Sydney Dynamics Group Seminar

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dynamical systems

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Georg Gottwald, Sean Gasiorek*
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Description: Research seminar for dynamical systems topics

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriNov 0505:00Meagan CarneyNonstationary extremal modeling in weather systems
FriOct 2204:00Andrus GirladoDegenerate singular cycles and chaotic switching in the two-site open Bose--Hubbard model
FriOct 0805:00Courtney QuinnDynamical analysis of data-driven reduced models for persistent atmospheric states
FriSep 2406:00Chunxi JiaoSolution of a stochastic Landau-Lifshitz-Slonczewski equation
FriSep 1006:30Alfonso SorrentinoThe Hamilton–Jacobi equation on networks: weak KAM and Aubry–Mather theories
FriAug 2705:00Hinke OsingaComputing periodic travelling waves and their stability in a heteroclinic-cycle model
FriAug 1306:00Rachel WangWhen random initialisations help: a study of variational inference for community detection
FriJun 2506:00Connor JackmanThe geometry of (planar) Kepler orbits
ThuJun 1023:00Monique ChybaEpidemiological modeling, and COVID-19 Heterogeneity in Islands Chain Environment
FriMay 2806:00Cecilia Gonzáles-TokmanLyapunov exponents for transfer operator cocycles of random interval maps
ThuMay 1306:00Florica CîrsteaExistence of singular solutions to elliptic equations with critical Hardy--Sobolev growth
FriApr 3006:00Eric HesterModelling fluid-solid interactions
FriApr 2305:30Jason AtnipRandom Interval Maps with Holes
FriMar 2605:00Nathan DuignanIntegrability, Normal Forms, and Magnetic Axis Coordinates
FriMar 1203:00Richard MontgomerySome open questions in the N-body problem
ThuNov 0523:00Mariusz UrbanskiRandom non-hyperbolic exponential maps
WedOct 2807:00Sandro VaientiOn some recent applications of extreme value theory to dynamical systems
FriOct 2305:00Corey ShanbromSelf-similarity in the Kepler-Heisenberg problem
FriOct 0905:00Priya SubramanianFormation of complex spatial patterns in systems with two length scales
FriSep 1106:00Georg GottwaldSupervised learning from noisy observations: Combining machine-learning techniques with data assimilation
FriAug 2106:00David PfefferleSpinning tops and magneto-hydrodynamics: Part 2
FriJul 3106:00David PfefferleWhat do spinning tops and flowing plasmas have in common?
FriJul 0306:00Davide RavottiQuantitative global-local mixing for accessible skew products
FriJun 2606:00Caroline WormellSpectral convergence of diffusion maps
FriJun 1207:00Reza MohammadpourLyapunov spectrum properties
FriJun 0506:00Bob DewarTime-dependent relaxed magnetohydrodynamics -- inclusion of cross helicity constraint using phase-space action
FriMay 2901:00Zachary NicolaouCritical switching in globally attractive chimeras
FriMay 2204:00Carlo LaingDynamics and stability of chimera states in two coupled populations of oscillators
FriMay 1506:00Jason AtnipThermodynamic formalism for random weighted covering systems
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