Systems chemistry discussion series

materials chemistry nanoscience organic chemistry physical chemistry supramolecular chemistry adaptation and self-organizing systems

University of Strasbourg

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Shuntaro Amano*, Thomas Hermans, Stefan Borsley, Emanuele Penocchio, Alex Blokhuis, Marten Ploeger, Federico Nicoli
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In the past decade, systems chemistry has emerged as a field for studying complex chemical systems akin to life. Systems chemistry is interdisciplinary by nature, with inspirations from various fields including biology, physics and computer science. However, the researchers from different backgrounds tend to lack common "language" to communicate with, as well as common goals to pursue as a field.

In this discussion series, we discuss variety of topics about systems chemistry, such as Brownian ratchet mechanisms, feedback-controlled systems, nonequilibrium thermodynamics, adaptive materials, supramolecular assemblies etc.. We aim at bridging the gaps between the different subfields by free, in-depth discussions on each topic. The discussion is held every 1-2 months. On each occasion, a speaker will give a presentation (20-30 min), followed by discussion (1-1.5 h).

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Past talks
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ThuJun 1314:00Thomas HermansTBA
ThuJun 1315:00Yoshiyuki KageyamaTBA
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TueMay 2114:00Michele StasiCarbodiimide chemistry to drive DNA Nanotechnology
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