Classical knots, virtual knots, and algebraic structures related to knots

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Mount Mercy University / Ohio State University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Robert Todd*, Sujoy Mukherjee, Micah Chrisman*
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Description: An asynchronous seminar on knot theory at External HomePage

We built this site to serve as an asynchronous seminar on knot theory. The first posts will be taken from talks scheduled for the (now cancelled) AMS Spring Sectional Meetings. New posts will usually appear Monday mornings. If you would like your talk to appear here, please upload it to youtube and we will embed it as a blog post. Viewers will post questions to your talk and you may answer (or not) at your leisure!

Talks are available at

We particularly welcome talks on virtual knots, welded knots, quandles, racks, non-associative algebra, combinatorial knot theory, and applications of knot theory. We will gladly post presentations on knot theory or any related topic.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueMay 1014:00Mehander SinghPlanar knots and related groups
TueApr 0514:00Oscar OcampoVirtual braid groups, virtual twin groups and crystallographic groups
TueMar 2914:00Fara RenaudHigher coverings of racks and quandles
TueMar 2214:00Kate PetersenPSL(2,C) representations of knot groups
TueMar 1514:00Jessica PurcellGeometry of alternating links on surfaces
TueMar 0815:00Jagdeep BasiQuandle Coloring Quivers of (p,2)-Torus Knots and Links
TueJan 2515:00Rima ChaterjeeKnots in overtwisted contact manifolds
TueJan 1115:00Joseph BoningerThe Jones Polynomial from a Goeritz Matrix
TueDec 0715:00Marithania SilveroKhomotopy type via simplicial complexes and presimplicial sets
WedNov 1715:00Melissa ZhangConstructions toward topological applications of U(1) x U(1) equivariant Khovanov homology
TueNov 0214:00Ben McCartyKhovanov homology for virtual links
TueOct 1914:00Jason JosephMeridional rank and bridge numbers of knotted surfaces and welded knots
TueOct 0514:00Eva HorvatFlattening knotted surfaces
TueSep 2114:00Zsuzsanna DancsoWelded Tangles and the Kashiwara-Vergne Groups
TueSep 0714:00Jose CenicerosCocycle Enhancements of Psyquandle Counting Invariants
MonJul 2614:00Zhiyun ChengChord index type invariants of virtual knots
MonJul 0514:00William RushworthMinimal crossing number implies minimal supporting genus
MonJun 0714:00Boris ColombariClassification of welded links and welded string links up to $w_q$-concordance
MonMay 3114:00Kodai WadaClassification of string links up to $2n$-moves and link-homotopy
MonMay 1714:00Sam NelsonRegion coloring invariants for knots
MonApr 1914:00Akira YasuharaArrow calculus for welded links
MonApr 0514:00Ayaka ShimizuThe reductivity of a knot projection
MonMar 2214:00Jean-Babtiste MeilhanCharacterization(s) of the Reduced Peripheral System
MonMar 1514:00Michael KlugArf invariants in low dimensions
MonMar 0815:00Miriam KuzbaryPure Braids and Link Concordance
MonMar 0115:00Carmen CaprauMovie moves for singular link cobordisms in 4-dimensional space
MonFeb 2215:00Benjamin AudouxCut-diagrams and a Chen--Milnor presentation result for knotted surfaces
MonFeb 0815:00Christopher DavisLinks in homology spheres are homotopic to slice links - an application of the relative Whitney trick.
MonNov 3015:00Ilya KofmanA volumish theorem for virtual links
MonNov 2313:00Hans BodenThe Gordon-Litherland pairing for knots and links in thickened surfaces
MonNov 1615:00Cornelia van CottTwo-bridge knots and their crosscap numbers
MonNov 0915:00Thomas KindredThe geometric content of Tait's conjectures
MonOct 2614:00Joshua EdgeClassifying small virtual skein theories
MonOct 1914:00Mustafa HajijTopological Deep Learning
MonOct 1214:00Samantha AllenUnknotting with a single twist
MonSep 2813:00Matthew HarperA generalization of the Alexander Polynomial from Higher Rank Quantum Groups
TueSep 2213:00Scott BaldridgeWhy unoriented Khovanov homology is useful in graph theory
MonSep 1413:00Heather Dye and Aaron KastnerUsing virtual knots to define groups
MonAug 2414:00Allison MooreTriple linking and Heegaard Floer homology
MonAug 1714:00Homayun KarimiThe Jones-Krushkal polynomial and minimal diagrams of surface links
MonAug 1014:00Nic PetitThe multi-variable Affine Index Polynomial
MonJul 2714:00Rhea Palak BakshiSkein modules and framing changes of links in 3-manifolds
MonJul 2014:00David FreundSome Algebraic Structures for Flat Virtual Links
MonJul 1314:00J. Scott CarterDiagrammatic algebra, part 2
MonJun 2914:00Neslihan GugucmcuWhat is a braidoid diagram?
MonJun 2214:00Emanuele ZappalaInvariants of framed links from cohomology of ternary self-distributive structures
MonJun 1514:00Scott TaylorLower bounds on the tunnel number of composite spatial graphs.
MonJun 0113:00Lou KauffmanRotational Virtual Links, Parity Polynomials and Quantum Link Invariants
MonMay 2514:00Scott CarterDiagrammatic Algebra, Part 1
MonMay 1813:00Micah ChrismanExtending Milnor's concordance invariants to virtual knots and welded links
MonMay 0413:00Puttipong PongtanapaisanKnots with critical bridge spheres
MonApr 2713:00Colin AdamsHyperbolicity and Turaev hyperbolicity of virtual knots
MonApr 2013:00Maggie MillerThe effect of link Dehn surgery on the Thurston norm
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