CRM-Montreal analysis Seminar

classical analysis and ODEs

Centre de recherches mathématiques

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 18:30-19:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Centre de recherches mathématiques, CRM*, Jakobson, Dmitry, Flore Lubin*
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Description: Reseach Seminar

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Past talks
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FriMay 2018:30Álvaro RomaniegaNodal sets of monochromatic waves from a deterministic and random point of view
FriMay 0618:30Stefano DecioTBA
FriApr 2218:30Norm LevenbergZeros of Random Polynomial Mappings in Several Complex Variables
FriApr 1518:30Norm LevenbergZeros of Random Polynomial Mappings in Several Complex Variables
FriMar 2518:30Kevin PilgrimConformal surface embeddings and extremal length
FriFeb 2519:30Jane WangSlope Gap Distributions of Veech Translation Surfaces
FriFeb 1119:30Chris BishopDessins and Dynamics
FriNov 2619:30Suresh EswarathasanFractal uncertainty principle for discrete Cantor sets for random alphabets
FriNov 1919:30Dimitrios NtalampekosRigidity theorems for circle domains
FriNov 1219:30Maxime Fortier BourqueThe extremal length systole of the Bolza surface
FriOct 2918:30Michael RoysdonOn measure theoretic projection bodies
FriOct 2218:30Yannick SireSome results on harmonic maps with free boundary and beyond
MonSep 1312:30Vladimir Medvedev; Marco Michetti; William HideYoung researchers in spectral geometry III - 3 short talks
MonSep 0616:00Nalini AnantharamanTBA
MonAug 3016:00Jürgen JostSpectra of graphs and hypergraphs
MonAug 2316:00Wencai LiuSmall denominators and large numerators of quasiperiodic Schroedinger operators
MonJul 2616:00Victor IvriiPointwise Spectral Asymptotics out of the Diagonal
MonJun 2816:00Ari LaptevSpectral inequalities for Jacobi matrices following Hundertmark and Simon
MonJun 2116:00Paolo LuzziniOn the spectral asymptotics for the buckling problem
MonJun 1416:00Javier Gomez-SerranoComputer-assisted proofs and counterexamples in spectral geometry
MonJun 0716:00Mikhail KapukhinStability of isoperimetric eigenvalue inequalities
MonMay 3116:00Maziej ZworskiSpectral theory of internal waves in fluids
FriMay 2818:00Li ChenBV functions and some functional inequalities on nested fractals
MonMay 2416:00Genqian LiuGeometric invariants of spectrum of the Navier-Lame operator
WedMay 1917:30Laurent MoonensSolving the divergence equation with measure data in non-regular domains
MonMay 1716:00Alexandre GirouardFree boundary minimal surfaces and large Steklov eigenvalues
FriMay 1415:00Michael LipnowskiTowards optimal spectral gaps in large genus
MonMay 1016:00Ram BandNeumann domains on manifolds and graphs
FriMay 0718:00Nages ShanmugalingamPrime ends for domains in metric measure spaces and their use in potential theory and QC theory
WedMay 0517:30Frederic NaudThe spectral gap of random hyperbolic surfaces
MonMay 0316:00Jared WunschSemiclassical analysis and the convergence of the finite element method
FriApr 3018:00Krzysztof BogdanOptimal Hardy identities and inequalites for the fractional Laplacian on $L^p$
MonApr 2616:00Karl-Mikael PerfektInfinitely many embedded eigenvalues for the Neumann-Poincaré operator in 3D
FriApr 2318:00Vitali VougalterSolvability of some integro-differential equations with anomalous diffusion and transport
MonApr 1916:00Bernard HelfferSemi-classical edge states for the Robin Laplacian (after Helffer-Kachmar)
FriApr 1614:00Nicolai KrylovA review of some new results in the theory of linear elliptic equations with drift in $L_{d}$
MonApr 1216:00Svitlana MayborodaThe landscape law for the integrated density of states
FriApr 0918:00Konstantin KhaninOn Stationary Solutions to the Stochastic Heat Equation
FriApr 0215:30Hakim BoumazaIntegrated density of states of the periodic Airy-Schrödinger operator
MonMar 2916:00Mariel SaezEigenvalue bounds for the Paneitz operator and its associated boundary operator
FriMar 2618:00Dmitry FaifmanA Funk perspective on convex geometry
MonMar 2215:00Germain GendronUniqueness and stability for an inverse Steklov problem
MonMar 2215:00Laura MonkGeometry and spectrum of random hyperbolic surfaces
MonMar 2215:00Zhichao WangConformal upper bounds for the volume spectrum
FriMar 1915:00Thomas RansfordFailure of approximation of odd functions by odd polynomials
FriMar 0516:00Benjamin JayeMulti-scale analysis of Jordan curves
FriFeb 1216:00Amir VigSpectral invariants and Birkhoff Billiards
FriJan 1519:00Anush TserunyanErgodic theorems along trees
FriDec 1116:00Renaud RaquepasEntropy production in nondegenerate diffusions: large times and small noises
FriDec 1114:30Ryan GibaraBoundedness and continuity for rearrangements on spaces defined by mean oscillation
FriSep 1113:00Jose Maria MartellUniform rectifiability and elliptic operators satisfying a Carleson measure condition
FriAug 2816:00Malabika PramanikRestriction of eigenfunctions to sparse sets on manifolds
FriAug 2115:00Mike WilsonPerturbed Haar function expansions
FriAug 0715:00Mike WilsonPerturbed Haar function expansions
WedJul 1515:00Michael MageeThe spectral a random hyperbolic surface
FriJun 2615:00Vladimir SverakLiouville theorems for the Navier-Stokes equations
FriJun 2614:00Alexander LogunovNodal sets, Quasiconformal mappings and how to apply them to Landis' conjecture
FriJun 1916:00Alexander StrohmaierScattering theory for difScattering theory for differential forms and its relation to cohomologyferential forms and its relation to cohomology
ThuJun 1116:30Spyros AlexakisSingularity formation in Black Hole interiors
WedJun 0317:30Sagun ChanilloBourgain-Brezis inequalities, applications and Borderline Sobolev inequalities on Riemannian Symmetric spaces of non-compact type
ThuMay 2816:00Blair DaveyA quantification of the Besicovitch projection theorem and its generalizations
FriMay 2215:00Jeff GalkowskiViscosity limits for 0th order operators
FriMay 1518:30Malik YounsiHolomorphic motions, conformal welding and capacity
ThuMay 0717:00Steve ZelditchSpectral asymptotics for stationary spacetimes
FriMay 0117:50Jean LagacéHomogenization of Steklov problems with applications to sharp isoperimetric bounds, part II.
FriMay 0117:00Alexandre GirouardHomogenization of Steklov problems with applications to sharp isoperimetric bounds, part I
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