Special Functions and Number Theory seminar

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classical analysis and ODEs combinatorics number theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Every other Thursday 10:30-11:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Gaurav Bhatnagar*, Atul Dixit, Krishnan Rajkumar
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To obtain the link to attend the talk, please send a request to sfandnt@gmail.com a few hours in advance of the talk. If you wish to be on our mailing list, please indicate. Please visit sf-and-nt.blogspot.com for information about previous seminars. Thank you!

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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ThuJul 2210:30Anup Biswanath DixitOn Euler-Kronecker constants and the class number problem
ThuJul 0810:30Bibekananda MajiOn Ramanujan's formula for $\zeta(1/2)$ and $\zeta(2m+1)$
ThuJun 2410:30Debika BanerjeeBessel functions and their application to classical number theory
ThuJun 1010:30Ritabrata Munshi100 years of sub-convexity
ThuMay 2710:30Ankush GoswamiPartial theta series with periodic coefficients and quantum modular forms
ThuApr 1510:30Nayandeep Deka BaruahMatching coefficients in the series expansions of certain $q$-products and their inverses
ThuApr 0110:30Shishuo FuBijective recurrences for Schroeder triangles and Comtet statistics
ThuMar 1810:30Christian KrattenthalerDeterminant identities for moments of orthogonal polynomials
ThuMar 0410:30Liuquan WangParity of coefficients of mock theta functions
ThuFeb 1810:30Gaurav BhatnagarThe Partition-Frequency Enumeration Matrix
ThuFeb 0410:30Victor MollValuations of interesting sequences
ThuJan 2110:30Josef KustnerElliptic and $q$-analogs of the Fibonomial numbers
ThuJan 0710:30Wadim ZudilinRamanujan special talk: 10 years of q-rious positivity. More needed!
ThuDec 1710:30Rahul KumarA generalized modified Bessel function and explicit transformations of certain Lambert series
ThuDec 1010:30Sneha ChaubeyGeneralized visible subsets of two dimensional integer lattice
ThuNov 2610:30Manjil P. SaikiaRefined enumeration of symmetry classes of Alternating Sign Matrices
ThuNov 1210:30Sanoli GunLarge values of $L$-functions
ThuOct 2210:30Michael SchlosserBasic hypergeometric proofs of two quadruple equidistributions of Euler--Stirling statistics on ascent sequences
ThuOct 0810:30Debashis GhoshalTwo-dimensional gauge theories, intersection numbers and special functions
ThuSep 2410:30Apoorva KhareTotally positive matrices, Polya frequency sequences, and Schur polynomials
ThuSep 1010:30Apoorva KhareAn introduction to total positivity
ThuAug 2710:30Amritanshu PrasadCharacter Polynomials and their Moments
ThuAug 1310:30Fatma CicekOn the logarithm of the Riemann zeta-function near the nontrivial zeros
ThuJul 3010:25Alok ShuklaTiling proofs of Jacobi triple product and Rogers-Ramanujan identities
ThuJul 1609:30Ali UncuThe Mathematica package qFunctions for q-series and partition theory applications
ThuJul 0209:25Hjalmar RosengrenOn the Kanade-Russell identities
ThuJun 1810:30Arvind AyyerThe Monopole-Dimer Model
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