PIMS Geometry / Algebra / Physics (GAP) Seminar

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mathematical physics commutative algebra algebraic geometry algebraic topology number theory quantum algebra rings and algebras representation theory symplectic geometry

University of Saskatchewan

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Steven Rayan*, Alex Weekes, Curtis Wendlandt
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedFeb 0723:30Antoine BourgetDecay and fission of magnetic quivers
WedFeb 0722:30Julius GrimmingerQuivers and their 3d Coulomb branches
ThuJan 1122:00Yuly BilligSheaves of AV-modules over projective varieties
WedNov 2222:00Casey BlackerGeometric and algebraic reduction of multisymplectic manifolds
ThuOct 1222:30Abid AliStrong integrality of inversion subgroups of Kac-Moody groups
ThuAug 0322:00Sachin GautamR-matrices of affine Yangians
FriMay 1222:00Puttipong PongtanapaisanRandom knotting and linking
WedMay 0322:00Gabriel IslambouliMultisections and Bridge multisections
ThuFeb 0222:30Matthew Young$U_q(\mathfrak{gl}(1 \vert 1))$ and $U(1 \vert 1)$ Chern--Simons theory
ThuDec 1522:30Aleksei IlinBethe subalgebras of Yangians
ThuNov 2422:00Michael GroechenigComplex K-theory of dual Hitchin systems
ThuOct 1322:00Maggie MillerObstructing isotopy with an extra dimension
ThuAug 1822:00Monica Jinwoo KangA universal formula for the density of states with global symmetry
ThuJul 1422:00Raphaël BelliardPushing around loop equations
MonMay 3022:00Sasha TsymbaliukBGG-type relations for transfer matrices of rational spin chains and the shifted Yangians
ThuMay 2622:00Matthew RupertConstructing braided categories associated to logarithmic vertex algebras
ThuMay 1222:00Bryan KettleSuper Yangians: where we are today
ThuMar 2422:00Anne DranowskiComputing fusion products of MV cycles using the Mirkovic–Vybornov isomorphism
ThuFeb 1722:00Daniel DouglasTropical Fock-Goncharov coordinates for SL_3-webs on surfaces
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