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Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 15:00-15:50 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Mateusz Michalek
Curator: Saskia Gutzschebauch*
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One day before each seminar, an announcement with the Zoom link is mailed to the NASO e-mail list. To receive these e-mails, please sign up by writing to Mateusz Michalek (see external homepage for link).

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueJun 3015:00Henrik EisenmannUsing an alternating approach to solve two-parameter eigenvalue problems
TueJun 2315:00Amy HuangVanishing Hessian and Wild Polynomials
TueJun 1615:00Laurent ManivelOrbital Degeneracy Loci
TueJun 0915:00Alessandra BernardiAlgorithms for polynomial decompositions
TueJun 0215:00Tim SeynnaeveComplete quadrics and algebraic statistics
TueMay 2615:00Christian IkenmeyerGroup varieties of polynomials and computational complexity
TueMay 1915:00Joachim JelisiejewAdditive group actions, formal solutions to PDEs and Bialynicki-Birula decomposition
TueMay 1215:00Diane MaclaganConnectivity of tropical varieties
ThuApr 3016:20Khazhgali KozhasovOn Minimality of Determinantal Varieties
ThuApr 3015:40Frank SottileGalois groups in Enumerative Geometry and Applications
ThuApr 3015:00Sascha Timme3264 Conics in a Second
TueApr 2816:20Lukas KühneGeneralised Matroid Representations: Universality and Decidability
TueApr 2815:40Arthur BikPolynomial functors as affine spaces
TueApr 2815:00Joscha DiehlTime warping invariants and quasisymmetric functions
ThuApr 2316:20Taylor BrysiewiczSolving decomposable sparse systems
ThuApr 2315:40Laura Brustenga i MoncusiReaction networks and toric systems
ThuApr 2315:00Michael RuddyEquivalence classes of planar algebraic curves through numerical algebraic geometry
TueApr 2116:20Aida MarajThe Equivariant Hilbert Series of Hierarchical Models
TueApr 2115:40Philipp ReichenbachInvariant Theory and Matrix Normal Models
TueApr 2115:00Anna SeigalTorus actions and maximum likelihood estimation
ThuApr 1616:20José SamperSome shelling orders are better than others
ThuApr 1615:40Tara FifeA friendly Introduction to matroids
ThuApr 1615:00Lisa NicklassonSubalgebras of a polynomial ring with minimal Hilbert function
TueApr 1416:20Balazs SzendroiThe punctual Hilbert scheme of 4 points in affine 3-space
TueApr 1415:40Yulia AlexandrLogarithmic Voronoi cells
TueApr 1415:00Rosa WinterRational points on del Pezzo surfaces of degree 1
ThuApr 0916:20Eugenie HunsickerArchitecture for the Working Mathematician
ThuApr 0915:40Louis TheranGraph rigidity and measurement varieties
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