LA Combinatorics and Complexity Seminar

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computer science theory combinatorics

University of California, Los Angeles

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series times: Tuesday 16:30-17:00, 17:15-17:45 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Igor Pak*, Greta Panova
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Password is on the seminar page.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueDec 0819:00Dustin G. MixonThe Mathematics of Partisan Gerrymandering
TueDec 0818:15Bhaskar DasGuptaRemoving partisan bias in redistricting: computational complexity meets the science of gerrymandering
TueDec 0118:15Giovanni PaoliniHow to collapse a simplicial complex: theory and practice
TueDec 0117:30Yuri RabinovichLarge simple cycles in dense simplicial complexes
TueNov 2418:15Joshua GrochowDesigning Strassen's algorithm for matrix multiplication
TueNov 2417:30Yuval FilmusSauer–Shelah–Perles lemma for lattices
TueNov 1718:15Cris MoorePercolation is Odd
TueNov 1717:30Meirav ZehaviComputation of Hadwiger Number and Related Contraction Problems: Tight Lower Bounds
TueNov 1018:15Christoph HaaseOn the size of finite rational matrix semigroups
TueNov 1017:30Peter BürgisserComplexity of computing zeros of structured polynomial systems
TueNov 0318:15Zuzana PatákováShellability is NP-complete
TueNov 0317:30Arnaud de MesmayLink crossing number is NP-hard
TueOct 2717:15Igor ShinkarOn Percolation and NP-Hardness
TueOct 2716:30Aris Filos-RatsikasThe Complexity of Necklace Splitting, Consensus-Halving and Discrete Ham Sandwich
TueOct 2017:15Markus BläserVariety Membership Testing, Algebraic Natural Proofs, and Geometric Complexity Theory
TueOct 2016:30Vladimir PodolskiiMax-plus polynomials and their roots
TueOct 1317:15Javier Tadashi AkagiHard and Easy Instances of L-Tromino Tilings
TueOct 1316:30Jean CardinalFlip distances between graph orientations
TueOct 0617:15Christian IkenmeyerThe Computational Complexity of Plethysm Coefficients
TueOct 0616:30Amir YehudayoffTrichotomy of rates in supervised learning
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