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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Every other Tuesday 16:00-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Haynes Miller*, Tara Holm, André Lee Dixon*
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Description: Seminar on university-level math education

OLSUME is an online seminar centered on mathematics education at the university level. Talks will cover curriculum, pedagogy, inclusiveness, professional development, blended and flipped classrooms, and other topics of interest.

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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueOct 1116:00Hortensia SotoEmbodied Cognition: What is it? How Does it Involve Mathematics?
TueSep 2716:00Gianluca GuadagniReshaping the Calculus sequence for Engineering students
TueSep 1316:00Megan WawroThe Inquiry-Oriented Linear Algebra Project
TueDec 0717:00Kathryn LeonardFostering Positive Collaboration
TueNov 2317:00Edouard TchertchianMentoring Community College Math Students through Transfer
TueNov 0917:00Rekha ThomasRethinking Linear Algebra
TueOct 2616:00Stepan PaulManipulative Calculus: Active Learning with 3D Models
TueSep 2816:00Gil StrangLinear Algebra and Deep Learning
TueSep 1416:00Lew LudwigA cheat-proof calculus exam?
TueMay 1116:00Jason SiefkenOnboarding instructors to an an active learning class
TueApr 1316:00Bus Jaco, Oklahoma State and Mike Oehrtman, Oklahoma StateThe Mathematical Inquiry Project: A statewide project fostering mathematical learning through inquiry in entry-level college mathematics
TueMar 1616:00Vilma MesaTitle To Be Announced
TueFeb 1617:00Christine von RenesseTitle To Be Announced
TueFeb 0217:00Doug EnsleyMathematical Proof, Online Assessment, and High School Connections in First-Year Discrete Mathematics
TueJan 1917:00Jo HardinThe Value of Computational Thinking in Statistics Education
TueDec 1517:00Maria AndersonTBA
TueDec 0117:00Shay FuchsTBA
TueNov 1017:00Uri TreismanWelcoming freshmen to the world of mathematics
TueOct 2716:00Jason Martin;  Michael Tallman;  Matt Thomas;  Aaron WeinbergQuantitative Reasoning and Intellectual Need as Design Principles for Instructional Materials
TueOct 1316:00Rob BeezerTBA
TueSep 1516:00Rick ClearyA Touch of Calculus: Shaking Up the Pre-Requisite Structure of College Mathematics
TueMay 2616:00George KinnearReliable classification of classroom practices using lecture recordings
TueMay 1216:00Yvonne LaiWhat mathematical knowledge improves high school math teaching?
TueApr 2816:00Rachel LevyProject based learning
TueApr 1416:00Eric StadeCalculus in context: Introducing calculus Ideas through epidemiology models
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