VCU geometry and topology seminar

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mathematical physics algebraic geometry algebraic topology category theory differential geometry K-theory and homology quantum algebra representation theory symplectic geometry

Virginia Commonwealth University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 14:00-14:50 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Marco Aldi*, Allison Moore*, Nicola Tarasca*
*contact for this listing

Description: Research seminar on Geometry and Topology from VCU.

Meetings will be conducted over Zoom:

Meeting ID: 964 9977 5895

The password is 10 characters, consisting of the name of the ancient Greek mathematician who wrote "Elements" (first letter capitalized) followed by the first 4 primes.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriOct 0114:00Robert DeYeso(Heegaard Floer) thin knots satisfy the Cabling Conjecture
FriOct 0814:00Mara UngureanuTBA
FriOct 1514:00Margherita Lelli-ChiesaTBA
FriOct 2914:00Jingling YangTBA
FriNov 0514:00Luca VitaglianoTBA
FriNov 1915:00Scott MullaneTBA
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Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriSep 2414:00César Lozano HuertaOn the Weak Lefschetz Principle in birational geometry
FriSep 1714:00Vance BlankersAlternative compactifications of the moduli space of curves
FriSep 1014:00Seppo Niemi-ColvinInvariance of Knot Lattice Homology
FriApr 3019:00Allison MooreTBA
FriApr 0219:00Jonathan C. JohnsonBi-Orderability Techniques and Double Twist Links
FriMar 1919:00Oğuz ŞavkClassical and New Plumbings Bounding Contractible Manifolds and Rational Homology Balls
FriMar 0520:00Bin GuiConjugation and positivity of conformal blocks
FriFeb 1220:00Hannah TurnerBranched cyclic covers and L-spaces
FriFeb 0520:00Nicola PaganiGeometry of genus 1 fine compactified Jacobians
FriDec 1116:00Juan Jose VillarrealLogarithmic vertex algebras
FriNov 2020:00Iulia GheorghitaEffective classes in the projectivized k-th Hodge bundle
FriNov 1320:00Gage MartinKhovanov homology, knot Floer homology, and link detection
FriNov 0620:00Joshua LackmanQuantization of (Holomorphic) Poisson Manifolds
FriOct 2319:00Adam SikoraTangle Equations, the Jones conjecture and quantum rational numbers
FriOct 0919:00Joshua WangFloer and Khovanov homologies of band sums
FriSep 1119:00Olof BergvallConfigurations, arrangements and moduli spaces
FriJun 0518:00Matt SzczesnyToric Hall Algebras
FriMay 2918:00Florencia Orosz HunzikerTensor categories arising from the Virasoro algebra
FriMay 2218:00Han-Bom MoonFinite generation of the algebra of conformal blocks via birational geometry.
FriMay 1518:00Scott TaylorLower bounds on the tunnel number of composite spatial theta graphs
FriMay 0818:00Joshua Sussanp-DG structures and categorification
FriMay 0118:00Katherine MaxwellThe super Mumford form and Sato grassmannian
FriApr 2418:00Samantha KirkVertex Operator Representations of Twisted Toroidal Lie algebras
FriApr 1718:00Allison MooreIntroduction to Khovanov Homology, part 3
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