Geometry in Como

algebraic geometry algebraic topology differential geometry

Università degli Studi dell'Insubria

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Giovanni Bazzoni*, Riccardo Re
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Past talks
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TueMay 2314:15Pablo Gómez NicolásStructures on generalized geometry
ThuFeb 2315:15Simone NojaNilpotence Varieties, Pure Spinors Superfields and Supersymmetry
ThuDec 0115:15Juan Rojo CarulliSasakian vs K-contact geometry
ThuMay 1915:00Anna FinoAn overview on closed $G_2$-structures
FriApr 2915:00Davide Bricalli, Filippo FavaleLefschetz properties for jacobian rings of cubic fourfolds and other Artinian algebras
WedMar 2316:00Eva MirandaTo b or not to b, that is the question
WedFeb 1616:00Francesco RussoExplicit unirationality of some moduli spaces of K3 surfaces via trisecant flops
WedJan 2616:00Lucía Martín MerchánA compact non-formal closed $G_2$ manifold with $b_1=1$
WedDec 1516:00Alex MassarentiComplete symplectic quadrics and Kontsevich moduli spaces of conics in Lagrangian Grassmannians
TueDec 1416:00Gabriela OvandoMagnetic trajectories on 2-step nilmanifolds
TueNov 2316:00Gabriela OvandoMagnetic trajectories on 2-step nilmanifolds
TueJun 1514:00Marco CastrillónHomogeneous structures in pseudo-Riemannian manifolds and beyond
TueMay 1814:00Sönke RollenskeCorona surfaces and extra components in the moduli space of stable surfaces
TueApr 2014:00Oliver GoertschesHamiltonian non-Kähler actions in low dimensions
WedMar 1715:00Simone MarchesiOn the stability of logarithmic tangent sheaves
TueFeb 1615:00Giulia Dileo3-(α,δ)-Sasaki manifolds
TueJan 1915:00Lidia StoppinoSlope inequalities for fibred surfaces
TueDec 1515:00Andriy HaydysGauge theory and $G_2$ geometry
TueNov 1715:00Giorgio OttavianiEigenvectors and singular t-ples of tensors
TueOct 1314:00Vicente MuñozK-contact and Sasakian 5-manifolds
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