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Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Thursday 03:00-04:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Louis Moresi*, Penny King*, Voon Hui Lai*
Curator: RSES Seminar Committee
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Talks will generally be made available on the RSES YouTube channel

The zoom meeting ID is 606-666-0101, it is lightly protected via a password (jaeger)

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuOct 0103:00Elizabeth Niespolo230Th/U burial dating of ostrich eggshell, a new chronometer for Pleistocene terrestrial strata
ThuOct 0802:00Katie CooperTBA
ThuOct 1504:00Anders McCarthyThe European Alps and Plate Tectonics : A rocky relationship
ThuOct 2202:00Elena BelousovaTerraneChron®: Past, Present, Future
ThuOct 2902:00Sandra McLarenTBA
ThuNov 0502:00Eleanor GreenTBA
ThuNov 1902:00Adam KentWhat makes volcanoes erupt? Insights from petrology
ThuNov 2602:00Niloofar KarimianTBA
ThuDec 1002:00AGU meeting(no seminar)
ThuDec 1702:00Graduation eventGraduation event
ThuDec 2402:00Christmas Eve(no seminar)
ThuDec 3102:00New Year's Eve(no seminar)
ThuJan 0702:00Holiday(no seminar)
ThuJan 1402:00Holiday(no seminar)
ThuFeb 0402:00Harriet LauTBA
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Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuSep 2403:00Andréa TaschettoAn overview of ENSO teleconnections
ThuSep 1703:00Hancock Library TeamScholarly Information Services for RSES
ThuSep 1003:00Michael EllwoodIron cycling in the Southern Ocean
ThuSep 0303:00Brian KennettCharacterising Earth structure from seismic data
ThuAug 2703:00Ruth MusgraveInternal tide energy pathways at the coast
ThuAug 1303:00Heather HandleyMainland Australia's next volcanic eruption: Insights into future activity from volcanology, petrology, Indigenous knowledge and public perceptions
ThuJul 3003:00David LescinskyUsing a PhD in geology for a career in academia, industry and government
ThuJul 2303:00Jason SharplesExtreme wildfire development
ThuJul 1603:00Chengxin JiangProbing the structure and evolving state of three western U.S. volcanos with seismic noise
ThuJul 0903:00Marthe KloeckingMantle temperature, lithospheric thickness and dynamic topography: decoding the secrets of volcanic rocks
ThuJul 0203:00Claire MallardCoupling Surface Evolution and Mantle Dynamics: two examples of the interplay of Tectonics, Eustasy and Surface Processes
ThuJun 2503:00Anna RiddellEstimating present-day global vertical deformation using space geodetic techniques
WedJun 0307:00Tamsin MatherThe impact of volcanism on Earth's atmosphere: from present-day volcanic 'pollution' to geological mass extinction events
WedMay 2703:00Phil CumminsSusan L Cutter Seminar Series "'Black Swans' and Seismic Risk in Megacities of SE Asia"
ThuMay 2103:00Michael RoderickDrought, Bushfires and Climate Change: The Hot Topic
ThuMay 1403:00Bree MorganSediment geochemistry – The Dolomite Problem
ThuMay 0703:00Phil BlandEnabling Australian planetary missions: technical pathway and science applications
ThuApr 3003:00Voon Hui LaiThe Seismic Signature of Debris Flows: Flow Mechanics and Early Warning at Montecito, California
ThuApr 2303:00Evelyn MervineA Marine Geologist Works in Mineral Exploration & Mining: Transition from an Academic to Industry Career
ThuApr 1603:00Wenju CaiResponse of El Niño/La Niña to greenhouse warming
ThuApr 0202:00Andy HoggOcean gyres driven by surface buoyancy forcing
ThuMar 1902:00Nerlie AbramAustralia’s black summer & the connections to human-caused climate change
ThuMar 1202:00John ChurchRecent and Ongoing Global and Regional Sea-level Change: What, Why, and Future Implications?
ThuMar 0502:00Katarina MiljkovicStructure of the martian crust and overview of the NASA Insight mission
ThuFeb 2702:00Nicolas ThouvenyCosmogenic 10Be and paleomagnetic records of the Earth’s magnetic field history: news and views
ThuFeb 2002:00Trevor IrelandPerspectives on Asteroids
TueFeb 1805:00Laura MillerThe redox state of magmas: Cu-porphyry deposits, ocean floor basalts and pre-shield stage Hawaiian volcanism
ThuFeb 1302:00Patrick BallThe Global Influence of Mantle Temperature on Intraplate Magmatism
ThuFeb 0602:00Benoit TauzinA poorly mixed mantle and its thermal state inferred from seismic waves
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