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Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Thursday 06:00-07:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Voon Hui Lai*, Michael Anenburg*, Sarah Jackson
Curator: RSES Seminar Committee
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Talks will generally be made available on the RSES YouTube channel

The zoom meeting ID is 606-666-0101, it is lightly protected via a password (jaeger)

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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ThuJun 1606:00Sarah McIntyreA Multi-Parameter Approach to Planetary Habitability (M-PAtH)
TueJun 2806:00Victor Piedrahita VelezPhD exit seminar
ThuJun 3006:00Ziyi ZhuPhD exit seminar
ThuJul 0706:00Navdeep DhamiTBA
ThuJul 2106:00Thomas DuverneyPhD exit seminar
ThuJul 2806:00Callum ShakespeareTBA
ThuAug 1106:00Jessica HargreavesPhD exit seminar
ThuDec 0805:00(reserved)TBA
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ThuMay 2606:00Alan Jay KaufmanWhen Life Got Hard: An Environmental Driver for the Origin of Seashells
ThuMay 1906:00Yankun DiInitial strontium isotopic composition of the Solar system
ThuApr 1406:00Caroline EakinThe Deep Roots of Geology: Tectonic History of Australia and its Margins expressed as Mantle Anisotropy
ThuApr 0706:00Elisabeth ScibiorskiTitanite as a petrogenetic indicator: Tools and applications
ThuMar 3105:00Sarah KachovichDiscovering the Earth’s deepest secrets with scientific ocean drilling
ThuMar 2405:00Evgenii KrestianinovChronology of planetesimal accretion and magmatism derived from U-Pb and Rb-Sr systematics of ungrouped achondrites
ThuMar 1705:00Rebecca McGirrEstimating Earth's temporal gravity field from GRACE observations
ThuMar 1005:00Tongzhang QuViscoelastic relaxation in polycrystalline olivine: its onset, grain-size sensitivity, and seismological implications
ThuMar 0305:00Jörg HermannThe Earth’s deep water cycle and crust formation
ThuFeb 2405:00Ping ZhangUnderstanding the Banda Arc-Continent Collision through 3-D Seismic Imaging
ThuDec 0202:00Shaunna MorrisonData-driven exploration of mineral evolution in Earth and planetary systems through deep-time
ThuNov 2502:00Matthew Steele-MacInnisThe iron-oxide problem, and the carbonate-sulfate solution
ThuNov 0402:00Chuan-Chou ShenStalagmite-inferred East Asian summer monsoon dynamics and a centennial earth magnetic reversal event at 98 ka
ThuOct 2802:00Yen Joe TanThe 2016 central Italy earthquake sequence
ThuOct 2102:00Melanie FinchEnigmatic structures in ductile shear zones
ThuSep 3003:00Patrick De DeckkerEnvironmental changes in the Murray Darling Basin over 125 kyears -Deciphered from deep-sea cores taken offshore Kangaroo Island and comparison mostly with marine proxies
ThuSep 1603:00Sara Moron PolancoThe ups and downs of continental-scale deltaic depocenters
ThuSep 0900:00(1) Khosro Ghobadi-Far; (2) Siyuan Tian(1) New Developments in Earth System Mass Change Observation from Space: Monitoring of Extreme Events; (2) Reimagining our water future from space
ThuSep 0203:00Ian WilliamsThe Conodont Geothermometer
ThuAug 2603:00Phil CumminsEarthquake Double-trouble in August 2021
ThuAug 1203:00Andrew RobertsDo the fossilized remains of magnetic bacteria tell us anything about ancient environments or Earth’s earliest magnetic field?
ThuAug 0503:00Tanya SmithTales Teeth Tell: Diet, Stress & Climate
ThuJul 2903:00Hrvoje TkalčićNon Seismologist's Guide to Seismology: From the Earth's core to Mars and back
ThuJul 2203:00Penny KingLinked evolution of planetary surfaces and atmospheres
ThuJul 1503:00Patricia PersaudWhy sedimentary basin geometry must be included in predictions of earthquake ground motions
ThuJul 0803:00Michael GarciaPūhāhonu: Earth's Biggest and Hottest Shield Volcano
ThuJul 0103:00Mark HarrisonWhen Did Earth Become Habitable
ThuJun 2403:00Brian Arbic (with Paige Martin and Ebenezer Nyadjro)Diversifying Oceanography: The Coastal Ocean Environment Summer School in Ghana
ThuJun 1703:00Sarah Perkins-KirkpatrickThe status and next steps of event attribution in Climate Science
ThuJun 1003:00Kim PicardAusSeabed: Making seabed mapping data easily accessible
ThuJun 0303:00Sarah LambartWhat First Row Transition Elements can tell us about the lithological make-up of the mantle
ThuMay 2703:00Ariel AnbarRedox Revolutions - Earth and Beyond
ThuMay 2003:00Yinan WangAlternate careers in geology? The collector's market for rocks, minerals, and fossils
ThuMay 1303:00Wenbo WuSeismic ocean thermometry using land-based seismometers and hydrophones
ThuMay 0603:00Michael GriffithsMonsoons, Megadroughts and Migration: Paleo Perspectives from Southeast Asian Cave Records
ThuApr 2903:00John MavrogenesHow to make a REE deposit
ThuApr 2203:00Janice ScealyMy 10 year journey exploring the statistics of Earth Science data
ThuApr 1503:00Maryjo BrounceEnrichment in H2O and elevated Fe oxidation states are linked to material recycling in Izu-Bonin-Mariana lavas
WedApr 0704:00Indrani MukherjeeThe brilliant billion in Earth's history - life and mineral deposits (WOMEESA virtual seminar #4)
ThuApr 0102:00Simon JowittClimate change and mining or how mining will save the world; why the minerals industry will be a vital part of the transition to a low-CO2 future
ThuMar 2502:00Navid ConstantinouFrom small swirls up to the global ocean circulation: how ocean eddies affect the Earth’s climate
ThuMar 1802:00Dorrit JacobWhat do diamonds and marine calcifiers have in common? A medley of research topics.
ThuMar 0402:00Ben MatherBayesian inversion of 3D groundwater flow within the Sydney-Gunnedah-Bowen Basin
ThuFeb 2502:00Marcus HaynesA Bayesian reappraisal of Australian crustal heat flow
ThuFeb 1802:00Josué Martínez MorenoChanging ocean currents, coherent eddies and jets.
ThuFeb 1102:00Eleanor GreenUncertainties and correlations in geological phase equilibrium modelling
ThuFeb 0402:00Harriet LauTidal Tomography: What an often-neglected phenomenon known as Earth tides can tell us about buoyancy in the deepest part of the mantle.
ThuDec 1002:00Ed StolperVariations in the oxygen fugacity of the upper mantle due to solid-solid phase equilibria and partial melting
ThuNov 2602:00Niloofar KarimianRedox Cycling of Iron and Sulfur and the Consequences for Arsenic and Antimony Mobility in Acid Sulfate Soil Wetlands
ThuNov 1902:00Adam KentWhat makes volcanoes erupt? Insights from petrology
ThuNov 1202:00Nathan Daczko(1) Crust-mantle interaction: reactive melt ascent through the lower arc crust (2) Detrimental effects of coupled dissolution-precipitation on geochronology
ThuNov 0502:00Chris EldersThe evolution of the North West Shelf
ThuOct 2902:00Sandra McLarenThe Neogene evolution of the Murray Basin – a unique continental archive of tectonic, climatic and geomorphic change
ThuOct 2203:00Elena BelousovaTerraneChron®: Past, Present, Future
ThuOct 1504:00Anders McCarthyThe European Alps and Plate Tectonics : A rocky relationship
ThuOct 0802:00Katie CooperCraton Stability: What’s Thickness (and shape) Got To Do With It.
ThuOct 0103:00Elizabeth Niespolo230Th/U burial dating of ostrich eggshell, a new chronometer for Pleistocene terrestrial strata
ThuSep 2403:00Andréa TaschettoAn overview of ENSO teleconnections
ThuSep 1703:00Hancock Library TeamScholarly Information Services for RSES
ThuSep 1003:00Michael EllwoodIron cycling in the Southern Ocean
ThuSep 0303:00Brian KennettCharacterising Earth structure from seismic data
ThuAug 2703:00Ruth MusgraveInternal tide energy pathways at the coast
ThuAug 1303:00Heather HandleyMainland Australia's next volcanic eruption: Insights into future activity from volcanology, petrology, Indigenous knowledge and public perceptions
ThuJul 3003:00David LescinskyUsing a PhD in geology for a career in academia, industry and government
ThuJul 2303:00Jason SharplesExtreme wildfire development
ThuJul 1603:00Chengxin JiangProbing the structure and evolving state of three western U.S. volcanos with seismic noise
ThuJul 0903:00Marthe KloeckingMantle temperature, lithospheric thickness and dynamic topography: decoding the secrets of volcanic rocks
ThuJul 0203:00Claire MallardCoupling Surface Evolution and Mantle Dynamics: two examples of the interplay of Tectonics, Eustasy and Surface Processes
ThuJun 2503:00Anna RiddellEstimating present-day global vertical deformation using space geodetic techniques
WedJun 0307:00Tamsin MatherThe impact of volcanism on Earth's atmosphere: from present-day volcanic 'pollution' to geological mass extinction events
WedMay 2703:00Phil CumminsSusan L Cutter Seminar Series "'Black Swans' and Seismic Risk in Megacities of SE Asia"
ThuMay 2103:00Michael RoderickDrought, Bushfires and Climate Change: The Hot Topic
ThuMay 1403:00Bree MorganSediment geochemistry – The Dolomite Problem
ThuMay 0703:00Phil BlandEnabling Australian planetary missions: technical pathway and science applications
ThuApr 3003:00Voon Hui LaiThe Seismic Signature of Debris Flows: Flow Mechanics and Early Warning at Montecito, California
ThuApr 2303:00Evelyn MervineA Marine Geologist Works in Mineral Exploration & Mining: Transition from an Academic to Industry Career
ThuApr 1603:00Wenju CaiResponse of El Niño/La Niña to greenhouse warming
ThuApr 0202:00Andy HoggOcean gyres driven by surface buoyancy forcing
ThuMar 1902:00Nerlie AbramAustralia’s black summer & the connections to human-caused climate change
ThuMar 1202:00John ChurchRecent and Ongoing Global and Regional Sea-level Change: What, Why, and Future Implications?
ThuMar 0502:00Katarina MiljkovicStructure of the martian crust and overview of the NASA Insight mission
ThuFeb 2702:00Nicolas ThouvenyCosmogenic 10Be and paleomagnetic records of the Earth’s magnetic field history: news and views
ThuFeb 2002:00Trevor IrelandPerspectives on Asteroids
ThuFeb 1302:00Patrick BallThe Global Influence of Mantle Temperature on Intraplate Magmatism
ThuFeb 0602:00Benoit TauzinA poorly mixed mantle and its thermal state inferred from seismic waves
ThuNov 1402:00Babak HejraniAdvances in Seismic Source determination, application to seismicity in Australasia
ThuOct 3102:00Caitlin WhalenInternal Wave Driven Mixing in the Ocean: Governing Processes and Consequences for Climate
ThuOct 1702:00Lisa TauxeHunting the Magnetic Field
ThuOct 1002:00Luke ParsonsInterdecadal Temperature Variability in Climate Model Simulations and Paleoclimate Data
ThuOct 0303:00Rob SherrellMelting ice shelves and iron-controlled primary productivity in the Amundsen Sea, West Antarctica
ThuSep 2603:00Patrick De DekkerClimatic evolution in Australia spanning human occupancy over the last 55,000 years
TueSep 2403:00Guillermo Diaz-PulidoCalcification of coralline algae in coral reefs: Mechanisms, patterns and environmental controls
TueSep 1706:00Taimoor SohailLinking turbulent convection to large-scale ocean dynamics
ThuAug 2203:00Kasper van WijkRemote sensing of the elastic properties of solids: a journey from seismology to laser ultrasound (and back)
TueAug 2001:30Nicholas ThouvenyCosmogenic 10Be and paleomagnetic records of the Earth’s magnetic field history : news and views
ThuAug 0803:00Luc DoucetFormation of the early continental lithosphere - the message from non-traditional stable isotopes
ThuMay 3004:00Vasileios ChatzarasRheological structure of plate boundary strike-slip faults
ThuMay 2304:00Alison LeitchThe Significance of Serpentine
ThuMay 1604:00Jody WebsterThe evolution of the Great Barrier Reef: a decade of progress & future directions
ThuMay 0904:00Louis MoresiNumerical Modelling of Subduction zones
ThuMay 0204:00Charles Lineweaver and Haiyang WangThe bulk elemental composition of the Earth and Sun with uncertainties: what can this comparison tell us about the composition of rocky exoplanets?
WedApr 1704:00Clive NealUnderstanding the Eruptions of Submarine Large Igneous Provinces and Their Effects on the Environment
ThuApr 1103:00Karol CzarnotaBillion-year stability of cratonic edges controls location of global sediment-hosted metals
ThuApr 0402:00David RobinsonScience and Technology in Indonesian Disaster Management: Ten Years of Indonesia – Australia Collaboration
ThuMar 2802:00John MooresDoors held ajar in storms: Insights into Atmospheric Planetary Science
ThuMar 2102:00Balz KamberLessons from the Sudbury impact structure for the Hadean Earth
ThuMar 1402:00Paul TregoningWhat have we learned about Earth from space gravity missions?
ThuMar 0702:00Andrew GliksonClimate tipping points: implications of paleo-climate records
ThuFeb 2802:00Gretchen Benedix and Phil BlandCrater Counting using Machine Learning
ThuFeb 2102:00Cornel DeRondeSeafloor hydrothermal systems of intraoceanic arcs
ThuFeb 1402:00Caroline UmmenhoferChanges in the width of the Indo-Pacific tropical rain belt from climate model simulations and palaeo proxy records
ThuNov 2902:00Tas an OmmenA continuous ice core record of climate to beyond a million years
ThuNov 1502:00Simon TurnerStudies of water on Earth and in the asteroid belt
ThuNov 0802:00Haojia Abby RenOcean Fertilization by Natural and Anthropogenic Nitrogen Input in the Past and Present
ThuOct 2502:00Ronald FrostGeologic History Of The Wyoming Province, One of the Oldest Fragments of Crust in the World
ThuOct 1103:00Matthew HuberThe Miocene is the Future
ThuOct 0404:00Mike CoffinVolcanoes, Iron, and Phytoplankton in the Southern Ocean
ThuSep 2704:00Caroline TiddyMulti-faceted mineral exploration: something for everyone
FriSep 2103:30David CookeHaddon Forrester King Lecture: Porphyry copper, gold and molybdenum deposits – new geochemical exploration methods to aid discovery
ThuSep 1304:00Nick GolledgeIce sheets, climate, and sea level, from the past to the future
ThuSep 0603:00Rob McKayRoss Sea West Antarctic Ice Sheet History in the Late Cenozoic
ThuAug 2304:00Gerhard BreyThe birth, growth and ageing of the Kaapvaal subcratonic mantle
WedAug 2203:00Georgina FalsterMillennial-scale variability in south-east Australian hydroclimate between 30,000 and 10,000 years ago
ThuAug 1604:00Shaun BarkerFaults and fluid-rock reaction: controls on the massive Carlin-type gold deposits of Nevada
ThuAug 0904:00Trevor AllenThe 2018 National Seismic Hazard Assessment for Australia
ThuAug 0204:00Rebecca MetzlerExploring barnacle exoskeleton formation
ThuJul 2604:00Katrin MeissnerModelling the dynamics of past climate change
ThuJul 1904:00Tim NaishGlobal sea-level during the mid- to Late Pliocene (~3.3-2.6 Ma) and implications for polar ice sheet variability
WedMar 2103:00Balz KamberLessons from the Sudbury impact structure for the Hadean Earth
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