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Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Every other Thursday 13:00-14:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Subhroneel Chakrabarti*, Harold Erbin, Renann Lipinski Jusinskas
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SFT@Cloud Journal Club is a journal club on string field theory (SFT) and related topics (worldsheet theory, string amplitudes, compactifications, homotopy algebras, etc.) on Thursday every month (it was every two weeks from Fall 2021 - spring 2023, and the first three talks in 2021 were held on Fridays). Talks are 1.5 hours long: the recommended format is a general introduction of 30 min for students and non-specialists (especially before technical talks), followed by 1 hour of talk + discussions intertwined. However, speakers are free to organize their time differently. Speakers can present one of their papers, work in progress, or even other papers they want to discuss.

We hope that this regular journal club will help foster discussions within the SFT community and related fields and seed new collaborations and applications.


15:00 – 16:30 (CET) [9:00 (EST), 19:30 (IST), 23:00 (JST)] : talk

Please register on the mailing list for announcements and to obtain the links for Zoom. If you don’t see emails, please check your spam folder and, if necessary, mark the email as non-spam.

To subscribe to the mailing list, please visit listes.services.cnrs.fr/wws/subscribe/string-field-theory

The talks are all recorded and past talks can be viewed on YouTube using the following link www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCRrJJv2qc0&list=PLVQFNg7BxFXjnLxa_31d3B7qWdLKumeSe

More details can be found on our website string-field-theory.org

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuApr 2513:00Michael KroyterOn Democratic String Field Theories
ThuApr 1813:00Lucien HeurtierExact Schwinger Proper Time Renormalisation
ThuMar 2814:00Alberto RuffinoQuantum Stubs for String Field Theories
ThuFeb 2214:00Aninda SinhaFrom Euler to Veneziano and Back
ThuJan 2514:00Georg StettingerOpen String Field Theory with Stubs
ThuNov 1614:00Minjae ChoOn the symplectic form of the open string field theory
ThuOct 2613:00Olaf HohmDouble Copy, Double Field Theory & Homotopy Algebras
ThuMay 2513:00Kevin CostelloTwisted supergravity and string field theory
ThuMay 0413:00Manki KimSome difficult problems in string compactifications and string phenomenology
ThuApr 2013:00Keith R. DienesUV/IR Mixing, EFTs, Hidden Cancellations, and Origami: Calculating the Higgs Mass and Gauge-Coupling Running in String Theory
ThuApr 0613:00Cumrun VafaString Theory and Our Universe
ThuMar 2314:00Piotr TourkineIntegrands, monodromies, and loop momentum in string amplitude
ThuMar 0912:00Nobuyuki IshibashiThe Fokker-Planck formalism for closed bosonic strings
ThuFeb 2314:00Hong LiuSubalgebra-subregion duality: emergence of space and time in holography
ThuFeb 0914:00Amr AhmadainOff-shell Strings and Black Hole Entropy
ThuJan 2614:00Aron WallThe Off-Shell String Effective Action
ThuJun 0212:00Hiroshi KunitomoOpen-closed Homotopy Algebra in Superstring Field Theory
ThuMay 1913:00Oliver SchlottererRecent developments in superstring loop amplitudes
ThuMay 0513:00Atakan Hilmi FıratD-instanton Induced Superpotential
ThuApr 2113:00Nima Arkani-HamedOn Unitarity of Tree-Level String Amplitudes
ThuApr 0713:00Raghu MahajanSemiclassical evaluation of the vacuum sphere and the FZZT disk path integrals in noncritical string theory
ThuMar 1014:00Edward WittenNo Ensemble Averaging Below the Black Hole Threshold
ThuFeb 2414:00Ivo SachsTBA
ThuFeb 1014:00Yuji OkawaRenormalization of one-loop scattering amplitudes in scarlar field theories via homotopy algebras
ThuJan 2714:00Ashoke SenD-instanton amplitudes
FriDec 0314:00Nathan BerkovitsApplications of the N=1 d=4 spacetime-supersymmetric version of open superstring field theory
FriNov 1214:00Carlo MaccaferriTBA
FriOct 2913:00Barton ZwiebachTBA
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