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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Monday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Jordi Canela, Joan Torregrosa, Salvador Borrós-Cullell*
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Past talks
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MonMay 3114:10Michal MisiurewiczFlexibility of entropies for piecewise expanding unimodal maps
MonMay 3113:00Yulij S. IlyashenkoLarge bifurcation supports
MonMay 3110:00Jaume LlibreResults and open problems on the algebraic limit cycles of the planar polynomial differential systems
MonMay 1714:00Anna GeyerStability and persistence of periodic traveling waves
MonMay 1014:00Eduardo LizFour bifurcations and a global stability result in a family of delay differential equations
MonMay 0314:00Patrick BonckaertPlanar saddle points and formal Gevrey series
MonApr 2614:00Jean MawhinZeros and surjectivity of continuous mappings in $R^n$
MonApr 1913:30Dierk SchleicherFinding polynomial roots using complex analysis, dynamical systems, computer algebra
MonApr 1214:00Xiang ZhangJacobian conjecture in $\mathbb{R}^2$
MonMar 2215:00Adriana BuicăUlam-Hyers stability and exponentially dichotomic evolution equations in Banach spaces
MonMar 1515:00Sebastian WalcherCharacteristic curves of (quasi-)homogeneous vector fields
MonMar 0815:00James MuldowneyBendixson Conditions for Differential Equations in a Banach Space
MonMar 0115:00Yilei TangSome results of limit cycles in Lienard systems and applications
MonFeb 2215:00José Luis BravoGenerating non-trivial limit cycles in Abel equations
MonFeb 1515:00David Martí PeteOn the computability of Julia sets in the exponential family
MonFeb 0815:00Chara PantaziIntegrability and linearizability for some families of three dimensional quadratic systems
MonFeb 0115:00Douglas Duarte NovaesSliding Shilnikov dynamics in non-smooth systems and applications.
MonJan 2515:00Tere M. SearaNon existence of small amplitude breathers for the reversible Klein-Gordon equation
MonJan 1815:00Daniel PanazzoloVersal regularization of vector fields with cross type discontinuities.
MonJan 1115:00Jens RademacherPulse replication and accumulation of eigenvalues
MonDec 2115:00Daniel Peralta-SalasNew results on the dynamics of the steady Euler flows
MonDec 1415:00Josep Maria CorsA tour around Central Configurations
MonNov 3015:00Gabriele VillariRecent contributions and some open questions in the qualitative behaviour of certain generalized Liénard equations
MonNov 2315:00Jeroen LambBifurcation in the presence of noise
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