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Australian National University

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Every other Thursday 05:00-06:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Jinyin Hu, Thanh-Son Pham, Laura Otter, Penny King*, Adele Morrison*
Curator: RSES Seminar Committee
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The ANU Research School of Earth Sciences seminar series regularly features academics, students, and researchers from Australia and around the world to present topics covering the entire range of earth sciences.

The seminars are held in the Jaeger 1 Seminar Room at RSES on Thursdays at 3 pm and also broadcast on zoom ( ID: 606-666-0101, lightly protected via a password "jaeger" ). They are open to the ANU community and public. Talks will generally be made available on the RSES Seminar website in the days following the seminar.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuJul 1805:00Morgan Blades (University of Adelaide)Half a billion years of basin evolution in northern Australia; the greater McArthur Basin
ThuJul 0405:00Stephen Foley (Macquarie University)Incipient melts of the mantle and the deep carbon cycle
ThuJun 2005:00Indrani Mukherjee (UNSW)A billion years of geological drama: boring or brilliant?
ThuJun 0605:00Ruoyu Sun (Tianjin University)Mercury stable isotopes: Theory, measurement, and applications in modern and past environments
ThuMay 2305:00Chen Zhao (University of Tasmania)Subglacial hydrology reshapes projected Antarctic sea-level rise
ThuMay 0905:00Jan Dettmer (University of Calgary)Integrating fiber-optic instrumentation in geohazards monitoring and geophysical inference
MonApr 2205:00Marc Hesse (University of Texas at Austin )Porous Media in Earth and Planetary Processes: From Physical Principles to Geological Applications
ThuApr 1105:00Amy Prendergast (University of Melbourne)Hominin responses to changing environmental conditions in the Lower and Upper Palaeolithic in the Levant
ThuMar 2804:00Shane Keating (UNSW)Chasing storms: Investigations of ocean eddies from sea, space, lab and laptop
ThuMar 1404:00Sylvie Demouchy (University of Clermont Auvergne)Everything flows, but how? Inferring the role of novel agents of ductile deformation in olivine
ThuMar 0703:15David VauxResearchers behaving badly
ThuFeb 2904:00Xiaoming Liu (University of North Carolina)Geochemical adventures on Earth's surface
ThuFeb 1504:00Luc Doucet and Hugo Olierook (Curtin University)Exotic mantle-derived melt in the context of supercontinent cycles
ThuFeb 0104:00Louis Moresi (RSES)A vision for reusable modelling for cross-disciplinary research
ThuNov 3005:00Rachel KirbyImpact formation of IIE iron meteorites: geochemical and petrological studies on the processes and products
TueNov 2805:00Srijita RayThe solubility of monazite in carbonate melts at upper mantle and crustal conditions
ThuNov 1605:00Adrian BrownLatest results from the M2020 Rover Mission
MonNov 1304:00San-Mook LeeThe Meaning of Life and Our Place in the Universe: from the Perspective of a Quadriplegic Scientist
FriNov 1005:00RSES 50th Anniversary Colloquium
ThuNov 0905:00Professor Maureen E. RaymoJaeger-Hales Lecture
ThuNov 0205:00Aditya PatkarIn Situ Oxygen Isotopes and Water Concentrations: Analytical Developments and Applications To Extraterrestrial Materials
ThuOct 1905:00Tony Yeates and *Andrew Glikson*IODP/ANZIC Hosted Seminar: Geophysical evidence for a ~520 km-diameter multi-ring impact structure, Southwest New South Wales
MonOct 0904:00Dr Nicola MaherUsing climate models to understand drivers of rainfall
MonOct 0903:00Dr Siavash GhelichkhanDigital twins for sustainable water management: Harnessing data assimilation techniques to model Australia's groundwater systems
ThuOct 0505:00Viatcheslav (Slava) SolomatovFluid dynamics of a terrestrial magma ocean
ThuAug 1706:00Rhodri DaviesLinking intra-plate volcanism to underlying mantle dynamics
ThuJul 2006:00Auggie MarignierProbabilistic inverse imaging methods in seismology and cosmology
TueJul 1106:00Buse TuruncturSparse Imaging with Overcomplete Tomography: From Zeros to Heroes
TueJul 0406:00Yajie GaoThe role of amphibole in magmatism and its trace-element signatures
ThuJun 1506:00Eelco RohlingTBA
ThuJun 0806:00Fabrizio MagriniSurface-Wave Analysis: From Basics to Continental-Scale Imaging
TueJun 0606:00Haoran DuInvestigations of the seismic anisotropy beneath the Macquarie Ridge Complex
ThuMay 2506:00Tom MerryCyprus: Seismicity, Subduction and Serpentinite
TueMay 2306:00Nova RoosmawatiDeveloping a Probability of Collapse Model for Residential Buildings in Lombok Island, Indonesia
ThuMay 1806:00Simon StephensonDestruction and regrowth of lithospheric mantle beneath large igneous provinces
TueMay 1606:00Matthias ScheiterA Geophysical Kaleidoscope – Random Walks between Ensemble Inversion and Generative Deep Learning
ThuApr 2006:00Prayna MaharajTBA
TueApr 1806:00Riteshma DeviTBA
TueMar 2105:00ANZICTBA
ThuMar 1605:00Dr. Mike CoffinSubduction Initiation along the Macquarie Ridge Complex, Southwest Pacific Ocean
ThuMar 0905:00Sarah JacksonClimate variability in coastal East Antarctica over the past millennia: insights from the Mount Brown South ice core water isotope record
TueMar 0705:00Yingxin KouOrbital cyclicity of Indian summer monsoon winds through the Mid-Pleistocene Transition
ThuMar 0205:00Shubham AgrawalSeismicity and structure of the eastern Gawler Craton and Lake Eyre region
ThuFeb 2305:00Dr. Anita GrunderReconstructing the evolution of a batholith from the 11-my record of volcanism at the Aucanquilcha Volcanic Cluster, central Andes.
ThuFeb 0905:00Dr. Steven ConstableMixing Electricity with Water: The World of Marine Electromagnetic Methods
TueFeb 0705:00Dr. Marguerite GodardLinkages between serpentinization and carbon trapping in the Semail Ophiolite (Oman): Evidence from the Wadi Dima peridotites and OmanDP Fanjah listvenites
ThuDec 1505:00NainaTBA
WedDec 0705:00Frey RichardsTBA
ThuDec 0105:00Tharika LiyanageTBA
ThuNov 2405:00Andrew LangendamTBA
ThuNov 1005:00Peter BijlTBA
ThuNov 0305:00Fangqin ChenPhD exit seminar
TueNov 0105:00John DodsonWeihe Basin Drilling Project: Mio-Pleistocene Asian hydroclimate variability and dynamics
ThuOct 2705:00Yamila Cajal ContrerasPhD exit seminar
TueOct 2505:00Zhijie HuangPhD exit seminar
ThuOct 2005:00Jemima RamaPhD exit seminar
TueOct 1805:00Jon BlundyTBA
TueOct 1105:00Carmine WainmanLate Cretaceous turmoil in the southern high latitudes – what lessons have we learned from IODP Site U1512 in the Bight Basin
ThuSep 1506:00Nicolas FlamentSetting the lower mantle free
ThuSep 0806:00Jodie BradbyHigh pressure compression of silicon, germanium and carbon: a materials physics approach
ThuSep 0106:00Jessica HargreavesA Christmas Coral – Past and Present variability of tropical hydroclimate
ThuAug 1806:00Yongze SongWhat Makes Geospatial Decisions Different?
ThuAug 1106:00DurgalakshmiThe Enigmatic Archaean-Proterozoic Transition
TueAug 0906:00Marthe KloeckingSynchronising GEOROC, EarthChem and AusGeochem on the Path towards Global Geochemical Data Exchange and OneGeochemistry
ThuAug 0406:00Navdeep DhamiBiomineralization: From Nature to Engineering
ThuJul 2806:00Callum ShakespeareLongwave radiation and surface temperature: a climatic chicken and egg conundrum
TueJul 2606:00Rexha RyJakarta, sedimentary basin, and geohazards: what we know through seismic imaging
ThuJul 2106:00Thomas DuverneyUnravelling the Dynamical Mechanisms Underpinning Intra-Plate Volcanism Within and Around Earth's Continents
TueJul 1906:00Jordan KinsleyBridging the (redox) gap: reconciling biomarker and inorganic proxy records in the Middle Cambrian Currant Bush Formation
ThuJul 1406:00Tobias Grützner-HandkeExperimental approach on the Earth's deep halogen cycle
ThuJun 3006:00Ziyi ZhuUnravelling the evolution of continents using detrital zircons from modern rivers
TueJun 2806:00Victor Piedrahita VelezWhat can Paleocene-Eocene climates tell us?
ThuJun 1606:00Sarah McIntyreA Multi-Parameter Approach to Planetary Habitability (M-PAtH)
ThuMay 2606:00Alan Jay KaufmanWhen Life Got Hard: An Environmental Driver for the Origin of Seashells
ThuMay 1906:00Yankun DiInitial strontium isotopic composition of the Solar system
ThuApr 1406:00Caroline EakinThe Deep Roots of Geology: Tectonic History of Australia and its Margins expressed as Mantle Anisotropy
ThuApr 0706:00Elisabeth ScibiorskiTitanite as a petrogenetic indicator: Tools and applications
ThuMar 3105:00Sarah KachovichDiscovering the Earth’s deepest secrets with scientific ocean drilling
ThuMar 2405:00Evgenii KrestianinovChronology of planetesimal accretion and magmatism derived from U-Pb and Rb-Sr systematics of ungrouped achondrites
ThuMar 1705:00Rebecca McGirrEstimating Earth's temporal gravity field from GRACE observations
ThuMar 1005:00Tongzhang QuViscoelastic relaxation in polycrystalline olivine: its onset, grain-size sensitivity, and seismological implications
ThuMar 0305:00Jörg HermannThe Earth’s deep water cycle and crust formation
ThuFeb 2405:00Ping ZhangUnderstanding the Banda Arc-Continent Collision through 3-D Seismic Imaging
ThuDec 0202:00Shaunna MorrisonData-driven exploration of mineral evolution in Earth and planetary systems through deep-time
ThuNov 2502:00Matthew Steele-MacInnisThe iron-oxide problem, and the carbonate-sulfate solution
ThuNov 0402:00Chuan-Chou ShenStalagmite-inferred East Asian summer monsoon dynamics and a centennial earth magnetic reversal event at 98 ka
ThuOct 2802:00Yen Joe TanThe 2016 central Italy earthquake sequence
ThuOct 2102:00Melanie FinchEnigmatic structures in ductile shear zones
ThuSep 3003:00Patrick De DeckkerEnvironmental changes in the Murray Darling Basin over 125 kyears -Deciphered from deep-sea cores taken offshore Kangaroo Island and comparison mostly with marine proxies
ThuSep 1603:00Sara Moron PolancoThe ups and downs of continental-scale deltaic depocenters
ThuSep 0900:00(1) Khosro Ghobadi-Far; (2) Siyuan Tian(1) New Developments in Earth System Mass Change Observation from Space: Monitoring of Extreme Events; (2) Reimagining our water future from space
ThuSep 0203:00Ian WilliamsThe Conodont Geothermometer
ThuAug 2603:00Phil CumminsEarthquake Double-trouble in August 2021
ThuAug 1203:00Andrew RobertsDo the fossilized remains of magnetic bacteria tell us anything about ancient environments or Earth’s earliest magnetic field?
ThuAug 0503:00Tanya SmithTales Teeth Tell: Diet, Stress & Climate
ThuJul 2903:00Hrvoje TkalčićNon Seismologist's Guide to Seismology: From the Earth's core to Mars and back
ThuJul 2203:00Penny KingLinked evolution of planetary surfaces and atmospheres
ThuJul 1503:00Patricia PersaudWhy sedimentary basin geometry must be included in predictions of earthquake ground motions
ThuJul 0803:00Michael GarciaPūhāhonu: Earth's Biggest and Hottest Shield Volcano
ThuJul 0103:00Mark HarrisonWhen Did Earth Become Habitable
ThuJun 2403:00Brian Arbic (with Paige Martin and Ebenezer Nyadjro)Diversifying Oceanography: The Coastal Ocean Environment Summer School in Ghana
ThuJun 1703:00Sarah Perkins-KirkpatrickThe status and next steps of event attribution in Climate Science
ThuJun 1003:00Kim PicardAusSeabed: Making seabed mapping data easily accessible
ThuJun 0303:00Sarah LambartWhat First Row Transition Elements can tell us about the lithological make-up of the mantle
ThuMay 2703:00Ariel AnbarRedox Revolutions - Earth and Beyond
ThuMay 2003:00Yinan WangAlternate careers in geology? The collector's market for rocks, minerals, and fossils
ThuMay 1303:00Wenbo WuSeismic ocean thermometry using land-based seismometers and hydrophones
ThuMay 0603:00Michael GriffithsMonsoons, Megadroughts and Migration: Paleo Perspectives from Southeast Asian Cave Records
ThuApr 2903:00John MavrogenesHow to make a REE deposit
ThuApr 2203:00Janice ScealyMy 10 year journey exploring the statistics of Earth Science data
ThuApr 1503:00Maryjo BrounceEnrichment in H2O and elevated Fe oxidation states are linked to material recycling in Izu-Bonin-Mariana lavas
WedApr 0704:00Indrani MukherjeeThe brilliant billion in Earth's history - life and mineral deposits (WOMEESA virtual seminar #4)
ThuApr 0102:00Simon JowittClimate change and mining or how mining will save the world; why the minerals industry will be a vital part of the transition to a low-CO2 future
ThuMar 2502:00Navid ConstantinouFrom small swirls up to the global ocean circulation: how ocean eddies affect the Earth’s climate
ThuMar 1802:00Dorrit JacobWhat do diamonds and marine calcifiers have in common? A medley of research topics.
ThuMar 0402:00Ben MatherBayesian inversion of 3D groundwater flow within the Sydney-Gunnedah-Bowen Basin
ThuFeb 2502:00Marcus HaynesA Bayesian reappraisal of Australian crustal heat flow
ThuFeb 1802:00Josué Martínez MorenoChanging ocean currents, coherent eddies and jets.
ThuFeb 1102:00Eleanor GreenUncertainties and correlations in geological phase equilibrium modelling
ThuFeb 0402:00Harriet LauTidal Tomography: What an often-neglected phenomenon known as Earth tides can tell us about buoyancy in the deepest part of the mantle.
ThuDec 1002:00Ed StolperVariations in the oxygen fugacity of the upper mantle due to solid-solid phase equilibria and partial melting
ThuNov 2602:00Niloofar KarimianRedox Cycling of Iron and Sulfur and the Consequences for Arsenic and Antimony Mobility in Acid Sulfate Soil Wetlands
ThuNov 1902:00Adam KentWhat makes volcanoes erupt? Insights from petrology
ThuNov 1202:00Nathan Daczko(1) Crust-mantle interaction: reactive melt ascent through the lower arc crust (2) Detrimental effects of coupled dissolution-precipitation on geochronology
ThuNov 0502:00Chris EldersThe evolution of the North West Shelf
ThuOct 2902:00Sandra McLarenThe Neogene evolution of the Murray Basin – a unique continental archive of tectonic, climatic and geomorphic change
ThuOct 2203:00Elena BelousovaTerraneChron®: Past, Present, Future
ThuOct 1504:00Anders McCarthyThe European Alps and Plate Tectonics : A rocky relationship
ThuOct 0802:00Katie CooperCraton Stability: What’s Thickness (and shape) Got To Do With It.
ThuOct 0103:00Elizabeth Niespolo230Th/U burial dating of ostrich eggshell, a new chronometer for Pleistocene terrestrial strata
ThuSep 2403:00Andréa TaschettoAn overview of ENSO teleconnections
ThuSep 1703:00Hancock Library TeamScholarly Information Services for RSES
ThuSep 1003:00Michael EllwoodIron cycling in the Southern Ocean
ThuSep 0303:00Brian KennettCharacterising Earth structure from seismic data
ThuAug 2703:00Ruth MusgraveInternal tide energy pathways at the coast
ThuAug 1303:00Heather HandleyMainland Australia's next volcanic eruption: Insights into future activity from volcanology, petrology, Indigenous knowledge and public perceptions
ThuJul 3003:00David LescinskyUsing a PhD in geology for a career in academia, industry and government
ThuJul 2303:00Jason SharplesExtreme wildfire development
ThuJul 1603:00Chengxin JiangProbing the structure and evolving state of three western U.S. volcanos with seismic noise
ThuJul 0903:00Marthe KloeckingMantle temperature, lithospheric thickness and dynamic topography: decoding the secrets of volcanic rocks
ThuJul 0203:00Claire MallardCoupling Surface Evolution and Mantle Dynamics: two examples of the interplay of Tectonics, Eustasy and Surface Processes
ThuJun 2503:00Anna RiddellEstimating present-day global vertical deformation using space geodetic techniques
WedJun 0307:00Tamsin MatherThe impact of volcanism on Earth's atmosphere: from present-day volcanic 'pollution' to geological mass extinction events
WedMay 2703:00Phil CumminsSusan L Cutter Seminar Series "'Black Swans' and Seismic Risk in Megacities of SE Asia"
ThuMay 2103:00Michael RoderickDrought, Bushfires and Climate Change: The Hot Topic
ThuMay 1403:00Bree MorganSediment geochemistry – The Dolomite Problem
ThuMay 0703:00Phil BlandEnabling Australian planetary missions: technical pathway and science applications
ThuApr 3003:00Voon Hui LaiThe Seismic Signature of Debris Flows: Flow Mechanics and Early Warning at Montecito, California
ThuApr 2303:00Evelyn MervineA Marine Geologist Works in Mineral Exploration & Mining: Transition from an Academic to Industry Career
ThuApr 1603:00Wenju CaiResponse of El Niño/La Niña to greenhouse warming
ThuApr 0202:00Andy HoggOcean gyres driven by surface buoyancy forcing
ThuMar 1902:00Nerlie AbramAustralia’s black summer & the connections to human-caused climate change
ThuMar 1202:00John ChurchRecent and Ongoing Global and Regional Sea-level Change: What, Why, and Future Implications?
ThuMar 0502:00Katarina MiljkovicStructure of the martian crust and overview of the NASA Insight mission
ThuFeb 2702:00Nicolas ThouvenyCosmogenic 10Be and paleomagnetic records of the Earth’s magnetic field history: news and views
ThuFeb 2002:00Trevor IrelandPerspectives on Asteroids
ThuFeb 1302:00Patrick BallThe Global Influence of Mantle Temperature on Intraplate Magmatism
ThuFeb 0602:00Benoit TauzinA poorly mixed mantle and its thermal state inferred from seismic waves
ThuNov 1402:00Babak HejraniAdvances in Seismic Source determination, application to seismicity in Australasia
ThuOct 3102:00Caitlin WhalenInternal Wave Driven Mixing in the Ocean: Governing Processes and Consequences for Climate
ThuOct 1702:00Lisa TauxeHunting the Magnetic Field
ThuOct 1002:00Luke ParsonsInterdecadal Temperature Variability in Climate Model Simulations and Paleoclimate Data
ThuOct 0303:00Rob SherrellMelting ice shelves and iron-controlled primary productivity in the Amundsen Sea, West Antarctica
ThuSep 2603:00Patrick De DekkerClimatic evolution in Australia spanning human occupancy over the last 55,000 years
TueSep 2403:00Guillermo Diaz-PulidoCalcification of coralline algae in coral reefs: Mechanisms, patterns and environmental controls
TueSep 1706:00Taimoor SohailLinking turbulent convection to large-scale ocean dynamics
ThuAug 2203:00Kasper van WijkRemote sensing of the elastic properties of solids: a journey from seismology to laser ultrasound (and back)
TueAug 2001:30Nicholas ThouvenyCosmogenic 10Be and paleomagnetic records of the Earth’s magnetic field history : news and views
ThuAug 0803:00Luc DoucetFormation of the early continental lithosphere - the message from non-traditional stable isotopes
ThuMay 3004:00Vasileios ChatzarasRheological structure of plate boundary strike-slip faults
ThuMay 2304:00Alison LeitchThe Significance of Serpentine
ThuMay 1604:00Jody WebsterThe evolution of the Great Barrier Reef: a decade of progress & future directions
ThuMay 0904:00Louis MoresiNumerical Modelling of Subduction zones
ThuMay 0204:00Charles Lineweaver and Haiyang WangThe bulk elemental composition of the Earth and Sun with uncertainties: what can this comparison tell us about the composition of rocky exoplanets?
WedApr 1704:00Clive NealUnderstanding the Eruptions of Submarine Large Igneous Provinces and Their Effects on the Environment
ThuApr 1103:00Karol CzarnotaBillion-year stability of cratonic edges controls location of global sediment-hosted metals
ThuApr 0402:00David RobinsonScience and Technology in Indonesian Disaster Management: Ten Years of Indonesia – Australia Collaboration
ThuMar 2802:00John MooresDoors held ajar in storms: Insights into Atmospheric Planetary Science
ThuMar 2102:00Balz KamberLessons from the Sudbury impact structure for the Hadean Earth
ThuMar 1402:00Paul TregoningWhat have we learned about Earth from space gravity missions?
ThuMar 0702:00Andrew GliksonClimate tipping points: implications of paleo-climate records
ThuFeb 2802:00Gretchen Benedix and Phil BlandCrater Counting using Machine Learning
ThuFeb 2102:00Cornel DeRondeSeafloor hydrothermal systems of intraoceanic arcs
ThuFeb 1402:00Caroline UmmenhoferChanges in the width of the Indo-Pacific tropical rain belt from climate model simulations and palaeo proxy records
ThuNov 2902:00Tas an OmmenA continuous ice core record of climate to beyond a million years
ThuNov 1502:00Simon TurnerStudies of water on Earth and in the asteroid belt
ThuNov 0802:00Haojia Abby RenOcean Fertilization by Natural and Anthropogenic Nitrogen Input in the Past and Present
ThuOct 2502:00Ronald FrostGeologic History Of The Wyoming Province, One of the Oldest Fragments of Crust in the World
ThuOct 1103:00Matthew HuberThe Miocene is the Future
ThuOct 0404:00Mike CoffinVolcanoes, Iron, and Phytoplankton in the Southern Ocean
ThuSep 2704:00Caroline TiddyMulti-faceted mineral exploration: something for everyone
FriSep 2103:30David CookeHaddon Forrester King Lecture: Porphyry copper, gold and molybdenum deposits – new geochemical exploration methods to aid discovery
ThuSep 1304:00Nick GolledgeIce sheets, climate, and sea level, from the past to the future
ThuSep 0603:00Rob McKayRoss Sea West Antarctic Ice Sheet History in the Late Cenozoic
ThuAug 2304:00Gerhard BreyThe birth, growth and ageing of the Kaapvaal subcratonic mantle
WedAug 2203:00Georgina FalsterMillennial-scale variability in south-east Australian hydroclimate between 30,000 and 10,000 years ago
ThuAug 1604:00Shaun BarkerFaults and fluid-rock reaction: controls on the massive Carlin-type gold deposits of Nevada
ThuAug 0904:00Trevor AllenThe 2018 National Seismic Hazard Assessment for Australia
ThuAug 0204:00Rebecca MetzlerExploring barnacle exoskeleton formation
ThuJul 2604:00Katrin MeissnerModelling the dynamics of past climate change
ThuJul 1904:00Tim NaishGlobal sea-level during the mid- to Late Pliocene (~3.3-2.6 Ma) and implications for polar ice sheet variability
WedMar 2103:00Balz KamberLessons from the Sudbury impact structure for the Hadean Earth
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