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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 20:30-21:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Bjorn Poonen*, Andrew Sutherland*, Wei Zhang*
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TueMay 1114:30Eugen HellmannOn classicality of overconvergent $p$-adic automorphic forms
TueMay 0414:30Eva Bayer-FluckigerIsometries of lattices and Hasse principle
TueApr 2720:30Ila VarmaMalle's conjecture for octic $D_4$-fields.
TueApr 1314:30Pol van HoftenMod $p$ points on Shimura varieties of parahoric level
TueApr 0614:30Kaisa MatomäkiAlmost primes in almost all very short intervals
TueMar 3020:30Teppei TakamatsuMinimal model program for semi-stable threefolds in mixed characteristic
TueMar 2314:30David LoefflerThe Bloch--Kato conjecture for critical values of GSp(4) L-functions
TueMar 1614:30Sarah ZerbesEuler systems and explicit reciprocity laws for GSp(4)
TueMar 0921:30Ian GleasonOn the geometric connected components of moduli of p-adic shtukas.
TueMar 0215:30Huajie LiAn infinitesimal variant of Guo-Jacquet trace formulae and its comparison
TueFeb 2315:30Paul NelsonThe orbit method, microlocal analysis and applications to L-functions
TueFeb 1621:30Yiannis SakellaridisPeriods, L-functions, and duality of Hamiltonian spaces
TueDec 1521:30Lillian PierceOn superorthogonality
TueDec 0821:30Lola ThompsonSumming $\mu(n)$: an even faster elementary algorithm
TueNov 2421:30Lue PanOn the locally analytic vectors of the completed cohomology of modular curves
TueNov 1721:30Jiuya WangAverage of $3$-torsion in class groups of $2$-extensions
TueNov 1015:30Cong XueSmoothness of the cohomology sheaves of stacks of shtukas
TueNov 0315:30Ana CaraianiVanishing theorems for Shimura varieties
TueOct 2720:30Winnie LiPair arithmetical equivalence for quadratic fields
TueOct 2020:30Francesc CastellaIwasawa theory of elliptic curves at Eisenstein primes and applications
TueOct 0620:30Salim TayouExceptional jumps of Picard rank of K3 surfaces over number fields
TueSep 2920:30Brendan CreutzQuadratic points on del Pezzo surfaces of degree 4
TueSep 2220:30Shou-Wu ZhangDecomposition theorems for arithmetic cycles
TueSep 1520:30Brian LawrenceThe Shafarevich conjecture for hypersurfaces in abelian varieties
TueSep 0814:30Jessica FintzenRepresentations of p-adic groups and applications
TueMay 0520:30Jan VonkSingular moduli for real quadratic fields
TueApr 2820:30Uriya FirstGeneration of algebras and versality of torsors
TueMar 3120:30Nicole LooperEquidistribution techniques in arithmetic dynamics
TueMar 1720:30Vesselin DimitrovAn arithmetic holonomicity criterion and irrationality of the 2-adic period $\zeta_2(5)$
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