STARS: Superalgebra Theory and Representations Seminar

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representation theory

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev / Weizmann Institute of Science

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Inna Entova*, Shifi Reif*, Maria Gorelik
Curator: Alexander Sherman*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedDec 0717:00Johannes FlakeInterpolating tensor categories and their Grothendieck rings
WedJul 2716:15Weiqiang WangKazhdan-Lusztig bases and quantum Schur dualities ABC
WedJun 0113:20Michael FinkelbergTBA
WedMay 1116:15Christopher DrupieskiSupport varieties for Lie superalgebras and finite supergroup schemes
WedApr 2716:15Daniel NakanoSheaf cohomology via detecting subalgebras and BBW parabolic subalgebras
WedApr 0616:15Ian MussonOn the geometry of algebras related to the Weyl groupoid
WedMar 3016:15Vladimir StukopinHopf superalgebra structures on quantum superalgebras, super Yangians and quantum loop superalgebras
WedMar 2316:15Aleksandr SergeevCanonical bilinear form and Euler characters
WedMar 0917:15Elena PoletaevaOn representations of finite $W$-algebras and super Yangians
WedMar 0217:15Andrew SnowdenCohomology of flag supermanifolds and resolutions of determinantal ideals
WedFeb 0217:15Ivan PenkovSome results and open problems on representations of classical Lie (super)algebras at infinity
WedJan 1917:15Volodymyr MazorchukCategory O is Auslander regular
WedJan 1217:15Alexandra UtiralovaHarish-Chandra bimodules in complex rank
WedDec 2915:20Thorsten HeidersdorfIndecomposable summands in tensor products
WedDec 2914:00Vadim SchechtmanPROBs and sheaves
WedDec 2912:30Crystal HoytRepresentations of the Cartan Type Lie superalgebra W(infty)
WedDec 0817:15Alistair SavageAffine oriented Frobenius Brauer categories
WedNov 2408:00Gus LehrerInvariant theory for the orthosymplectic super group.
WedNov 1717:15L. Andrew JenkinsThe nilpotent cone for classical simple Lie superalgebras
WedNov 0317:15Alex Sherman and Crystal HoytMinicourse on Duflo-Serganova functors (part 3)
WedOct 2716:15Alex Sherman and Crystal HoytMinicourse on Duflo-Serganova functors (part 2)
WedOct 2016:15Alex ShermanMinicourse on Duflo-Serganova functors (part 1)
WedJul 2108:00Graham HawkesSchubert Polynomials of Type B
WedJul 0707:00Shun-Jen ChengRepresentation theory of a semisimple extension of the Takiff superalgebra
WedJun 3013:00Ian MussonExplicit expressions for Shapovalov elements in Type A
WedJun 0216:30Hadi SalmasianEigenvalues of Capelli operators for superspherical harmonics, Deligne's category Rep(O_t), and the Dougall-Ramanujan identity
WedMay 1216:15Nick DavidsonType P Webs and Howe Duality
WedApr 2112:00Chih-Whi ChenSimple supermodules for classical Lie superalgebras
WedApr 0716:15Jon KujawaSupport varieties and complexity for Lie superalgebras
WedMar 1708:00Jae-Hoon KwonA combinatorial character formula for the periplectic Lie superalgebra.
WedMar 1017:15Alex ShermanThe full ghost centre and a projectivity polynomial
WedJan 2716:30Volodymyr MazorchukBigrassmannian permutations and Verma modules
WedJan 0623:30Shifra ReifGrothendieck rings for queer Lie superalgebras
WedDec 3016:30Krishanu RoyPi-systems and closed systems in symmetrizable Kac-Moody algebras
WedDec 2316:30Alex ShermanAround the classification of semisimple algebraic supergroups
WedDec 1608:00Kevin CoulembierA semisimple extension of the Takiff superalgebra
WedDec 0916:30Thorsten HeidersdorfIndecomposable summands in tensor products
WedDec 0216:30Nikolay GrantcharovFinite-dimensional representation theory of the queer Lie superalgebra q(n)
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