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cosmology and nongalactic astrophysics general relativity and quantum cosmology HEP - phenomenology HEP - theory mathematical physics

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Wednesday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Franz Ciceri*, Alfred Bovon*
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WedJun 1914:00Chris BlairUnification of Decoupling Limits in String and M-Theory
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WedJun 1214:00Shota KomatsuBMN matrix model and open-closed-open triality
WedMay 1514:00Arthur HebeckerLoop Blowup Inflation
WedApr 0314:00Benjamin J. HeindenreichA Proof of the Weak Gravity Conjecture in Perturbative Bosonic String Theory
WedMar 0615:00Cristofero Fraser-TalienteComputation of Quark Masses in String Theory
WedFeb 1415:00Karapet MkrtchyanDemocratic formulation for p-forms and non-linear (twisted) self-duality equation
WedFeb 0715:00Fernando MarchesanoOn the moduli space curvature at infinity
WedJan 1715:00Vincent MenetNew non-supersymmetric flux vacua from generalised calibrations
WedDec 2015:00Gwenael FerrandoA Large Twist Limit for Any Operator in N=4 SYM
WedDec 1315:00Gianluca Inverso2d gauged maximal supergravities and Kaluza–Klein reductions
WedNov 2915:00Nat LevineEquivalence of 1-loop RG flows in 4d Chern-Simons and integrable 2d sigma-models
WedNov 2215:00Matthew KlebanAxion Landscapes in Cosmology and String Theory
WedNov 0815:00Andrea CampoleoniFlat from anti-de Sitter
WedOct 1814:00Victor RodriguezThe Virasoro minimal string and 2d string cosmology
WedOct 0414:00Jerome QuintinApplications of the Kontsevich-Segal Bound in Quantum Cosmology
WedJun 2814:00Manki KimTowards string loop corrections in Calabi-Yau orientifold compactifications
WedMay 3114:00Lorenz EberhardtSolving 3d Gravity with Virasoro TQFT
WedMay 1714:00Gerben VenkenThe impact of alpha' corrections on de Sitter uplifts and warped throats
WedMay 0314:00Max WiesnerBounds on Species Scale and the Distance Conjecture
WedApr 0514:00Sebastian MizeraEvaluating one-loop string amplitudes
WedMar 2215:00Luca CiambelliCorner Symmetries in Gravity
WedMar 0815:00Yixuan LiLocal supersymmetry enhancement and the entropy of three-charge black holes
WedFeb 2215:00T. GrimmThe Tameness of Quantum Field Theory
WedJan 2515:00Junho HongLarge N partition functions, holography, and black holes
WedJan 1115:00Eduardo Gonzalo-BadiaType IIB flux compactifications with h^{1,1} = 0
WedDec 1415:00Thomas Van RietA supergravity view on a possible AdS1/CFT0 correspondence
WedNov 2315:00Bruno Valeixo BentoGravity at the Tip of the Throat
WedNov 0915:00Shai ChesterPure supergravity and the conformal bootstrap
WedOct 1914:00Jean-Luc LehnersHow to create universes with internal flux
WedOct 0514:00Claude Duhr2D fishnet integrals and Calabi-Yau geometries
WedJun 2214:00Oscar Loaiza-BritoAdS and dS vacua from torsion and non-BPS states
WedJun 0814:00Michela PetriniA systematic approach to consistent truncations
WedMay 2514:00Romain RuzziconiA Carrollian Perspective on Celestial Holography
WedMay 1114:00Erik PlauschinnThe tadpole conjecture in asymptotic limits
WedApr 1314:00Gianguido Dall'AgataSupergravity and the weak gravity conjecture
WedMar 3014:00Marios PetropoulosCarrollian fluids and Chthonian versus celestial holography
WedMar 1615:15Joseph ConlonHolographic Questions About Moduli Stabilisation
WedMar 0215:00Daniel Junghans(Cancelled) Corrections to the LARGE-Volume Scenario
WedFeb 0915:00Francesc CunilleraQuintessence and the Swampland: tales of parametric and numerical control
WedJan 1215:00Edgar ShaghoulianThe central dogma and cosmological horizons
WedDec 0815:00Ivonne ZavalaMultifield inflation in string theory and supergravity
WedNov 2415:00Giuseppe DibitettoNon-perturbative instability of mIIA on AdS_4 x S^6
WedNov 1015:00Vincent Van HemelryckScale-separated AdS4 vacua of IIA orientifolds and M-theory
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