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probability statistics theory

La Trobe University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 01:00-02:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Andriy Olenko*
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Description: Statistics and stochastic zoom seminar

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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ThuNov 0401:00Masters StudentsMasters Students Talks
ThuOct 2101:00Dr. Francis K.C. HuiSpatio-temporal joint species distribution modeling – A community-level basis function approach
ThuSep 3009:00Dr. Miryana GrigorovaSuperhedging of options in a non-linear incomplete financial market model.
ThuSep 1602:00Illia DonhauzerOn the asymptotic behavior of functionals of random fields
ThuSep 0902:00Prof Christopher DrovandiStatistical Inference for Implicit Models using Bayesian Synthetic Likelihood
ThuAug 1902:00Dr Matias QuirozSpectral Subsampling MCMC for Stationary Multivariate Time Series
ThuJun 2402:00Masters StudentsMasters Students Talks
ThuJun 1702:00A/Prof Minh-Ngoc TranVariational Bayes on Manifolds
ThuMay 0602:00Mitra JazayeriFactors affecting first year psychology students’ statistics learning
ThuApr 0101:00Nicholas SingMining Lipidomics for Biological Insight
FriMar 1201:00Jason GrealeyQuantifying computational carbon footprints and deep learning in genomic prediction
WedDec 0901:00Nishika RanathungaConfidence Intervals in General Regression Models that Utilize Uncertain Prior Information
ThuNov 1903:00Ravindi NanayakkaraStochastic Modelling and Statistical Analysis of Dependent Data
WedNov 1823:30Prof Gael M. MartinComputing Bayes: Bayesian Computation from 1763 to the 21st Century
ThuNov 0523:004 presentersTheses talks by 4 students
ThuOct 1501:00Dr Tingjin ChuLarge Spatial Data Modeling and Analysis: A Krylov Subspace Approach
ThuOct 0103:05Mason TerrettSARGDV: Efficient identification of groundwater-dependent vegetation using synthetic aperture radar
ThuOct 0102:00Dr Jie Yen FanMulti-type age-structured population model
FriSep 0402:00Illia DonhauzerAsymptotic behaviour of functionals of random fields
ThuJun 2502:00Dr Mumtaz HussainMetric number theory via geometry and dynamics: Mahler to Margulis
ThuJun 1802:00Dr Damjan VukcevicAnalysis of repeated categorical ratings: going beyond inter-rater agreement.
ThuJun 1102:00Dr David FrazierRobust and Efficient Approximate Bayesian Computation: A Minimum Distance Approach
WedJun 0301:00Marina MasiotiOptimal transformations for dimension reduction and the problem of eigenvalue switching
ThuMay 0702:00Dr Jessica KaszaCross-overs, stepped wedges and staircases: some recent work in longitudinal cluster randomised trials
ThuApr 3001:00Prof Robert GriffithsLambda coalescent trees and graphs
ThuMar 1904:00Jason Gavin GrealeyInvestigating the utility of neural networks in genomic prediction
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