerranoSymmetry in stationary and uniformly rotating solutions of fluid equations
FriNov 0615:00Tristan BuckmasterStable shock wave formation for the compressible Euler equations
FriOct 3015:00Maria ColomboA.e. regularity for the supercritical surface quasigeostrophic equation
FriOct 2314:00Irène WaldspurgerRank optimality for the Burer-Monteiro factorization
FriOct 1614:00Zihui ZhaoElliptic measures and the geometry of domains
FriOct 0914:00Tomás Sanz‑PerelaRegularity of stable solutions to fractional semilinear equations
FriOct 0214:00Phil IsettLocal Dissipation of Energy for Continuous Incompressible Euler Flows
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