Matroids - Combinatorics, Algebra and Geometry Seminar

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Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: Ahmed*
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Past talks
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ThuApr 2019:00Christin BibbyMatroid schemes and geometric posets
TueApr 1819:00Joseph KungTutte polynomial evaluations which are exponential sums.
ThuApr 1319:00Cynthia VinzantPositively Hyperbolic Varieties, Tropicalization, and Positroids
TueApr 1119:00Federico ArdilaCombinatorial Intersection Theory: A Few Examples
ThuApr 0619:00James OxleyGraphs, Matroids, Cographs and Comatroids
TueApr 0419:00Matt LarsonGeometry of polymatroids
ThuMar 3019:00Spencer BackmanHigher Categorical Associahedra
TueMar 2819:00Luis FerroniEhrhart polynomials of matroid polytopes
ThuMar 2319:00Suho OhExtending Shellings
TueMar 2119:00Joseph BoninAn overview of recent developments on non-isomorphic matroids that have the same G-invariant
ThuMar 0920:00Jonathan LeakeLorentzian polynomial on cones Part II
TueMar 0720:00Kris ShawThe birational geometry of matroids
ThuMar 0220:00Edvard AksnesTropical Poincaré duality spaces
TueFeb 2819:00Johannes RauThe Lefschetz-Hopf trace formula for matroidal automorphisms
ThuFeb 1620:00Benjamin SchroterValuative invariants for large classes of matroids
TueFeb 1420:00Matthieu PiquerezTropical Hodge theory
ThuFeb 0920:00Michael JoswigGeneralized Permutahedra and Positive Flag Dressians
TueFeb 0720:00Petter BrändénLorentzian polynomials on cones (Part I).
ThuFeb 0220:00Chris EurSigned permutohedra and delta matroids
TueJan 3120:00Alex FinkMatrix orbit closures and their Hilbert functions
ThuJan 2620:00Diane MaclaganTropical ideals
TueJan 2420:00June HuhStellahedral geometry of matroids
ThuJan 1920:00Hunter Novak SpinkLog-concavity of matroid h-vectors and mixed Eulerian numbers
TueJan 1720:00Max KutlerMotivic Zeta functions of hyperplane arrangements
ThuDec 0820:00Shiyue LiK-rings of wonderful varieties and matroids
TueDec 0620:00Colin CrowleyHyperplane arrangements and compactifications of vector groups
ThuDec 0119:30Dustin RossMatroid Psi Classes
TueNov 2920:00Lauren NovakMixed Volumes of normal complexes
ThuNov 2420:00Anastasia NathansonVolume polynomials of matroids
TueNov 2220:00Jorge Olarte ParraTransversal Valuated Matroids
ThuNov 1720:00Mario SanchezValuations and Hopf Monoid of Generalized Permutahedra
TueNov 1520:00Jose BastidasPolytope algebra of generalized permutohedra
ThuNov 1020:00Connor SimpsonSimplicial generators for Chow rings of matroids
TueNov 0820:00Federico CastilloTrying to generalize Pick's theorem.
ThuNov 0319:00Mariel SupinaThe universal valuation of Coxeter matroids
TueNov 0119:00Swee Hong ChanCombinatorial atlas for log-concave inequalities
ThuOct 2719:00Vasu TewariQuotienting by quasisymmetric polynomials
TueOct 2519:00Laura Escobar VegaPartial Permutohedra
ThuOct 2019:00Graham DenhamLagrangian Geometry
TueOct 1819:00Olivier BernardiUniversal Tutte polynomial
ThuOct 1319:00Criel MerinoThe h-vector of a matroid complex, paving matroids and the chip firing game.
TueOct 1119:00Jessica SidmanMatroid varieties
ThuOct 0619:00Bennet GoecknerType cones and products of simplices
TueOct 0420:00Matthew BakerFoundations of Matroids
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