Graphs and Matroids

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 19:00-20:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Jim Geelen, Peter Nelson, Rose McCarty*, Shayla Redlin
*contact for this listing

Description: Weekly seminar series on graphs and matroids.

The webpage is Talks will be announced at: Email rose.mccarty ~at~ uwaterloo ~.~ ca for the password.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
MonApr 1919:00Daniel BernsteinRigidity of symmetry-forced frameworks
MonApr 1219:00Daryl FunkThe class of bicircular matroids has only a finite number of excluded minors
MonApr 0519:00Raphael SteinerDirected graphs: Substructures and Coloring
MonMar 2919:00Charles SempleMatroids with wheel- and whirl-like properties
MonMar 2219:00Peter NelsonFormalizing matroids
MonMar 1519:00Ben MooreA density bound for triangle-free 4-critical graphs
MonMar 0820:00Nick BrettellThe excluded minors for 2-regular matroids, and for Hydra-5-representable matroids
MonMar 0122:00O-joung KwonA unified half-integral Erdős-Pósa theorem for cycles in graphs labelled by multiple abelian groups
MonFeb 2220:00Geoff WhittleMonotone orders of connectivity functions
MonFeb 0822:00David WoodHypergraph Colouring via Rosenfeld Counting
MonFeb 0120:00Meike HatzelPerfect Matching Width and a grid minor theorem for bipartite graphs
MonJan 2520:00Liana YepremyanRyser’s conjecture and more
MonJan 1820:00Kazuhiro Nomoto$I_t$-free, triangle-free binary matroids
MonJan 1120:00Stephan Kreutzer‬Directed tangles
MonDec 0720:00Sergey NorinDensities of minor-closed graph classes
MonNov 3020:00Johannes CarmesinMatroids and embedding graphs in surfaces
MonNov 2320:00Sarah AllredUnavoidable Induced Subgraphs of Large 2-connected Graphs
MonNov 1620:00Jakob KneipTangles are decided by weighted vertex sets
MonNov 0920:00James DaviesGeometric intersection graphs with large girth and chromatic number
MonNov 0220:00Attila JoóThe Matroid Intersection Conjecture of Nash-Williams
MonOct 2619:00Rose McCartyColouring pseudo-visibility graphs
MonOct 1919:00Erik PanzerThe Hepp bound of a matroid: flags, volumes and integrals
MonOct 0519:00Lorenzo TraldiIsotropic matroids and circle graphs
MonSep 2819:00Daniel CranstonVertex Partitions into an Independent Set and a Forest with Each Component Small
FriSep 2517:00Alexey PokrovskiyRota's Basis Conjecture holds asymptotically (NEW TIME)
MonSep 1419:00Oliver LorscheidFoundations of Matroids without Large Uniform Minors, Part 2
MonSep 0719:00Matt BakerFoundations of Matroids without Large Uniform Minors, Part 1
MonAug 3119:00Tony HuynhSubgraph densities in a surface
MonAug 2419:00Ahmad AbdiIdeal clutters and dyadic fractional packings
MonAug 1719:00Sophie SpirklA graph-based introduction to the chromatic symmetric function
MonAug 1019:00Yelena YuditskyTypical structure of hereditary graph families
MonAug 0319:00Jim GeelenTowards the excluded-minors for GF(5)-representability
MonJul 2719:00Zach WalshQuadratically Dense Matroids
MonJul 2019:00Pascal GollinObstructions for bounded branch-depth in matroids
MonJul 1319:00Federico ArdilaGeometry of matroids
MonJul 0619:00Marthe BonamyGraph classes and their Asymptotic Dimension
MonJun 2219:00Matthew KwanHalfway to Rota’s basis conjecture
MonJun 1519:00Rutger CampbellMatroids doing algebra
MonJun 0819:00Relinde Jurriusq-Analogues in combinatorics
MonJun 0119:00Iain MoffattThe Tutte polynomial of a delta-matroid and the world of graph polynomials
MonMay 2519:00Peter NelsonExtensions and coextensions of cliques
MonMay 1119:00Rudi PendavinghCounting valuated matroid types
MonMay 0419:00Nathan BowlerQuasi-graphic matroids
MonApr 2719:00Dillon MayhewDefinability and non-definability for classes of matroids
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