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Audience: Learners
Seminar series time: Thursday 23:30-02:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Pavel Galashin*, Igor Pak*, Colleen Robichaux*
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This quarter, the talks will be in-person with no Zoom livestream.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriFeb 2300:30Karim AdiprasitoEfficiently encoding configuration spaces
FriFeb 2300:30Brendan PawlowskiThe fraction of an $S_n$-orbit on a hyperplane
FriFeb 0200:30Daoji HuangTableaux theory inspired methods for Schubert calculus
FriFeb 0200:30Vasu TewariThe ideal of quasisymmetric polynomials
FriNov 1700:30Shiliang GaoCombinatorics of the Plucker map?
FriNov 1700:30Theo DouvropoulosFamilies of Shi-like and Catalan-like deformations of braid and reflection arrangements
FriNov 1700:30Jan GrebíkEdge colorings and distributed computing
ThuOct 2623:30Chenchen ZhaoKronecker product of Schur functions of square shapes
ThuOct 2623:30Lenny FukshanskyA geometric construction for integer sparse recovery
ThuOct 2623:30David SoukupComplexity of sign imbalance and parity of linear extensions
ThuOct 0523:30Alexander BlackMonotone Paths on Polytopes in Combinatorics and Optimization
ThuOct 0523:30Yelena MandelshtamCombinatorics of m=1 Grasstopes
ThuOct 0523:30Terrence GeorgeInverse problem for electrical networks
WedMar 1500:20Mikhail MazinSpringer Fibers and Rational Dyck Paths
TueMar 1423:30Christian GaetzAn SL(4) web basis from hourglass plabic graphs
WedNov 3001:20Cosmin PohoataConvex polytopes from fewer points
WedNov 3000:30Tianyi YuTop degree components of Grothendieck and Lascoux polynomials
FriNov 1101:20Greta PanovaThe world of poset inequalities
FriNov 1100:30Sergei KorotkikhSpin $q$-Whittaker symmetric functions and vertex models.
FriOct 2801:10Daping WengGrid plabic graphs, Legendrian weaves, and (quasi-)cluster structures
FriOct 2800:20Colleen RobichauxDegrees of Grothendieck polynomials and Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity
ThuOct 2723:30Be'eri GreenfeldGrowth of unbounded subsets in nilpotent groups and random mapping statistics
ThuOct 0621:00Eugene GorskyCluster structures on braid varieties
ThuApr 1421:00Oleg KarpenkovCombinatorics and Geometry of Markov numbers
SatDec 0400:00Allen KnutsonThe commuting scheme and generic pipe dreams
ThuDec 0222:00Hunter SpinkAnti-concentration of random walks on model-theoretic definable sets
ThuNov 1822:00Suho OhExtending Shellings
TueNov 1622:00Melissa Sherman-BennettThe hypersimplex and the m=2 amplituhedron
TueNov 0918:00Marianna RusskikhDimers and circle patterns
ThuNov 0421:00Terrence GeorgeElectrical networks and Lagrangian Grassmannians
ThuOct 2817:00Yibo GaoThe canonical bijection between pipe dreams and bumpless pipe dreams
ThuOct 2121:00Nicolle GonzalezFrom symmetric functions, to knots, and back again.
ThuOct 1421:00Leonid PetrovSchur rational functions, vertex models, and random domino tilings
TueOct 1217:00GaYee ParkMinimal semi-standard skew tableaux and the Hillman-Grassl correspondence
ThuOct 0721:00Josh SwansonCombinatorics of harmonic polynomial differential forms
ThuSep 3021:00Swee Hong ChanLog-concave inequalities for posets
ThuDec 1018:00Olivier BernardiA Universal Tutte Polynomial
ThuDec 0318:00Nathan WilliamsStrange Expectations
ThuNov 1918:00Jonah BlasiakCrystal graphs, katabolism, and Schur positivity
ThuNov 1218:00Abdul BasitPoint-box incidences and logarithmic density of semilinear graphs
ThuOct 2917:00Laura EscobarWhich Schubert varieties are Hessenberg varieties?
ThuOct 2217:00Swee Hong ChanSorting probability for Young diagrams
ThuOct 1517:00Melissa Sherman-BennettPlabic graphs and cluster structures on positroid varieties
ThuOct 0817:00Oliver PechenikGröbner geometry of Schubert polynomials through ice
ThuOct 0117:00Dongkwan KimRobinson-Schensted correspondence for natural unit interval orders
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