Analysis and Geometry Seminar

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analysis of PDEs classical analysis and ODEs complex variables differential geometry dynamical systems functional analysis metric geometry

Chapman University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 21:30-22:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Polona Durcik*, Mario Stipčić, Mihaela Vajiac
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Past talks
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FriApr 2921:00José Ramón Madrid PadillaOn classical inequalities for autocorrelations and autoconvolutions
FriMar 1821:30Brett WickCommutators of Calder\'on-Zygmund Operators and Bounded Mean Oscillation (or Factorization and Hardy Spaces)
FriMar 1122:30Daniel AlpayDiscrete analytic functions and Schur analysis
FriMar 0422:30Ahmed SebbarOn a question of J. P. Serre II
FriFeb 2522:30Michel BalazardThe criteria of Nyman and Baez-Duarte for the Riemann hypothesis
FriFeb 1822:30Ahmed SebbarOn a question of J. P. Serre
WedNov 1720:00Alain YgerRevisiting syzygies, hence division or interpolation problems, in terms of residue and principal value currents
FriNov 1223:00Paata IvanisviliLearning low degree functions in logarithmic number of random queries.
FriOct 0822:00Izchak LewkowiczPassive Linear Time-invariant Systems - Characterization through Structure
FriSep 1722:00Kamal DikiAn approach to the Gaussian RBF kernels via Fock spaces
FriMay 1422:00Trang Thi Thien NguyenNon-homogeneous T(1) theorem for singular integrals on product quasimetric spaces
FriMay 0722:00Oumar WoneFrobenius determinants and Toric varieties
FriApr 1622:00Annina IseliThurston maps with four postcritical points
FriMar 1223:00Mario StipčićL^p estimates for dyadic singular integral forms associated with hypergraphs and for ergodic-martingale paraproducts
FriMar 0523:00Dan VolokZeros of discrete analytic polynomials
FriFeb 1923:00William Riley CasperCommuting differential and integral operators and the adelic Grassmannian
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