Special Functions and Number Theory seminar

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classical analysis and ODEs combinatorics number theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Every other Thursday 10:30-11:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Gaurav Bhatnagar*, Atul Dixit, Krishnan Rajkumar
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To obtain the link to attend the talk, please send a request to sfandnt@gmail.com a few hours in advance of the talk. If you wish to be on our mailing list, please indicate. Please visit www.sfnt.org for information about previous seminars. Thank you!

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuMar 2410:30Soumyarup BanerjeeFiniteness theorems with almost prime inputs
ThuMar 1010:30Wenguang ZhaiThe MC-algorithm and continued fraction formulas involving ratios of Gamma functions
ThuFeb 2410:30Krishnan RajkumarThe Binet function and telescoping continued fractions
ThuFeb 1010:30Surbhi RaiExpansion Formulas for Multiple Basic Hypergeometric Series Over Root Systems
ThuJan 2710:30Alan SokalCoefficientwise Hankel-total positivity
ThuNov 2510:30Koustav BanerjeeInequalities for the modified Bessel function of first kind and its consequences
ThuNov 1110:30Kamalakshya MahatabLarge oscillations of the argument of the Riemann zeta function
ThuOct 2810:30Akshaa VatwaniLimitations to equidistribution in arithmetic progressions
ThuOct 1410:30Meesue YooElliptic rook and file numbers
ThuSep 3010:30Jaban MeherModular forms and certain congruences
ThuSep 1610:30Neelam SaikiaFrobenius trace distributions for Gaussian hypergeometric functions
ThuSep 0213:00Howard CohlThe utility of integral representations for the Askey-Wilson polynomials and their symmetric sub-families
ThuAug 1910:30Rajat GuptaKoshliakov zeta functions and modular relations
ThuAug 0510:30Peter A ClarksonSpecial polynomials associated with the Painlev\'{e} equations
ThuAug 0510:30Peter A ClarksonSpecial polynomials associated with the Painlev\'{e} equations
ThuJul 2210:30Anup Biswanath DixitOn Euler-Kronecker constants and the class number problem
ThuJul 0810:30Bibekananda MajiOn Ramanujan's formula for $\zeta(1/2)$ and $\zeta(2m+1)$
ThuJun 2410:30Debika BanerjeeBessel functions and their application to classical number theory
ThuJun 1010:30Ritabrata Munshi100 years of sub-convexity
ThuMay 2710:30Ankush GoswamiPartial theta series with periodic coefficients and quantum modular forms
ThuApr 1510:30Nayandeep Deka BaruahMatching coefficients in the series expansions of certain $q$-products and their inverses
ThuApr 0110:30Shishuo FuBijective recurrences for Schroeder triangles and Comtet statistics
ThuMar 1810:30Christian KrattenthalerDeterminant identities for moments of orthogonal polynomials
ThuMar 0410:30Liuquan WangParity of coefficients of mock theta functions
ThuFeb 1810:30Gaurav BhatnagarThe Partition-Frequency Enumeration Matrix
ThuFeb 0410:30Victor MollValuations of interesting sequences
ThuJan 2110:30Josef KustnerElliptic and $q$-analogs of the Fibonomial numbers
ThuJan 0710:30Wadim ZudilinRamanujan special talk: 10 years of q-rious positivity. More needed!
ThuDec 1710:30Rahul KumarA generalized modified Bessel function and explicit transformations of certain Lambert series
ThuDec 1010:30Sneha ChaubeyGeneralized visible subsets of two dimensional integer lattice
ThuNov 2610:30Manjil P. SaikiaRefined enumeration of symmetry classes of Alternating Sign Matrices
ThuNov 1210:30Sanoli GunLarge values of $L$-functions
ThuOct 2210:30Michael SchlosserBasic hypergeometric proofs of two quadruple equidistributions of Euler--Stirling statistics on ascent sequences
ThuOct 0810:30Debashis GhoshalTwo-dimensional gauge theories, intersection numbers and special functions
ThuSep 2410:30Apoorva KhareTotally positive matrices, Polya frequency sequences, and Schur polynomials
ThuSep 1010:30Apoorva KhareAn introduction to total positivity
ThuAug 2710:30Amritanshu PrasadCharacter Polynomials and their Moments
ThuAug 1310:30Fatma CicekOn the logarithm of the Riemann zeta-function near the nontrivial zeros
ThuJul 3010:25Alok ShuklaTiling proofs of Jacobi triple product and Rogers-Ramanujan identities
ThuJul 1609:30Ali UncuThe Mathematica package qFunctions for q-series and partition theory applications
ThuJul 0209:25Hjalmar RosengrenOn the Kanade-Russell identities
ThuJun 1810:30Arvind AyyerThe Monopole-Dimer Model
MonJan 2710:30Alan SokalCoefficientwise Hankel-total positivity
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