Budapest Big Seminar on Combinatorics + Geometry

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computational geometry discrete mathematics combinatorics metric geometry

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 12:00-14:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Gergely Ambrus*, János Pach, Domotor Palvolgyi*, Géza Tóth
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Past talks
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FriMay 2712:00University of SzegedSzeged workshop on convexity
FriMay 2012:00Károly BezdekTBA
FriMay 1312:00Balázs KeszeghThe number of tangencies between two families of curves
FriMay 0612:00István MiklósFast transformations of Latin squares, half-regular factorizations and edge colorings of bipartite graphs in small steps
FriApr 2912:00Artem ZvavitchVolume product and Mahler conjecture for convex bodies
FriApr 2213:00Manfred ScheucherErdős-Szekeres-type problems in the real projective plane
FriApr 0812:00Xavier GoaocNo weak epsilon nets for lines and convex sets in space
FriApr 0112:00Vsevolod VoronovOn the chromatic number of 2-dimensional spheres
FriMar 2513:00Daniel McGinnisA family of convex sets in the plane satisfying the (4,3)-property can be pierced by nine points
FriMar 1813:00Márió SzegedyTBA
FriMar 1113:00Nicolas BousquetTBA
FriMar 0413:00Imre BárányOrientation preserving maps of the n by n grid
FriFeb 2513:00Sophie SpirklA counterexample to a conjecture about triangle-free induced subgraphs of graphs with large chromatic number
FriFeb 1813:00Márton NaszódiLöwner's problem for log-concave functions and beyond
FriFeb 1113:00Alexandr PolyanskiiPolynomial plank covering problem
FriDec 1713:00Gabor Fejes TothRemembering Aladár Heppes
FriDec 1013:00David ConlonDifference sets in higher dimensions
FriDec 0313:00Gergely AmbrusPiercing the chessboard
FriNov 2613:00Oscar Ortega MorenoThe complex plank problem and Fejes Tóth's zone conjecture, revisited
FriNov 1913:00Attila PórUniversal order type of lines/$k$-flats in $R^d$
FriNov 1213:00Imre BárányPairwise intersecting convex sets and cylinders in $R^3$
FriNov 0513:00Janos BaratSaturated k-plane graphs and k-planar drawings with special emphasis on k=2
FriOct 1512:00Andras BezdekOn colored variants of some two-player games
FriSep 2412:00Dömötör Pálvölgyi666-uniform Unit Disk Hypergraphs are 3-colorable
FriSep 1712:00Alexandr PolyanskiiColorful Tverberg revisited
FriJun 1112:00András BezdekSeparating circles with polygonal tilings
FriMay 2114:00Károly BezdekMore on contact numbers of unit sphere packings
FriMay 1412:00Balázs KeszeghOn tangencies among planar curves
FriMay 0712:00Chaya KellerMulticolour Ramsey Numbers and Subset-Colouring of Hypergraphs
FriApr 3012:00Imre BárányErdős-Szekeres theorem for k-flats
FriApr 1612:00Endre CsókaUpper bounds for the necklace folding problems
FriApr 0212:00Madhu Sudan(Deterministic) Communication Amid Uncertainty
FriMar 2613:00Pablo SoberónQuantitative Helly theorems
FriMar 1913:00Ramon van HandelSome unusual extremal problems in convexity and combinatorics
FriMar 0515:00James DaviesCircle graphs are quadratically chi-bounded
FriFeb 2613:00Wolfgang MulzerTBA
FriFeb 1913:00Barak WeissNew bounds on the covering density of lattices
FriFeb 1213:00Sergey AvvakumovA subexponential size ${\mathbb R}P^n$
FriFeb 0513:00Natan RubinStronger bounds for weak Epsilon-Nets
FriDec 1813:00Pavel ValtrOn the expected number of holes in random point sets
FriDec 0409:00David WoodUniversal Graph Product Structures
FriNov 2713:00Oscar Ortega MorenoAn optimal plank theorem
FriNov 2013:00Jacques VerstraeteExtremal problems for geometric hypergraphs
FriNov 1313:00Andrey KupavskiiBinary scalar products
FriNov 0613:00Zsolt LángiA solution to some problems of Conway and Guy on monostable polyhedra
FriOct 3013:00Márton NaszódiComputing the Covering Radius with an Application to the Lonely Runner Conjecture
FriOct 1612:00Micha SharirEliminating depth cycles and its relatives
FriOct 0912:00Péter ÁgostonA lower bound on the number of colours needed to nicely colour a sphere
FriOct 0212:00Andreas HolmsenExtensions of the (p,q) theorem
FriSep 2512:00Gábor DamásdiOdd wheels are not odd-distance graphs
FriSep 1812:00Claude TardifThe chromatic number of the product of 15-chromatic graphs can be 14
FriSep 1112:00Xuding ZhuHedetniemi's conjecture and the Poljak-Rödl function
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