ITB Mathematics Distinguished Lecture Series

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Institut Teknologi Bandung

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Edy Tri Baskoro*, Nuning Nuraini, Novriana Sumatri, Rinovia Simanjuntak, Khreshna I.A. Syuhada, Muchtadi Intan Detiena, Yudi Soeharyadi
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We aim to bring prominent mathematicians exploring the role of mathematics from various fields, in an intriguing style. The online lectures address quite broad audience, from mathematics students (advanced undergraduate to graduate ones), as well as mathematicians in Indonesia, and our neighboring countries, or even beyond our region. With this lecture series we hope to foster and promote research culture, as well as to highlight the prominent role of mathematics in shaping future society.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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SatDec 0207:00Professor Senjo ShimizuFree boundary problems for the Navier-Stokes equations
SatNov 0407:00Professor Kim BeswickPrincipals’ Leadership Capability for Mathematics in STEM
FriAug 0407:00Professor Kuntjoro Adji SidartoSolving Non-Linear Equations System using Spiral Optimization Algorithm with Clustering
FriJun 2312:00Professor Avi WigdersonRandomness
SatDec 0302:00Professor Efim ZelmanovMathematics in Modern World
SatOct 0107:00Professor Gang TianRicci Flow and Geometrization
TueAug 0907:00Professor Gil KalaiThe Quantum Computer - A Miracle or Mirage?
FriJul 0107:00Professor Marta Sanz-SoleModelling with Noise
FriJun 0307:00Professor Edy SoewonoProblems in Population Dynamic Modeling of Wild Species
FriMar 1109:00Professor Sir Martin HairerUniversality in Probability Theory
FriDec 1701:00Professor RICHARD BRUALDIPermutation Matrices, Alternating Sign Matrices, and Generalizations
ThuNov 1807:00Professor HANS Z. MUNTHE-KAASConcrete versus Abstract in Computational and Pure Mathematics
FriOct 2907:00Professor CHRISTOPHE RITZENTHALERFun with curves
FriSep 1707:00Professor MOTOKO KOTANIDiscrete Geometric Analysis Applied to Materials Science
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