NCTS international Geometric Measure Theory seminar

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National Center for Theoretical Sciences

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Giovanni Alberti, Ulrich Menne*, Yoshihiro Tonegawa, Neshan Wickramasekera
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We envisage an event built around virtual presentations on progress in geometric measure theory by external speakers. Every researcher is free to register as a participant and thus gain access to a virtual facility which is complete with lobby, lecture hall, and areas with boards for discussion. Thus, it shall recreate the exchange possibilities found at international conferences.

Focus: regularity and singularity theories for submanifolds of Riemannian manifolds and some of its applications.

Frequency: one presentation every other month.

Registration: required for new participants, go to the seminar website (allow at least one working day for processing).

Virtual venue: HyHyve space NCTS iGMT seminar (only for registered participants, opened one hour before the events).

You might want to consult the description of the premises and instructions.

Former organiser: Guido De Philippis (till March 2022, successor: Giovanni Alberti).

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedJul 1708:00Xiangyu LiangAlmgren minimals sets, minimal cones, unions and products
WedMay 1512:00Daniele ValtortaEnergy identity for stationary harmonic maps
WedMar 2722:30Richard BamlerOn the Multiplicity One Conjecture for Mean Curvature Flows of Surfaces
WedJan 1012:30Raanan SchulUniformly rectifiable metric spaces
WedNov 1512:00Robert HaslhoferMean curvature flow with surgery
WedSep 2008:00Georg WeissRectifiability, finite Hausdorff measure, and compactness for non-minimizing Bernoulli free boundaries
WedJul 1208:00Brian KrummelAnalysis of singularities of area minimizing currents
WedMay 1712:00Christos MantoulidisGeneric regularity of minimizing hypersurfaces in dimensions 9 and 10
WedMar 1508:00Jie ZhouBi-Lipschitz regularity of 2-varifolds with the critical Allard condition
WedJan 1813:00Filip RindlerSingularities, Rectifiability, and PDE-constraints
WedNov 2313:00Antoine SongThe spherical Plateau problem: existence, uniqueness, stability
WedSep 2112:00Gábor SzékelyhidiMinimal hypersurfaces with cylindrical tangent cones
WedJul 2012:00Costante BellettiniHypersurfaces with prescribed-mean-curvature: existence and properties
WedMay 1812:00Alessandro Pigati(Non-)quantization phenomena for higher-dimensional Ginzburg-Landau vortices
WedMar 1612:00Simone SteinbrüchelA regularity theorem for area-minimizing currents at higher multiplicity boundary points
WedJan 1912:30Paul MinterA structure theory for branched stable hypersurfaces
WedNov 1722:00Otis ChodoshStable minimal hypersurfaces in $\mathbb R^4$
WedSep 2212:15Alessio FigalliFree boundary regularity in the Stefan problem
WedJul 2112:15David BateA non-linear Besicovitch–Federer projection theorem for metric spaces
WedMay 1913:30Tatiana ToroGeometric measure theory: a powerful tool in potential theory
WedMar 1712:15Felix SchulzeMean curvature flow with generic initial data
WedJan 2014:30Juncheng WeiSecond order estimates for interfaces of Allen-Cahn
TueNov 1722:00Leon SimonStable minimal hypersurfaces in $\R^{N+1+\ell}$ with singular set an arbitrary closed $K\subset\{0\}\times\R^{\ell}$
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