Perspectives on climate sciences: from historical developments to research frontiers

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atmospheric sciences global environmental change mathematical physics dynamical systems statistics theory nonlinear sciences ocean sciences geophysics physics and society

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: Valerio Lembo*
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WedJul 1412:30Michael Mann"The rise and fall of Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation"
WedJul 0712:30Denisse Sciamarella"Topology of Chaos"
WedJun 2312:30Gabriele Hegerl"The detection and attribution of anthropogenic climate change"
WedJun 1612:30James Yorke"Small dynamic models to understand large models"
WedJun 0912:30Ken Golden"On Thinning Ice: Modeling sea ice in a warming climate"
WedJun 0212:30Raymond Pierrehumbert"A journey from GFD to exoplanets, with snowballs and global warming along the way"
WedMay 1914:30Valerie Trouet"A paleoclimate perspective on large-scale climate dynamics"
WedMay 1214:30Clara Deser"New Perspectives on the Role of Internal Variability in Regional Climate Change and Climate"
WedMar 3112:30Giovanni Jona-Lasinio"Understanding non-equilibrium via macroscopic fluctuations"
WedMar 2413:30Berengere Dubrulle"On the concept of energy cascades in turbulence: from Richardson/Kolmogorov picture to multifractal and beyond"
WedMar 1713:30Pascale Braconnot"Paleoclimate modeling to test climate feedbacks and variability"
WedMar 0313:30David Ruelle"Chaos theory: the multidisciplinary origins"
WedFeb 2413:30Eugenia Kalnay"It's not just Climate Change"
WedFeb 1013:30Kerry Emanuel"History of the Scientific Understanding of Hurricanes"
WedFeb 0315:30Susan Solomon"The Scientific And Policy Challenges Of The Antarctic Ozone Hole: A Global Success Story"
WedJan 2713:30Klaus Hasselmann"Klaus Hasselmann's perspectives on climate sciences: an interview"
WedJan 2013:30Brian Hoskins"Potential Vorticity"
WedDec 1613:30Roberto Benzi"The mechanism of stochastic resonance: how it was discovered and why it is relevant in climate change"
WedDec 0215:30Cecile Penland“Time and chance happeneth to them all: Stochastic processes affecting life and nature”
WedNov 1813:30Hans von Storch“Climate science as a social process – history, climatic determinism, CUDOS and post-normality“
WedNov 0413:30Tim Palmer"Ensemble prediction"
WedOct 2112:30Shaun Lovejoy"Scaling, fractals and the search for high level laws in weather, macroweather and the climate"
WedOct 0712:30Michael Ghil“How I got to love dynamical systems & their bifurcations”
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