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Audience: Researchers in the topic
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Organizer: Michelle*
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TueMay 2312:00Sašo GrozdanovSpectra, reconstructions and pole-skipping
TueMay 1614:30Nathan BenjaminThe statistics of spins for CFTs
TueMay 0912:00Tomáš ProcházkaBethe ansatz in 2d conformal field theory
TueMay 0214:30Jacob McNamaraReflections on Parity Breaking
TueApr 2512:00Sunil MukhiClassification of Rational Conformal Field Theories With A Single Critical Exponent
TueApr 1109:00Jie GuTH String Theory Seminar
TueApr 0412:00Beatrix MühlmannMatrix duality in twistor space
TueMar 2812:00Timo WeigandQuantum Gravity Bounds on 4D EFTs with Minimal Supersymmetry
TueMar 2113:00John StoutInfinite Distance Limits and Factorization
TueMar 1413:00Alex LupsascaThe Black Hole Photon Ring
TueMar 0713:00Marija TomaševićHolographic duals of evaporating black holes
TueFeb 2813:00Luca DelacretazNonlinear Effective Field Theory of Fermi Liquids
TueFeb 2113:00Luca IliesiuBlack hole microstate counting from the gravitational path integral
TueFeb 1413:00Chiara PalettaIntroduction to open quantum systems
TueFeb 0715:30Kristan JensenA precision test of averaging in AdS/CFT
TueJan 3115:30Murat KologluQuantum Detectorology
TueJan 2415:30Arjun KarA Celestial Matrix Model
TueJan 1715:30Ji Hoon LeeComputing bulk microstates
TueDec 1313:00Erik TonniEntanglement entropies for Lifshitz fermionic fields at finite density
TueDec 0613:00Eric PerlmutterLarge p from SL(2,Z)
ThuDec 0113:00Alvaro HerraezThe Emergence Proposal in Quantum Gravity and the Species Scale
TueNov 2910:30Stefano NegroTopological gauging and non-relevant deformations of Quantum Field Theories
TueNov 2213:00Florian LoebbertFishnet Integrals from Integrability and Geometry
TueNov 0113:00José Calderón-InfantePushing the Limits of the Swampland Distance Conjecture
TueOct 2513:00Mr Ohad MamroudThe Supersymmetric Index and its Holographic Interpretation
TueOct 1812:00Zahra ZahraeeNon-relativistic physics in AdS and its CFT dual
TueOct 1114:30Henry LinThe bulk Hilbert space of double scaled SYK
TueOct 0412:00Tom RudeliusSharpening the Distance Conjecture in Diverse Dimensions
TueSep 2712:00Venkatesa ChandrasekaranLarge N algebras and generalized entropy
TueSep 2012:00Shreya VardhanNon-isometric codes and effective field theory in the black hole interior
FriSep 0912:00Massimo PorratiPartition Functions of Abelian Chern-Simons Theories on Handlebodies Partition Functions of Abelian Chern-Simons Theories on Handlebodies
TueSep 0613:00Avia Raviv-MosheLine Defects in CFTs: from Spin Impurities to Wilson Lines
MonAug 2912:00Elias KiritsisHolographic QFTs on AdS, wormholes and interfaces
FriAug 1909:00Joao SilvaAdS Virasoro-Shapiro from dispersive sum rules
ThuAug 1112:00Mohsen AlishahihaOn Complexity Saturation for JT gravity with EOW brane
TueAug 0912:00Diego Rodriguez-GomezField theory defects through double scaling limits
TueJun 2812:00Valentin BenedettiGeneralized symmetries and Noether's theorem in QFT
TueMay 1712:00Pronobesh MaityFrom Fields to Strings
TueMay 1012:00Dan RobertsThe Principles of Deep Learning Theory
TueMay 0312:00Claire ZukowskiVirasoro Entanglement Berry Phases
TueApr 1914:30Jorrit KruthoffHigher spin JT gravity and a matrix model dual
TueApr 1212:00Manus VisserDe Sitter Entropy and the Gravitational Path Integral
TueApr 0514:00Gustavo Joaquin TuriaciNearly BPS black holes and the spectrum of N=4 Yang Mills
TueMar 2912:00Marija TomasevicBlack tsunamis and naked singularities in AdS
TueMar 2213:00Paweł CaputaKrylov complexity for operators and states
TueMar 1513:00Jonathan HeckmanTop Down Approach to Ensemble Averaging
TueMar 0815:00Scott CollierBootstrapping boundaries and branes
TueMar 0116:30Shamit KachruFractons and D-branes
TueFeb 2213:00Elli PomoniDynamical spin chains in 4D N = 2 SCFTs
TueFeb 1516:00Lampros LamprouFalling inside holographic black holes
TueFeb 0813:00Eric SharpeAn introduction to decomposition
TueFeb 0115:00Justin KaidiKramers-Wannier-like duality defects in (3+1)d gauge theories
TueJan 2513:00Javier MaganA new look at completeness and generalized symmetries
TueJan 1810:00Emily NardoniFrom Seiberg-Witten Theory to Adjoint QCD
TueJan 1113:00Jens EisertLinear growth of quantum circuit complexity
TueDec 2113:00Tom HartmanTalk by Tom Hartman
TueDec 1413:00Beatrix MuehlmannThe semiclassical gravitational path integral and random matrices
TueDec 0713:00Christoph NegaCalabi-Yau Manifolds and Feynman Integrals — The Family of Banana Graphs
TueNov 3013:00Eric PerlmutterOn S-Duality in N=4 SYM and Gravity
TueNov 1613:00Andrea PuhmTowards flat space holography via diamonds on the celestial sphere
TueNov 0913:00Clifford JohnsonThe Microstate Physics of JT gravity and Supergravity
TueNov 0214:00Tom FaulknerReflected Entropy for Holography and Beyond
TueOct 2612:00Cyril ClossetThe U-plane of rank-one 4d N=2 KK theories
TueOct 1912:00Pietro FerreroGluon scattering in AdS from CFT
TueOct 1212:00Dierigl, MarkusThe anomaly that was not meant IIB
TueOct 0512:00Ashoke SenD-instanton amplitudes in string theory
TueSep 2812:00Suvrat RajuHolography of Information and Massive Islands
TueMay 2512:00David KolchmeyerDynamical End-of-the-world Branes in Jackiw-Teitelboim Gravity
TueMay 1814:00Kevin CostelloFour-dimensional integrability and twistors
TueMay 1115:00Steve ShenkerWormholes without averaging
TueMay 0413:00Monica PateFlatspace Holography: Celestial Amplitudes and Symmetries
TueApr 2714:00Julio Parra MartinezCollider tools for classical gravity
TueApr 2012:00Ben FreivogelWormholes from averaging over states
TueApr 1313:00Dalimil MazacSharp Boundaries for the Swampland
TueApr 0612:00Subham Dutta ChowdhuryBounds on Regge growth of flat space scattering from bounds on chaos
TueMar 3012:00Sakura Schafer-NamekiHigher Form symmetries in String Theory and Applications to Confinement
TueMar 2314:30Yifan WangDefects and Anomalies in Quantum Field Theories
TueMar 1613:00Aninda SinhaQuantum field theory and the Bieberbach conjecture
TueMar 0913:00Andrea GuerrieriWhere is String Theory?
TueMar 0213:00Chiara ToldoRotating black holes in Anti-de Sitter and updates on the search for multicenter AdS4 black holes
TueFeb 2313:00Ofer AharonyA derivation of AdS/CFT for vector models
TueFeb 1615:00Luca IlesiuThe statistical mechanics of near-extremal and near-BPS black holes
TueJan 2613:00Horacio CasiniEntropic order parameters for symmetries in QFT
TueJan 1914:00Kantaro OhmoriCategorical Symmetry in 1+1 dimensions
TueJan 1213:00Fabrizio del MonteBPS quivers of five-dimensional SCFTs, Topological Strings and q-Painlevé equations
TueDec 1515:00Natalie PaquetteTwisted holography & Koszul duality
TueDec 0815:00Alfred ShapereQuantum Error-Correcting Codes and Narain CFTs
TueDec 0113:00Lara AndersonTopological Textures in Heterotic Theories
TueNov 2413:00Adam LevineSeeing the Outermost Entanglement Wedge
TueNov 1710:00Kazumi OkuyamaJT gravity and KdV equations
TueNov 1016:00Andreas BlommaertDissecting the ensemble in JT gravity
TueOct 2713:00Johanna ErdmengerResolving the modular flow for free fermions
TueOct 2014:00Craig LawrieIntegrability in 6D SCFTs
TueOct 1313:00Lampros LamprouInside the Hologram: The bulk observer's experience
TueOct 0612:00Matthew DodelsonSingularities of thermal correlators at strong coupling
TueSep 2912:00Miguel MonteroCobordisms, anomalies, and the Swampland in d>6
TueSep 2214:00Jordan CotlerEuclidean Wormholes and Random CFT
TueAug 1112:00Julian SonnerCausal symmetry breaking: late time physics of holographic quantum chaos
TueJul 0713:00David AndriotDo classical de Sitter string backgrounds exist?
TueJun 2314:00Alex MaloneyGravity from Averaging CFTs
TueJun 1612:00Michele Del ZottoHigher form symmetries and M theory
TueMay 2612:00Sameer MurthyThe growth of the 1/16-BPS index in N=4 Super Yang-Mills
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