Asia Pacific Seminar on Applied Topology and Geometry

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computational geometry algebraic topology combinatorics geometric topology probability

Australian National University / Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore

Audience: Advanced learners
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Emerson G. Escolar, Yasu Hiraoka, Vanessa Robins, D Yogeshwaran*
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Past talks
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FriMar 0404:00Shizuo KajiTBA
FriFeb 0405:00Koushik RamachandranOn the geometry and topology of random lemniscates
FriNov 0505:00Tomoki UdaOn Interleaving Distance between Reeb Trees as 𝑹-Pospaces
FriOct 0105:00Christian HirschSimplicial percolation
FriSep 1704:00Kelin XiaPersistent function based machine learning for drug design
FriMay 2105:00Yusu WangTBA
FriMay 0705:30Yossi BokorTowards Stratified Space Learning: An Algorithm for Learning Linearly Embedded Graphs
FriMay 0705:00Sonia MahmoudiA topological introduction to define, construct and classify a class of weaves
FriApr 2305:00Maurizia RossiTBA
FriApr 1605:00Benedikt KolbeThe mapping class group, hyperbolic tilings, and structures in three-dimensional Euclidean space
FriMar 2605:00Hiroshi TakeuchiThe persistent homology of a sampled map: on failed reconstructions
FriMar 1205:30Chenguang XuA correspondence between Schubert cells and persistence diagrams
FriMar 1205:00Adélie GarinFrom Trees to Barcodes and Back Again
FriFeb 2605:30Niklas HellmerDiscrete Prokhorov Metric for Persistence Diagrams
FriFeb 2605:00Lakshmi Priya M.E.Nodal sets of Gaussian Laplace eigenfunctions
FriFeb 1205:30Yohai ReaniCycle Registration in Persistent Homology with Applications in Topological Bootstrap
FriFeb 1205:00Rolando Kindelan NuñezTopological Data Analysis applied to imbalanced data classification
FriDec 1805:00Yuichi IkeTBA
FriDec 0405:00Ron RosenthalRandom Steiner complexes and simplical spanning trees
FriNov 2005:00Ippei ObayashiField choice problem in persistent homology
FriNov 0605:00Stephen HydeThe simplest 38 (or so) fold-classes of RNA (or DNA) by base-pairing. Knots and tangles from string sequences, and sequences for knots and tangles
FriOct 2305:00Robert AdlerModelling the universe, relative and evolving persistence, and capturing data with bagplots.
FriOct 0905:00Tomoo YokoyamaTopological flow data analysis and its applications to Reeb graphs of Morse functions
FriSep 2505:00Paul Samuel IgnacioAnother Topological "Reading" Lesson: Classification of MNIST using Bottleneck-based Statistical Features
FriSep 1105:00Vijay NatarajanEdit Distance between Merge Trees.
FriAug 2105:00Shu KanazawaLaw of large numbers for Betti numbers of homogeneous and spatially independent random simplicial complexes
FriAug 0705:00Katharine TurnerWasserstein Stability for Persistence Diagrams
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