HUJI-BGU AG-NT seminar

algebraic geometry number theory

Hebrew University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 11:30-12:40 in your time zone, UTC.
Organizers: Ari Shnidman*, Daniel Disegni
Curators: Shaul Zemel, Ishai Dan-Cohen, Yakov Varshavsky, Michael Temkin
*contact for this listing

The password is the maximal size of a Galois group of a degree 10 polynomial.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
MonJun 0111:30Fabien PazukiTBA
MonJun 0811:30Kathrin BringmannClass numbers and representations by quadratic forms
MonJun 1511:30Claudia Alfes-NeumannElliptic curves and harmonic weak Maass forms
MonJun 2211:30David RydhTBA
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