Topological Groups

dynamical systems general topology group theory

University of Hawaiʻi

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 16:00-18:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Wayne Lewis*, Adolf Mader*
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Protori theory, structure of LCA groups, topological entropy, connections between compact group theory and algebraic number theory and abelian varieties.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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TueApr 2716:00Linus KramerAutomatic continuity for topological groups
TueApr 1316:00Pratulananda DasOn certain "differently" characterized subgroups of the circle group
TueMar 3016:00Rafael DahmenLong Direct Limits of Topological Groups
TueMar 2316:00Wolfgang HerfortLCA p-groups in which every maximal monothetic subgroup splits
TueMar 1616:00Adolf MaderFree Subgroups with Torsion Quotients and Profinite Subgroups with Torus Quotients: Arbitrary Rank
TueMar 0916:00Manoj KumminiPolynomial invariant rings
TueMar 0216:00Joseph A. WolfUncertainty Principles for Gelfand Pairs
TueFeb 2316:00Tea N. CoffeeTwo Years Forward, One Year Back
TueFeb 1616:00Francesco RussoA probabilistic measure for the number of commuting subgroups in locally compact groups
TueFeb 0916:00Eniola KazeemSubgroup Commutativity Degree of Profinite Groups
TueFeb 0216:00Francesco Fournier-FacioNormed p-adic amenability and bounded cohomology
TueJan 2616:00Joseph A. WolfGelfand Pairs
TueDec 0816:00Mikhail TkachenkoPseudocompact Paratopological and Quasitopological Groups
TueDec 0116:00Farzana NasrinBayesian Statistics, Topology and Machine Learning for Complex Data Analysis
TueNov 2416:00Seid KassawThe probability of commuting subgroups in arbitrary lattices of subgroups
TueNov 1016:00Monique ChybaJourney in Hawaii's Challenges in the Fight Against COVID-19
TueNov 0316:00Wayne LewisAccounting with $\mathbb{QP}^\infty$
TueOct 2716:00Wayne LewisAbelian Varieties as Algebraic Protori?
TueOct 2016:00BreakTopological Groups Seminar Two-Week Hiatus
TueOct 1316:00BreakTopological Groups Seminar Two-Week Hiatus
TueOct 0616:00Nicolò ZavaTowards a unifying approach to algebraic and coarse entropy
TueSep 2916:00Sutanu RoyCompact Quantum Groups and their Semidirect Products
TueSep 2216:00Mukund Madhav MishraPotential Theory on Stratified Lie Groups
TueSep 1516:00Nico SpronkTopologies, idempotents and ideals
TueSep 0816:00Bharat TalwarClosed Lie Ideals and Center of Generalized Group Algebras
TueSep 0116:00Dona StraussThe Semigroup $\beta S$
TueAug 2516:00Wayne LewisClassification of Periodic LCA Groups of Finite Non-Archimedean Dimension
TueAug 1816:00Elena Martín-PeinadorGroup dualities: G-barrelled groups
TueAug 1116:00Helge GlöcknerLocally Compact Contraction Groups
TueAug 0416:00George WillisTotally disconnected locally compact groups and the scale
TueJul 2816:00Dikran DikranjanOn a Class of Profinite Groups Related to a Theorem of Prodanov
TueJul 2116:00C.R.E. RajaProbability Measures and Structure of Locally Compact Groups
TueJul 1416:00Ajay KumarUncertainty Principles on Locally Compact Groups
TueJul 0716:00Indira ChatterjiGroups Admitting Proper Actions by Affine Isometries on Lp Spaces
TueJun 3016:00BreakTopological Groups Seminar One-Week Hiatus
TueJun 2316:00Karl HofmannThe group algebra of a compact group and Tannaka duality for compact groups
TueJun 1616:00Riddhi ShahDynamics of Distal Actions on Locally Compact Groups
TueJun 0916:00Ajit Iqbal SinghVariants of Invariant Means of Amenability
TueJun 0216:00BreakTopological Groups Seminar One-Week Hiatus
TueMay 2616:00Peter LothSimply Given Compact Abelian Groups
TueMay 1916:00Lydia AußenhoferOn the Mackey Topology of an Abelian Topological Group
TueMay 1216:00Nicolò ZavaThe Large-Scale Geometry of Locally Compact Abelian Groups
TueMay 0516:00Anna Giordano BrunoTopological Entropy and Algebraic Entropy on Locally Compact Abelian Groups
TueApr 2816:00Dikran DikranjanThe Connection between the von Neumann Kernel and the Zariski Topology
TueApr 2116:00Adolf MaderPontryagin Duals of Type Subgroups of Finite Rank Torsion-Free Abelian Groups
TueApr 1416:00Wayne LewisClassification of Finite-Dimensional Periodic LCA Groups
TueApr 0716:00Wayne LewisAdelic Theory of Protori
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