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complex variables dynamical systems

Audience: Researchers in the topic
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Organizer: Rod Halburd*
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TueMay 1813:00Dmitry KhavinsonAlgebra and PDE : Some Less Traveled Paths Connecting Them
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TueMay 1113:00Margaret Stawiska-Friedland\A potential-theoretic characterization of polynomials in holomorphic dynamics in one variable}
TueMay 0413:00Oliver RothA new Schwarz-Pick Lemma at the boundary and rigidity of holomorphic maps
TueApr 2713:00Chiara de Fabritiis*-products, *-exponential, *-logarithm: some peculiarities of slice regular functions on the quaternions
TueApr 2013:00Yueyang ZhangOn entire function $e^{p(z)}\int_0^{z}\beta(t)e^{-p(t)}dt$ with applications to Tumura--Clunie equations and complex dynamics
TueMar 3013:00Sushil GoraiPolynomial convexity and real surfaces with singularity
TueMar 2313:00Risto KorhonenDelay differential equations and Nevanlinna theory
TueMar 1613:00Chengfa WuElliptic functions and their applications in complex differential equations
TueMar 0914:00Caterina StoppatoRegularity in one hypercomplex variable
TueMar 0214:00Paweł WójcickiOn an Invariant distance induced by the Szego kernel and its applications
TueFeb 2314:00Igor ChyzhykovIrregular solutions of complex linear differential equations in the unit disc
TueFeb 1614:00Maria DeminaAlgebraic invariants, integrability, and meromorphic solutions
TueFeb 0914:00Linda KeenParameter spaces of families of transcendental functions
TueFeb 0214:00Konstantin DyakonovLacunary polynomials in $L^1$: geometry of the unit sphere
TueJan 1914:00Mónica Moreno RochaHerman rings of elliptic functions
TueDec 1514:00Abhijit BanerjeeA survey on different uniqueness and strong uniqueness polynomials and their generating unique range sets
TueDec 0814:00Kerstin JordaanA characterisation of Askey-Wilson polynomials and the indeterminate moment problem associated with a limiting case
TueDec 0114:00Paul GauthierAsymptotic first boundary value problem for holomorphic functions of several complex variables
TueNov 2414:00Gautam BharaliThe Wolff-Denjoy theorem beyond the unit disc
TueNov 1714:00Núria FagellaWandering in complex dynamics
TueNov 1014:00Nick TrefethenApproximation on complex domains and Riemann surfaces
TueNov 0314:00Dierk SchleicherFinding polynomial roots using complex analysis, dynamical systems, computer algebra
TueOct 2713:00Catherine BénéteauA survey of optimal polynomial approximants and connections to digital filters
TueOct 2013:00Min RuRecent developments in Nevanlinna theory and Diophantine approximation
TueOct 1313:00Shamil MakhmutovGrowth estimates for meromorphic solutions of higher order algebraic differential equations
TueOct 0613:00Maria NowakOn kernels of Toeplitz operators
TueSep 2913:00Norbert SteinmetzLaplace contour integrals and linear differential equations
TueSep 2213:00Lukas GeyerGravitational lensing and critically fixed anti-rational maps
TueSep 1513:00Tuen-Wai NgThe squeezing function on doubly-connected domains via the Loewner differential equation
TueSep 0813:00Phil RipponConstructing entire functions of small order - motivated by complex dynamics
TueJul 1413:00Jun WangJulia limiting directions of meromorphic functions
TueJul 0713:00Grigor BarsegianA new property of arbitrary complex polynomials
TueJun 3013:00Zinelâabidine LatreuchOn meromorphic solutions of non-linear differential equations of Tumura-Clunie type
TueJun 2313:00Elena LucaMixed boundary value problems for slow viscous flows: new transform methods and applications
TueJun 1613:00Alexandre EremenkoModuli spaces for Lamé functions
TueJun 0913:00Yuefei WangOn the dynamics of entire functions with symmetry
TueJun 0213:00Aimo HinkkanenA determinant problem for a third order ODE
TueMay 2613:00Katsuya IshizakiMeromorphic solutions of Fermat type equations
TueMay 1913:00Walter BergweilerEntire solutions of linear q-difference equations
TueMay 1213:00Myrto ManolakiMergelyan-type theorems in several complex variables
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