CUNY Harmonic Analysis and PDE's Seminar

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The Graduate Center, City University of New York

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 17:00-18:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Azita Mayeli, Vincent R. Martinez*, Weilin Li
Curator: Han Li*
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The seminars are devoted to various topics in harmonic analysis and its applications to partial differential equations and signal processing. The topics of the seminars are, but not limited to, sampling and frames theory, Riesz bases and signal processing, Fuglede Conjecture, singular integral theory, oscillatory integral operators, restriction and Kakeya-type estimates, decoupling, dispersive PDE, and elliptic PDE. If you would like to present a talk, or you would like to be added to our mailing list, please contact one of the corresponding co-organizers.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriApr 2817:00Chun-Kit LaiOn measure and topological Erdos similarity problems
FriApr 2117:00Lu ZhangCoupling physics-deep learning inversion
FriApr 1417:00Nabil T. FadaiSemi-infinite travelling waves arising in moving-boundary reaction-diffusion equations
FriMar 3117:00Michael A. PerlmutterGeometric Scattering on Measure Spaces
FriMar 2417:00Geet VarmaWeaving Frames Linked with Fractal Convolutions
FriMar 1717:00Arthur A. DanielyanOn a converse of Fatou's theorem
FriMar 1018:00Fushuai JiangQuasi-optimal $C^2(R^n)$ Interpolation with Range Restriction
FriFeb 1719:00Raghavendra VenkatramanHomogenization questions inspired by machine learning and the semi-supervised learning problem
FriFeb 0319:00Kevin D. StubbsA Mathematical Invitation to Wannier Functions
FriDec 0219:00Amir SagivFloquet Hamiltonians - effective gaps and resonant decay
FriNov 1820:00David GoluskinVerifying global stability of fluid flows despite transient growth of energy (Special Time)
FriNov 1119:00Aleh Oleg AsipchukConstruction of exponential bases on split intervals
FriNov 0418:00Daniel GinsbergThe stability of model shocks and the Landau law of decay
FriSep 3018:00Laura De CarliWeaving Riesz bases, and piecewise weighted frames
FriMay 1318:00Arie IsraelThe norm of linear extension operators for $C^m(R^n)$
FriApr 2918:00Weinan WangLocal well-posedness for the Boltzmann equation with very soft potential and polynomially decaying initial data
FriApr 0818:00Shahaf NitzanThe uncertainty principle in finite dimensions
FriApr 0118:00Itay LondnerTiling the integers with translates of one tile: the Coven-Meyerowitz tiling conditions
FriMar 2518:00Weilin LiFunction approximation with one-bit Bernstein and one-bit neural networks
FriMar 1119:00Gareth SpeightWhitney Extension and Lusin Approximation in Carnot Groups
FriMar 0419:00Mark MagsinoSingular Values of Random Subensembles of Frame Vectors
FriDec 1718:00Peter BalazsContinuous Frames and Reproducing Kernels
FriDec 1018:00Tuan PhamConservation of frequencies and applications to the well-posedness problem of the Navier-Stokes equations
FriDec 0318:00Tao ZhangFuglede's conjecture holds in $\mathbb{Z}_p\times\mathbb{Z}_{p^n}$
FriNov 1918:00Götz PfanderExponential bases for partitions of intervals
FriNov 0517:00Deniz BilmanHigh-Order Rogue Waves and Solitons, and Solutions Interpolating Between Them
FriOct 2917:00Hau-Tieng WuSome recent progress in diffusion based manifold learning
FriOct 2217:00Suen Chun Kit AnthonyVanishing parameter limit for a class of active scalar equations
FriOct 1517:00Bing-Ying LuUniversality near the gradient catastrophe point in the semiclassical sine-Gordon equation
FriOct 0817:00Vincent R. MartinezOn well-posedness and smoothing of solutions to the generalized SQG equations in critical Sobolev spaces, Part II
FriOct 0117:00Anuj KumarOn well-posedness and smoothing of solutions to the generalized SQG equations in critical Sobolev spaces
FriMay 1418:00Emily J. KingMathematical analysis of neural networks
FriMay 0718:00Andrea GiorginiDiffuse Interface modeling for two-phase flows: from the model H to the AGG model
FriApr 3018:00Ali PakzadThe role of energy dissipation in modeling turbulence
FriApr 2318:00David SondakAn Autoencoder and Reduced Basis for Dynamical Systems
FriApr 0918:00Zachary BradshawNon-decaying solutions to the critical surface quasi-geostrophic equations with symmetries
FriMar 2618:00Animikh BiswasDetermining Functionals and Maps, Data Assimilation and an Observable Regularity Criterion for Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamical Equations
FriMar 1918:00Pooja RaoModeling mixing accurately in numerical simulations of interfacial instabilities
FriMar 1219:00Rachel GreenfeldTranslational tilings in lattices
FriFeb 2619:00Steven SengerSharpness of Falconer-type estimates for dot products
FriFeb 1919:00Ruxi ShiSpectral sets and spectral measures on groups with one prime factor
FriFeb 1219:00Marcin BownikParseval wavelet frames on Riemaniann manifolds
FriDec 1819:00Peter A. LinnellThe discrete Pompeiu problem
FriDec 1119:00Felipe NegreiraWavelets decompositions and its applications on regular metric spaces
FriDec 0419:00Kevin LuliSmooth Nonnegative Interpolation
FriNov 2019:00Mahya GhandehariFourier algebras of the group of ${\mathbb R}$-affine transformations and a dual convolution
FriNov 1319:00Collin VictorData Assimilation & PDEs (Part VI): Continuous Data Assimilation Enhanced by Mobile Observers
FriOct 3018:00Michael S. JollyData Assimilation & PDEs (Part IV): Data assimilation for the 2D Navier-Stokes equations using local observables
FriOct 2318:00Gergely KissOn the Fuglede conjecture for the product of elementary abelian groups over prime fields
FriOct 1618:00Aseel FarhatData Assimilation & PDEs (Part III): Data Assimilation algorithms for the Rayleigh-Bénard Convection problem.
FriOct 0918:00Tural SadigovData Assimilation & PDEs (Part II): A Computational Study of a data assimilation algorithm for the damped, driven Korteweg - de Vries equation - Fourier Modes, Nodes, and Volume Elements cases
FriOct 0218:00Vincent R. MartinezData Assimilation & PDEs (Part I): An Overview of Recent Rigorous Results
FriSep 1818:00Máté VizerRecent developments in the discrete Fuglede conjecture
FriJul 3118:00Ben KrausePointwise Ergodic Theorems for Non-conventional Bilinear Polynomial Averages
FriJul 2418:00Joris RoosSpherical maximal functions and fractal dimensions of dilation sets
FriJul 1718:00Laura De CarliSufficient conditions for the existence of exponential bases on domains of $\mathbb{R}^d$
FriJul 1018:00Cheng ZhangSharp endpoint estimates for eigenfunctions restricted to submanifolds of codimension 2
FriJul 0318:00Bradley CurreyLinear independence of translate systems
FriJun 1918:00Theresa C. AndersonDiscrete maximal functions over surfaces of higher codimension
FriJun 1214:00Bochen LiuFourier frames for surface-carried measures
FriJun 0514:30Natalia Accomazzo ScottiMaximal directional singular integrals
FriMay 2918:00Bingyang HuOn the general dyadic system in Euclidean spaces
FriMay 2218:00Michael LaceyDiscrete improving inequalities
FriMay 1518:00Yi LiMonotone properties of the eigenfunction of Neumann problems
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