Regensburg Seminar in Homotopy Theory and related Areas

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algebraic geometry algebraic topology category theory differential geometry K-theory and homology metric geometry

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 10:15-11:45 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Bunke*
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Past talks
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ThuJul 1510:15Nils PriggeCharacteristic classes of framed fibre bundles
ThuJul 0810:15Manuel KrannichTBA
ThuJul 0110:15Jacob LeygonieThe fiber of Persistent Homology
ThuJun 2410:15Massimo PippiCohomology of singularity categories and equivariant vanishing cycles
ThuJun 1710:15Mauro PortaTopological exodromy with coefficients
ThuJun 1010:15Hadrian HeineAlgebraic models of p-adic homotopy types
ThuMay 2710:15Tashi WaldeHigher Segal spaces via higher excision
ThuMay 2010:15Daniel GradyExtended field theories are local and have classifying spaces
ThuMay 0610:15Fabian HebestreitStable moduli spaces of hermitian forms
ThuApr 2910:15Ulrich PennigEquivariant higher twisted K-theory of SU(n) via exponential functors
ThuApr 2210:15Georgios RaptisThinking about the Transfer Index Conjecture
ThuApr 1510:15Markus SzymikAlgebraic K-theory of Lawvere theories
ThuFeb 1111:15Martina RovelliExploring (∞, n)-categories through n-complicial sets
ThuFeb 0411:15Drew HeardSupport theory for triangulated categories in algebra and topology
ThuJan 2811:15Christopher WulfSecondary cup and cap products in coarse geometry
ThuJan 2111:15Charanya RaviEquivariant virtual fundamental classes
ThuJan 1411:15Jan SpakulaQuasi-locality and rigidity of Roe algebras
ThuJan 0711:15Vladimir SosniloOn nilpotent extensions of ∞-categories and the cyclotomic trace
ThuDec 1711:15Christian VoigtBicategorical constructions with C^*-categories
ThuDec 1011:15Edoardo LanariFibrations and lax limits of (oo,2)-categories
ThuDec 0311:15Calista BernardTwisted Homology Operations
ThuNov 2611:15Lyne MoserA double (∞,1)-categorical nerve for double categories
ThuNov 1911:15Irakli PatchkoriaOn the Balmer spectrum of derived Mackey functors
ThuNov 1211:15Georgios RaptisHigher homotopy categories
ThuNov 0511:15Julian KranzAn identification of the Baum-Connes and Davis-Lück assembly maps
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