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mathematical physics algebraic geometry differential geometry representation theory symplectic geometry

University of Sheffield / University of Toronto / University of Utrecht / Université de Genève

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 15:15-16:15
Organizer: Nikita Nikolaev*
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Past talks
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ThuOct 2813:15Si LiTBA
ThuNov 0415:15Mykola MatviichukTBA
ThuNov 1115:15Yael KarshonTBA
ThuNov 1815:15Jim StasheffTBA
ThuNov 2513:15Yanpeng LiTBA
ThuDec 0215:15Nikita NikolaevTBA
ThuDec 0915:15Frances KirwanTBA
ThuDec 1615:15TBATBA
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ThuOct 2115:15Kiumars KavehTBA
ThuOct 1415:15Dusa McDuffTBA
ThuOct 0715:15Hiro TanakaTBA
ThuSep 3013:15Yong-Geun OhNon-archimedian deformation of Landau-Ginzburg potentials and Gelfand-Cetlin systems
ThuSep 2315:15Theodore VoronovThick morphisms of supermanifolds and bracket structures
ThuSep 1615:15Stefan WaldmannKMS Functionals in Poisson Geometry
ThuJun 2415:15Pedro FrejlichThe bundle picture of Poisson transversals
ThuJun 1715:15Charlotte Kirchhoff-LukatExploring the modular class of Dirac structures
ThuJun 1012:15Xiao-Jun ChenBatalin-Vilkovisky and gravity algebras on Poisson manifolds with semisimple modular symmetry
ThuJun 0315:15Ana BalibanuSteinberg slices and group-valued moment maps
ThuMay 2715:15Francesco BonechiBihamiltonian systems and invariant polynomials
ThuMay 2015:15Adriano Tomassini$\overline{\partial}$ Harmonic forms on compact almost Hermitian manifolds
ThuMay 1312:15Linhui ShenModuli spaces of $G$-local systems and Poisson geometry
ThuMay 0615:15Nigel HigsonAn introduction to the hypoelliptic Laplacian
ThuApr 2915:15Yakov EliashbergTopology of the space of tight contact structures on $\mathbb{R}^3$
ThuApr 2215:15Vladimir RubtsovAssociative Yang-Baxter equation: from double Poisson structures to modular forms
ThuApr 1515:15Marco ZambonDeformations of Lagrangian submanifolds in log-symplectic geometry
ThuApr 0812:15Yunhe ShengDeformations, cohomology and homotopy of relative Rota-Baxter Lie algebras
ThuApr 0115:15Vladimir FockMomentum map of general relativity
ThuMar 2516:15Claudia ScheimbauerDerived symplectic geometry and AKSZ topological field theories
ThuMar 1816:15Tobias DiezGroup-valued momentum maps for diffeomorphism groups
ThuMar 1113:15Zheng HuaSemiclassical limits of Feigin-Odesskii elliptic algebras via derived geometry
ThuMar 0416:15Francis BischoffLie Groupoids and differential equations
ThuFeb 2516:15David Martínez TorresCoregular submanifolds and Poisson submersions
ThuFeb 1816:15Chenchang ZhuClassifying space $BG$ as a symplectic stack
ThuFeb 1116:15Edward WittenQuantization by Branes and Geometric Langlands
ThuJan 2813:00Xiaomeng XuStokes phenomenon and quantum Ginzburg-Weinstein isomorphisms
ThuJan 2116:15Sergei TabachnikovCross-ratio dynamics on ideal polygons
ThuJan 1416:15Richard MelroseResolution of Lie algebroids and quantization
ThuDec 1716:15Marius CrainicFrom Poisson Geometry to (almost) geometric structures
ThuDec 1016:15Lisa JeffreyFlat connections and the $SU(2)$ commutator map
ThuDec 0316:15Ioan MarcutPoisson non-degeneracy of the Lie algebra $\mathfrak{sl}(2,\mathbb{C})=\mathfrak{so}(3,1)$
ThuNov 2616:15Megumi HaradaNewton-Okounkov bodies, integrable systems, and convergence of polarizations
ThuNov 1916:15Ezra GetzlerClassical field theory, variational calculus, and the Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism
ThuNov 1216:15Luca VitaglianoCalculus up to Homotopy on the Space of Solutions of a PDE
ThuNov 0516:15Leonid PolterovichApproximate representations and quantization
ThuOct 2916:15Alberto CattaneoHamilton-Jacobi and Quantum Chern-Simons on Cylinders
ThuOct 2215:15Pavol ŠeveraQuantization of Poisson Hopf algebras and moduli of flat connections
ThuOct 1515:15Alajandro CabreraSemiclassical aspects of quantization: Local symplectic groupoids, generating functions and the Poisson sigma model
ThuOct 0815:15Nigel HitchinTeichmueller spaces and the geometry of geodesics
ThuSep 2415:15Jiang-Hua LuSome examples of algebraic symplectic groupoids
ThuSep 1715:15Silvia SabatiniSome topological properties of monotone complexity one spaces
ThuAug 1315:15Pavel SafronovComplexified Floer homology and skein modules
ThuAug 0615:15Henrique BursztynMorita equivalence of formal Poisson structures and links with deformation quantization
ThuJul 3015:15Marco GualtieriBranes in symplectic groupoids
ThuJul 2315:15Reyer SjamaarReduction and quantization for log symplectic manifolds
ThuJul 1615:15Marta MazzoccoQuantum uniformisation and CY algebras
ThuJul 0915:15Susan TolmanBeyond semitoric
ThuJul 0215:15Camille Laurent-GengouxAbout singular leaves of singular foliations
ThuJun 2515:15Michael GekhtmanGeneralized cluster structures related to the Drinfeld double of $\mathrm{GL}(n)$
ThuJun 1815:15Xiang TangAn index theorem on the tempered dual of a real reductive Lie group
ThuJun 1115:15Boris KhesinHamiltonian geometry of compressible fluids
ThuJun 0415:15Maxim KontsevichQuantum minimal surface and noncommutative Kaehler geometry
ThuMay 2815:15Tudor RatiuDifferential character valued momentum maps and the Teichmüller space
ThuMay 2808:00Evgeny SklyaninGroupes de Lie et espaces des modules
ThuMay 2115:15Nicolai ReshetikhinIntegrable systems of Calogero-Moser type and moduli spaces of flat connections
ThuMay 1415:15Eva MirandaFrom b-Poisson manifolds to singular contact structures
ThuMay 0715:15Brent PymHolonomic Poisson manifolds
ThuApr 3015:15Alan WeinsteinFailure of Twisted Poisson Property for Monopole Plasma
ThuApr 2315:15Pavel EtingofShort star-products for filtered quantizations
ThuApr 1615:15Eckhard MeinrenkenVan Est differentiation and Van Est integration
ThuApr 0915:15Rui Loja FernandesLocal models around Poisson submanifolds
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